Eleven Desire

Chapter Seventeen - Fidelity

The term hangover would have been putting it lightly the next morning. That one word just didn't express the pain and the suffering that those eighth year students, who had been drinking the night before, were experiencing. Harry groaned in agony as he stirred from sleep, his head throbbing. The only thing that eased his pain was the warm body wrapped around him and the lips lovingly caressing his neck.

"Morning, mon amour," Draco purred in his ear, one hand resting upon Harry's hip, stroking gently against the bare skin, "how are you feeling?"

Harry groaned his response making Draco chuckle as he rolled the submissive teenager over onto his back. He moved to straddle his boyfriend, one knee on either side of Harry's hips. He leant down so that he was leaning over his boyfriend, kissing the exposed neck and chest as he ran his hands over the smooth hairless torso.

"Time is it…?" Harry asked, holding back a delicious moan as he blinked his eyes open, staring up at the blond head as it trailed kisses across his upper body, losing himself in the sensation.

"Just before six," Draco said softly before taking a pert pink nipple into his mouth and sucking; Harry moaned, bucking his hips up causing their erections to rub together through the fabric of their underwear.

"Early," Harry complained before letting out another happy moan as Draco continued to play with the nipple with his tongue as he tweaked the other between thumb and forefinger, driving his submissive mate wild.

Draco chuckled, "I could stop…" he said as he removed his lips from Harry's nipple, licking a line up the centre of his chest until they were once again level with one another. Their eyes met and it didn't escape Harry's notice that Draco had a rather amused look on his face.

"No," Harry protested before the blond claimed his mate's lips in a kiss. The raven-haired teen thrust his hips upwards so that their straining erections rubbed together through their boxers and they both moaned into the kiss.

"Then perhaps…" Draco said as he kissed his way back down Harry's jaw, down his chest to the waistband of his boxers. "We can do something about this."

"Merlin… yes," Harry gasped out somewhat breathlessly as Draco scrapped his teeth over defined hipbones, his tongue tasting the skin as his fingers teased down the elastic of the Gryffindor's underwear, slowly freeing the erection.

Draco grinned as he pulled the unwanted boxers down over muscled thighs, before discarding them off to one side, forgotten. He kept his mate's legs apart, hooking them over his shoulders as he drew level with his boyfriend's erection that was already hard and weeping.

"Oh fuck," Harry yelled as Draco took his boyfriend fully in his mouth. The submissive arched his back and thrust upwards into his boyfriend's mouth; a stream of incoherent profanities were pouring from his between his lips as the blond bobbed his head up and down on his boyfriend's cock, using teeth and tongue to drive him to the edge.

Harry barely had a chance to warn Draco as he felt his orgasm approaching, it kind of side swept him a little as the blond hummed around the throbbing cock in his mouth, this was the final sensation that Harry could take and it had the Gryffindor going into overload, spilling his load into his boyfriend's willing mouth so that he could swallow it down.

"How do you feel now, mon amour?" Draco asked, licking his lips as he settled himself over his boyfriend, supporting his weight above him while still nestled between his thighs. The blonde's cock pressing against his boyfriend's entrance, though still clad in cotton Draco felt desperate to push forward and to bond with his boyfriend but he knew that he couldn't, it wasn't time; Harry wasn't ready.

"Like blow jobs can cure hangovers," Harry said, still struggling a little to catch his breath as he brought his arms up to wrap around Draco's neck, fingers playing with the strands of blond hair at the nape of his boyfriends neck. "That was amazing."

Draco chuckled, leaning down and kissing his mate, pulling him into a deeply passionate kiss. When he finally broke the kiss the Slytherin flopped down on the bed beside his boyfriend, erection still straining against the cotton of his boxers. However, if he had remained where he was the temptation to claim his submissive was going to get too much. Knowing that there was only a thin layer of fabric standing in the way of their bonding was just too much for a hormonal eighteen year old.

"We should get dressed," Draco said, wanting to tear himself away from the temptation of the beautiful naked Elven lying beside him. Also, he knew that breakfast would be starting soon and he wanted to make sure that Harry ate something; he was beginning to worry about the lack of food that Harry was consuming; his submissive didn't seem to be eating very much at all.

"But what about…?" Harry questioned, motioning down to the obvious erection, straining against the cotton of the Slytherin's underwear and Draco smiled at him and kissed his temple lovingly.

"That's nothing a cold shower won't sort," the blond said as he moved to swing his legs out of bed but Harry took hold of his wrist to stop him. He didn't like the thought of letting his boyfriend go without at least returning the favour. He didn't want to be a selfish lover that took all of the pleasure but gave nothing back.

