Chapter Two: Uh Oh

Nixie was shedding tears. She was hurt. She confided in Lyla about her crush on the land boy and now… now she's stealing him away.

Waverly swam in the entrance. "What's wrong with you, Nix?"

"Nothing, just uh, Lyla hurt my feelings." Nixie knew Waverly wouldn't understand if she knew of her crush on the land boy. Waverly hated land people with all her might.

"Well that's nothing new."

"I, um, I'm going to visit Rita, would you like to come?" Nixie asked already knowing the answer.


"Okay, then. See you later, sister."

Waverly stayed and enjoyed herself. Getting relaxed was actually fun.


Waverly's eyes opened wide. It was a male voice and was coming from inside the cave. Their footsteps were drawing nearer and nearer.

She went invisible and stayed to see who would dare enter this cave. It was that runner. The one on the beach with the funny land accent.

Without hesitating, Waverly stopped the invisibility and quickly left through the entrance. She hoped the stupid land boy didn't see anything, especially her tail.

Lyla was still smirking at the plan she helped set up with Cam for Nixie. Today was the 13th and the surprise was all set and ready to be done.

All that was left was convincing Evie. Rita had leant her the money when she found out it was for a good cause.

"Please!" Lyla begged.

"Why should I help you? You know Zac broke up with me for you, right?" Evie glowered.

"If he did, it's news to me. We're not even on speaking terms right now. Please, don't do this for me. Do it for Cam."

"Okay I'll allow it, for Cam." Evie agreed.

When it was time for Nixie to make her appearance, Sirena was deemed the fetcher.

It wasn't too hard, Nixie's favourite spot on land was the docks that looked right out into the ocean.

Nixie was still upset that Lyla would betray her like that. And Sirena noticed how red and puffy her friend's eyes were.

"Nixie?" Sirena asked worried.

"Lyla betrayed me. She knew I liked Cam and yet she let him flirt with her! Why would she hurt me like that?"

"Betray you? No, no, no! You've got it all wrong, Nixie!" Sirena tried to help without blowing the surprise.

"This birthday is almost as bad as last year's. Remember that one? We lost the pod all because of Zac and that stupid trident."

"Nixie just come back to the café with me. I promise everything will work itself out once you see why they were talking. Come on, Nix. It's not everyday that you turn sixteen, is it?" Sirena held her hand out.

Nixie debated on taking it and then decided. "No you're right. It's not everyday I turn sixteen."

When they reached the top of the hill, something happened. Nixie slipped and fell back down and her leg bent the wrong way, her knee made a sickening crack. She screamed in pain. Why would anyone wants legs if this could happen?

Sirena ran back down and tried to help Nixie walk, but even she could tell something was wrong. A white bone stuck out and it was very bloody, Nixie advised her to go get help.

Sirena pushed herself as fast as she could until she got to the café.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled.

"It's just me." Sirena breathed out.

"Where's Nixie? You were supposed to get Nixie!" Lyla was angry.

"Nixie's knee. I think it's broken or something. The bone is sticking out. We need to call an ambulance, she can't move." Sirena explained it the best she could.

"Cam call an ambulance, Nixie's hurt." Lyla ordered. Sirena, Lyla, and Cam all rushed out to see her.

Cam called for the ambulance who were on their way. Nixie wasn't doing so great. She was crying and moaning about the pain, a pool of blood surrounded her swollen knee.

Cam knew the safest bet to her getting in the ambulance faster was to carry her so he placed one hand under her butt and the other under her back and lifted her up with ease. Carrying her bridal style up the hill wasn't as difficult of a challenge as he thought it would be.

Nixie was mumbling all sort of insanities, but the one thing Cam heard clear-as-day was: "Cam you're my hero."

That melted his heart. She had him wrapped around her tiny little finger and she didn't even know it.

When they made it to the top, the ambulance had just arrived taking her with them.

Cam, Lyla, and Sirena all ran there.

"We're here to see our sister," Lyla said to the receptionist. "She had a broken knee."

"Are you really family?" She asks eying all three of them.

"We are," Sirena pointed to herself and Lyla. "Please. She has no one else, we need to make sure she's okay and call our aunt."

"And your aunt's name is…?"

"Rita Santos."

"Oh yeah, she the principal at Suncoast High. My nephew goes there. Let me just check on your sister for you," the receptionist tells them. She makes a few types on her keyboard and then a phone call. "Nixie Santos please… uh huh… uh huh… oh… okay, well is it okay if I send her sisters to speak with her before? Thank you, goodbye… Girls, you can go right in, they're prepping her for surgery."

"Thank you," Sirena told the lady.

Cam sat waiting for the girls to return.

Meanwhile, in Nixie's room, Sirena rushed over to hug her friend. "Oh Nixie, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for you fall. It was supposed to be a surprise."

"Sirena, Sirena, slow down. What was supposed to be a surprise?" Nixie's eyes were shut, but she could speak and hear just find. She just felt sleepy.

"Your birthday party. That's why Lyla was talking with Cam." Sirena explained.

"Sirena," Lyla whined. "You ruined the surprise."

"Wait, so you weren't flirting with Cam?" Nixie asked, fighting to keep her eyes open now.

"No! Ew. You like him, I like Zac. Why would I flirt with Cam if I like Zac?" Lyla questioned.

"I don't know. I guess I just jumped to conclusions when I saw him whispering in your ear."

"About your party. He was the one who came up with the idea." Lyla explained.

"Ladies, it's time for Nixie to go into surgery. You'll be able to see her once the anesthesia wears off."

"Anesthesia?" Lyla asked. "What's that?"

"It puts her to sleep so that she won't feel a thing when we operate." The nurse tells them.

When Nixie woke up, everything was groggy. The whole world was groggy.

One of the nurses came over and explained, "While you were under, we put three pins in the bones and managed to put the cast on. You'll be released in a little while, we just need to get ahold of your aunt. What's her number?"

"539… um, 1098." Nixie remembered.

"539-1098? Is that correct?"

Nixie nodded and then groaned. Her knee hurt a lot.

Rita got there just twenty minutes after the release papers were ready to be signed. The doctor gave Nixie a pair of crutches to use while her knee healed.

"This is an ugly looking cast. Will I still be able to swim?" She asked Rita.

"Unfortunately no. I, too, had a cast once and I almost drowned when I was in mermaid form. So you'll have to bunk with me while we wait for it to heal." Rita said.

"This blows," Nixie huffed. "I love to swim."