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"why" talking

'why' thinking

"why" demon or sumon

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chapter 1: meet the family

konaha village naruto age 5:

Naruto was running form a screaming mob of villagers and ninja again every day it was the same thing except today his birthday they always seemed to attack more. Naruto was pretty beat up his body covered in bruises and cuts his blonde hair covered in dirt

'why are they doing this' naruto thought as he made another turn to a dead end

"final we got the demon cornered" one of the mob said as others scream "kill him"

"why?! what did it do to you?!" naruto started to cry

"shut up demon you killed my family now pay" a ninja said as he charged at him with a kunai but before he could do anything he felt something grab his arm.

"Who the fuck-" was all he could say before he was thrown into a wall the mob them turned around to see a hand that look like it was made of shadows coming out of a boy next to him was a girl.

"What are you doing to this boy" the boy said his KI coming out in waves many were shock that so much KI was coming from one boy

"We are killing the demon" one of the villagers said the girl then stepped foreword

"I see no demon just a little boy" the mob was getting angry screaming "kill them" and "demon lovers" before they could do anything the hokage and his anbu surrounded them.

"Anbu arrest them and have them tortured to see if they know anything them have them executed" the hokage said, the anbu dragged the villagers as they kicked and screamed, the hokage then turned to the two kids

"thank you two my i ask who you are?" the boy stepped up first

"my name is kazu karenazi and this is mizuki hadari" (dont judge im bad at last names) the girl comes up and bows kazu was wearing black shirt with black anbu pants and dark red boots, mizuki was wearing a light blue shirt and dark grey andu pants with black boots

"hmm? arent your clans in the mist?"

"yes but we were were wiped out we are the last we were told to come here to join konaha" as kazu finished mizuki ran up to the boy and held him.

"Shh shh its okay" naruto started crying and holding onto her the hokage was watching them with a soft smile till and large amount of KI made him turn back to kazu

"hokage-sama you have better explain why they were chasing this kid" kazu said with the look that told the hokage that if he gave the wrong answer he was going to kill him

"very well but lets take this to my office" he snapped his fingers and two anbu appeared and they all vanished in a swirl of leaves.

The hokages office

they all appeared in the office at this time naruto had stopped crying the hokage looked at naruto

"naruto i need you to wait outside i need to talk to your friends" naruto didn't want to leave his new friends till kazu came up to him and said

"don't worry naruto we will be right out okay" naruto nodded and left the office kazu and mizuki after sure he was gone then turned to the hokage with a look of you better have answers, the hokage then sighed as he sat down and started smoking his pipe

"his name is naruto uzumaki when he was born the third hokage sacrificed his life to seal the 9 tails into him"

"so the third hokage sealed it in his own son?" kazu asked, the hokage was nearly choked on his pipe

"h-how did you know" the hokage choked out kazu and mizuki rolled there eyes

"without the whiskers, the dirt, bruises, and cuts he looks like a younger version of him" the hokage then calmed down then spoke

"yes he is his son" just then an anbu came into the office

"hokage-sama the council has called a meating" the hokage sighed as he waved the anbu off

"why is the council ordering u to meet them?" kazu asked with rage still in his voice

"well it because-" just then kazu slamed his fist into the desk

"BULLSHIT YOUR THE GODDAMN HOKAGE THEY DON'T ORDER YOU AROUND YOU DO YOUR THE BOSS, THE LEADER ACT LIKE IT" kazu yelled at the hokage, the hokage was dumbfounder he then thought he was right.

"Your right im the hokage and im going to show them whos the boss" the hokage walked off followed by kazu and mizuki.