"Let me," he said, looking at his boyfriend with wide green eyes. Lust flared within the pit of Draco's stomach as he launched himself forward, claiming his mate's lips in a fierce kiss as he felt Harry's hands delve into the fabric encasing Draco's erection.

The Slytherin felt his boyfriends hand encircle his cock and begin to pump him as they kissed. Their tongues battled for dominance, a fight that Draco easily won as Harry submitted to him; the blond groaning into the kiss as he felt his orgasm fast approaching, his very core now coiled tightly like a spring ready for release. His balls tightened as Harry sped up his thrusts, his grip tightening around him and then it was over, Draco spilling his load in his boxers and over Harry's hand.

Draco groaned as he watched Harry bring his hand up and lick the come from it while never taking his eyes from the blond. Draco wanted to take his boyfriend right then and there at the sight of the Gryffindor's pink tongue lapping up the seed that had been spilt on his hand; however it was a painful truth to know that they just didn't have time. He could hear the other boys starting to stir from sleep and it probably didn't help that they'd been quite vocal with their exploits. Draco giggled a little as he realised that Ron probably wasn't going to be too pleased with them this morning.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked curiously, looking at his dominant boyfriend as if he had lost his marbles.

"We forgot the silencing spell," Draco whispered and the Gryffindor grimaced, realising that his morning was going to be a rather uncomfortable one. Ron had been vocal in his objections to them keeping him up by shagging all the time; though, in their defence that wasn't exactly what they had been doing even if the result was the same.


As the four boys had washed and dressed, preparing themselves to head down for breakfast, Terry had been unable to make eye contact with either Draco or Harry, his cheeks flushing red every time he caught their eye accidentally. Ron had no trouble looking at them, though looking wasn't really an accurate portrayal of what he was doing, glaring venomously would have been a far more accurate description. Neither Harry nor Draco were willing to attempt to engage him in conversation right now, not until they could gage just how foul a mood he was in.

They got their answer when he stormed off ahead of them to go and find Hermione, who would probably have to put up with his bitching and complaining all the way down to the Great Hall, which would inevitably put her in a bad mood too. Terry was the complete opposite of Ron; rather than storming off in a righteous anger he lingered behind. As Harry and Draco went to leave their room, the blond found himself hesitating, realising that this was his chance to talk to Terry alone.

"Dray, you okay?" Harry asked, stopping and looking around to see where Draco was when he realised that his boyfriend wasn't following him anymore.

"Of course, you go ahead, I'll be down in a minute," Draco assured, giving Harry a quick kiss to the lips and motioning for him to go down and find the others. He gave Harry a moment to leave before turning back to Terry who was sat on the edge of his bed looking determinedly at the floor as if it were the most fascinating thing in the world.

"You know, don't you," Terry said the moment he knew that they were alone. Draco had pushed the door closed some of the way, leaving it slightly ajar, not wanting for Terry to panic, thinking that he was trapped. Draco wanted him to feel as if he had a way out and that he wasn't forcing this conversation upon the other submissive elven.

Draco looked at the other teenager in confusion, the moment of silence causing Terry to look up and meet the dominant elven's eyes, a moment where the realisation of what Terry was talking about hit him. "I think that I do," Draco said, ensuring to keep his voice calm and even, not wanting to scare the other teen.

"I haven't told anyone, I mean I told the Headmistress I was Elven but not about being submissive…" he trailed off sounding tired and pathetic. It was clear that the Ravenclaw boy had been struggling and it made Draco wonder who had been there to help him. He couldn't remember if the boy was half-blood or pureblood but either way it didn't seem as if he had had anyone to talk to or help him as he had come into his inheritance.

Draco had had his mother, not to mention the many books in Malfoy manor. He had always known that it was a possibility, though before the war had happened it had been significantly less likely; however, when it had happened it had been a relatively easy transition to make. He had known what was happening to him and he had been able to accept it. Terry, just like Harry had been, was completely clueless as to what was going on and clearly the Ravenclaw had not taken it in his stride as easily as the Gryffindor. Though Harry wasn't exactly the prime example of a regular teenager, nothing about him could be used as a comparison for others; he was always the exception to the rule, something that Draco was steadily starting to fall in love with.

"No one else needs to know about that," Draco said, he didn't want Terry to worry that his secret would be divulged to everyone, he wanted for the Ravenclaw to trust him. He approached the other teenager, coming to sit beside him on the bed. "Though others of our kind will just know from your scent."

"I didn't even think I was gay," Terry said pathetically, resuming his staring at the floor. Draco couldn't even imagine what Terry was going through right now and even though he wanted to be there to help him and support him he wasn't entirely sure he felt comfortable comforting him like this. However, he didn't want to leave him in distress either, it would only leave him vulnerable to Blaise, who would never be so calm and patient.

Blaise would just take what he wanted and he would use force if necessary to get it. Draco knew that he needed to give the Ravenclaw teenager some assurance and even some confidence too if he could manage it. As much as he would have loved to protect him from Blaise he knew that he couldn't; Harry was his mate and his priority. He felt sorry for Terry but it was not his job to look after him; Terry needed to go to the Professor from the Elven council and be given guidance. If Draco was lucky then Terry would distract the council member from Harry too.

Draco sighed, still not feeling entirely comfortable with this but knowing that this was the quickest way to inspire some courage in the other teenager. "If I went to kiss you right now, how would you feel?" he asked. At the question Terry's head snapped up to look at the blond wizard in shock, completely at a loss of what to say.

"I… I'm not… I … don't know…" Terry spluttered, completely panicked by the suddenness of the question and no knowing how to respond. However it had flared something inside of him and this had been exactly what Draco had wanted, emotion in whatever form it took.

"I'm not going to," Draco reassured, he would never cheat on Harry, not ever, though he had to admit to himself that the temptation was there. Terry smelt just as sweet and as beautiful as Harry did and it was a struggle not to just close the distance between them and claim a kiss. He knew that he couldn't though; it would destroy everything he had with Harry and Draco knew that he couldn't lose his Gryffindor, not ever.

He quickly had to stop himself. He knew that Terry was letting off his scent in search of a mate, it was natural for submissive elven to do this when in proximity to dominants of their kind that they were attracted to, even subconsciously without really knowing that they were doing it. Emitting scent wasn't something that could be controlled and it killed him to know that Harry still smelt this way to Blaise. However Draco knew that there was nothing he could do about that.

He gathered his inner strength, knowing that he couldn't kiss Terry, if he did then it would mean he was now promising himself to Terry instead of Harry and he couldn't do that, not to Harry, he loved him. That feeling was undeniable now and it wasn't just because Harry had saved his life or his status in the wizarding world. Everything about the Gryffindor drew Draco to Harry; aside from the intoxicating scent there was nothing about Terry that attracted him. Elven kind might not have had one true mate but there were some that they were drawn to more than others and that was how Draco felt about Harry.

"You smell nice," Terry said, his voice a whisper as he looked at Draco still, staring into the gorgeous swirling silver eyes, "Chestnuts," he finished, inhaling the scent and allowing it to overcome him. His heart was hammering in his chest, somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that he shouldn't be doing this and that Draco was spoken for but in that moment he just didn't care. His elven nature was screaming at him to claim Draco as his own.

"You know I'm with Harry," Draco said firmly. He wanted to make this point very clear, it didn't matter how good Terry smelt to him he couldn't betray his boyfriend like that. However, it didn't help matters that they were snuggled quite close on a bed and they were looking rather intently into one another's eyes.

"But if you weren't interested I wouldn't be able to smell your scent; we only emit them when we meet someone we're interested in," Terry pointed out. Draco sighed, apparently Terry had been reading up on the subject.

"Terry, of course I'm interested, I'm eighteen and I haven't bonded with my boyfriend yet. I don't want to be with you though, I want to be with Harry," Draco told him; he was going to have to put some distance between them very soon because otherwise it was going to be too much to resist, especially with Terry practically throwing himself at him like this.

"Can't I just try… to see if… you know, I like it?" Terry asked shyly. His heart was pounding fiercely in his chest, his nerves getting the better of him. Terry had never thought that he would ever be in this position with a man, especially not Draco Malfoy of all people and yet here he was, never being able to remember when he had ever been as tempted as this before. Terry was more than aware that Draco was with Harry and that they were happy, judging by what he had heard this morning, but the gorgeous chestnut scent and the handsome man sitting beside him that was emitting it was just too much to resist. Terry wanted him, more than anything else, he wanted him.

"WHAT THE HELL!" A voice yelled from the doorway as the door swung open with a crash, making Draco and Terry leap apart, the blond hastily getting to his feet, turning to see a enraged Harry Potter glaring at them. "Terry, were you seriously hitting on my boyfriend?"