The council room

The hokage stormed in with kazu and mizuki the hokage then look around and saw naruto sleeping in the arms of one of his female anbu with a snake mask on

"why is naruto here" the hokage said releasing a heavy amount a KI that many of the village council nearly fainted many pissed there pants the head of the clan were smirking 'hes back' was what they all thought even danso was on edge until one of the civilian councl stood up and spoke

"hokage we are here to talk about two things" the hokage didnt like the fact that the council glaring at naruto

"first is that we got a report that naruto" his voice filled with venom at his name "attack a group of villager nearly killing them and when a shinobi tried to stop him he was thrown and nearly killed" the hokage was pissed that hey accuse him of such a thing till kazu stepped forward

"naruto did not attack the villagers they attacked him and for the shinobi i threw him with my bloodline" kazu then pulled out a scroll that showed what happened the clan heads were holding back laughter finally the civilians were put in there place

"with that naruto is not guilty" hokage said holding back his laughter

"as for the second thing" the man said anger in his voice that they could not rid of the demon "i got information that there are two with bloodline that wish to join kohona and we wish to speak with them" as he finish kazu and mizuki came to the center of the room then kazu spoke up

"my name is kazu karenazi my bloodline is deaths will it allows me to use my shadow to fight and i use my weapons" as he said that two weapon appeared one in each hand they were two lager meat cleavers the first had black wrappings around the handle the blade was a blood red it looked as if it was actually blood the next had a white wrapping around the handle the blade was black like it was made out of pure darkness "i also hold the contract for the bat and undead samurai" then mizuki then spoke

"my name is mizuki hadari my bloodline is the killers eyes it allows my to see all around my and also see chakra i can also see the weakness in a justu it also lets me canal my chakra into a weapon" she held her hand out and a katana formed "with it i can steal or poor chakra into the person i stab witch killing them from within i also hold my healing justu and the contract to the cat" she then despelled the katana and donzo stood up

"i would put that kazu teach sasuke how to use his weapons and give him the weapons and both contracts and mizuki marry sasuke giving him the justus and the contract" some civilians were agreeing and sasuke stood with his smug look with the till the hokage silenced them

"that is up to them not you. Kazu mizuki?" he look at the two then kazu spoke looking at sasuke

"if he can hold ether blood or death i will train him" he summoned them and held the dark one out sasuke came up and spoke

"i am the last uchiha of course i can" as he grabbed the blade a dark energy blasted him back kazu just smirked

"you are not worth to hold a blade made by death you are not worthy of her teaching" kazu glared at him as medic nin rushed in to see if sasuke was okay after they said that he was not hurt just knocked out the took him to the hospital as this happened naruto awoke and was now sitting next to the anbu then kazu spoke

"if death does not think he is worthy then the bat and undead samurai tribes will not let him control them" then mizuki then spoke

"i will not teach or marry him or let him sign the contract" the hokage then nodded and spoke

"with that i would like to tell you all that when i said minato namikaze did not have a son was a lie he did" then one of the civilian stood and said

"well were is he so we can praise him and he can kill the demon" he was then silenced when a wave of KI hit him then the hokage spoke

"think you idiot would minato sacrifice someones new born son to be the holder of the nine tailed fox it is naruto uzumaki-namikaze" the council gasped the boy the wanted to kill was there hokages son then hokage spoke again

"with that the namikaze estate and there funds go to naruto" naruto was in shock but then kazu spoke

"hokage-sama me and mizuki would like to see if naruto can be handle or teachings" the hokage nodded and told naruto to come over here naruto got up and walked over to kazu and mizuki

"naruto im going to see if you can handle deaths will this one will be less painful if you arent" he put his hand on narutos head and canaled chakra then a flood of narutos memories came rushing into kazus head by the end kazu fell to his hands and knees and was close to losing his lunch he then stood up "n-naruto you have been a world of darkness but you still stay so pure you can learn our ways to fight and justu and contracts" mizuki then came up to naruto

"naruto what is your dream" naruto gave his famous fox smile and said

"i want to be hokage and protect my loved ones" mizuki smiled at him and spoke

"then naruto you will need to learn to heal them if they are hurt so i can teach u and let you sign the cat scroll" naruto started jumping around

"woohoo new justu and i learned of my parents this is awsome" everyone exept the civilians were laughing then the hokage spoke

"that is all everyone dismissed" everyone left the hokage then looked at the three

"come lets go eat the show you three to your new home so you can wash up and get so rest"

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