"I'm sorry… I… didn't… sorry," Terry said as he grabbed his cloak and ran from the room, unable to look Harry in the eye as he scampered off. Harry however was still fuming mad, turning to glare at his boyfriend, his emerald eyes narrowed in rage.

"Harry…" Draco began to say but he quickly shut his mouth when Harry, glaring at him, shook his head, warning him not to dig himself any deeper than he already had. Hurt radiated from his chest and he knew that Draco would be able to sense it. If the Slytherin knew what was good for him he would keep his mouth firmly shut.

"I heard you, you said you wanted to be with me and not him," Harry said and Draco nodded eagerly, he could feel the hurt that Harry was experiencing and he wanted nothing more than to go to him and hold him but he knew that that wouldn't be very well received currently. However, he was glad that Harry had heard what had been said towards the end, the rest of the conversation might have been a little hard to explain but he had told Terry outright that he wanted to be with Harry and they hadn't done anything. They had come close but Draco hadn't done anything wrong and he wouldn't have done either; he cared for Harry too much to hurt him.

"I want to be with you more than anything, Harry," Draco said, to reinforce what he had said to Terry; his tone was filled with sincerity as he looked into Harry's eyes without flinching at the pain and the hurt he saw there, instead, meeting it head on knowing that he deserved this. He should never had allowed Terry to get so close, this was his fault and he would pay the price.

As these words left his mouth, he became confused that the hurt and the pain he could feel from his boyfriend seemed to mould and change to a point where suddenly all he could feel was anger and betrayal coming from Harry. Draco had never wanted them to argue but he could see now that maybe this was something that needed to be addressed before they could move forward as a couple.

"But you also said you were interested in him," Harry pointed out and Draco grimaced, he had hoped that Harry hadn't heard that part of the conversation. "Is that why you won't bond with me, because you're keeping your options open?"

The blond hesitated, he had been wrong; the hurt and the pain hadn't been replaced, they were still there, it was just that the anger and betrayal overwhelmed everything else; but there was no doubt that he could hear and feel the hurt showing through the anger now. Harry was in pain, thinking that he just might not be enough for Draco and that maybe the Slytherin was waiting for someone better to come along.

"You are my only option," Draco said, looking Harry directly in the eye as he said this, he wanted there to be no doubt that he had meant every word. "I wouldn't survive without you, mon amour."

"Because I saved your life…" Harry said sadly, he didn't regret this but he couldn't believe that Draco was staying with him for any other reason. "You don't owe me anything; you don't have to stay with me because of that." Harry said adamantly, it was his biggest fear come to fruition, that Draco would feel obligated to stay with him because he had saved him from the killing curse.

After everything he had been through, everything that he had fought for, Harry didn't want a relationship like that, it would crush him. He had battled against Voldemort with a heart full of love and life, it had been the reason that he had been able to best the Dark Wizard and now he would never know if the love that others had for him was because of his actions or who he was. A deep sorrow washed over him as he realised this, hating how much truth there was in it.

"No," Draco said at once, "that isn't the reason. I want to be with you because of who you are, not what you did or can do, not even for how powerful you are; none of that matters to me, I want you, Harry!"

"Prove it, Dray… I've been wanting to bond with you for weeks now, I want to… please…" Harry said, looking to his boyfriend pleadingly. The sadness in his tone as he begged to be bonded, to take their relationship further, to be damned with the traditional ceremony and just be claimed right then and there, made Draco's heart ache. He desperately longed to give his boyfriend exactly what he wanted but he knew that he couldn't do it.

"No, Harry, not like this," Draco said with sadness and regret. There was nothing he wanted more than to bond with his mate, with or without the traditional ceremony but this wasn't the way he wanted to do it. He wanted their bonding to be something special and not done as a solution to a problem because that was all this was. They were fighting, their first proper argument in fact, but sleeping together and bonding to one another for life was not the solution to that. Draco only wished that Harry could see that.

"Not like what exactly?" Harry demanded; though when Draco wasn't exactly forthcoming with an answer, he ploughed on. "Bonding will keep me safe from Blaise, it'll get the Elven Council off our backs, it'll bond us together forever…" At that Harry hesitated, realisation dawning on him, "or is that the problem, do you not want to be with me for that long?"

"Of course I do," Draco said, not knowing what else he could do or say to make Harry understand. "But you're forgetting the one reason that matters most, mon amour and until you realise what that reason is, I can't bond with you yet."

Harry looked at his boyfriend with confusion, not understanding what he meant. "What reason?" he asked but Draco just looked pained at this question. The blond closed the gap between them and Harry allowed it, even when Draco cupped his cheek with his hand, stroking gently with the pad of his thumb.

"When you figure it out, you'll be ready," Draco said softly, leaning forward and placing a soft kiss upon Harry's lips. He then dropped his hand and walked away, heading for the door leaving Harry standing in their deserted dormitory looking and feeling a little stunned, not knowing what his boyfriend had meant.


Harry had skipped breakfast that morning, not really feeling like he could stomach it. The term had started on a Wednesday, which unfortunately meant that the entire morning was taken up with Transfiguration, which he had with Draco, Hermione and Ron. His best friend still wasn't talking to him, and he wasn't sure he wanted to talk to Draco after their first full on argument in the dormitory, so he stuck pretty close to Hermione who instantly knew that something wasn't right with him.

"You weren't at breakfast this morning," she said as she fell into step beside him. He had been trailing behind the others, hands in his pockets and head down, deep in thought and allowing his unhappiness to encompass him. Draco had been just ahead of him talking to Theo, while Ron was laughing with Dean and Seamus at the front of the group. Neville and Luna had vanished sometime after breakfast and Ginny seemed to be elsewhere this morning.

"Wasn't hungry," Harry mumbled and she rolled her eyes, taking hold of his wrist and stopping their progress towards their first class of the day.

"Talk to me," she said, looking at him imploringly. She hated to see him hurting like this and she was determined to get to the bottom of it. "Is it about Ron hearing you and Draco this morning? Because…"

"Merlin, no, it isn't about that," Harry said quickly, making it perfectly clear with his tone that that was not something that he wanted to discuss, not with her or with anyone, it was embarrassing enough that it had happened at all without rehashing it over and over.

Knowing that Ron and Terry had been exposed to their foreplay this morning was humiliating enough without having to talk about it constantly, he just wanted to forget about it. When he thought about what they had done together it ignited a passionate fire in his belly, one of desire, and, the way he felt currently, he didn't want to feel anything like that way about Draco.

"Then what is it?" she asked. "We're not going anywhere until you talk to me and if you make me late for our first class there will be hell to pay."

Harry sighed; there was no way he was going to risk incurring the wrath of Hermione Granger, especially when it involved being late to the first class of the new school year while they were also all suffering a little from the after effects of a hard night of drinking. "We had a fight," he admitted to her. She nodded, having figured out already that something like that had happened, however, she was willing to allow Harry to explain in his own time as long as it didn't make her late of course.

"You and Draco?" Hermione asked to clarify and Harry nodded. "What about?"

"I want to bond with him but he won't do it," Harry said shyly, finding it hard to admit this because she knew what it meant to bond. "I don't think that I'm enough for him."

"Don't be so silly, why on earth would you think that?" She chastised. "What exactly did he say to you?"

"He said that I was missing the most important reason for wanting to bond with him and that when I figured out what that was then I'd be ready," Harry said with a frown, he had spent the time that he had supposed to have been at breakfast thinking about what it could be and he still had no idea.

"What were your reasons?" Hermione asked. She liked Draco, their friendship group that they now had was more than anyone could have hoped for after the war had ended and she didn't want it to fracture because of a silly little fight; besides, she thought that Harry and Draco were sweet together and she wanted to fix them.

"I'd be protected from Blaise and we'd have the council off our backs," Harry told her, "I thought they were pretty good reasons to go through with it."

"Oh Harry, you're such an idiot," Hermione said fondly, smiling at him. Sometimes with everything he had been through, it was easy to forget exactly how naive and clueless he could be.

"What, why?" Harry asked her with confusion.

"What is the one thing that Dumbledore always told you was the most important thing?" she asked him, tell him outright but wanting to give him a nudge to help him figure it out for himself.

"Love," Harry said without thinking. It had been love that had made his mother sacrifice herself for him, it had been love that had kept him going through the war, it had been love that had made him jump in front of Draco and protect him from that killing curse… then it hit him; "Oh…"

"Yeah, oh," Hermione said, she loved the adorably clueless teenager in front of her but sometimes he was just too naive for his own good. "Bonding is as good as being married to someone, Harry; it's no wonder Draco won't go through with it when your reasons are all to solve problems and not because you actually love him."

"I saved his life, shouldn't he know how I feel…" Harry asked, though he quickly stopped at the look that she was giving him.

"You saved the entire wizarding world Harry; if you love all of them and want to basically marry them all them too then I'm siding with Draco and saying that you probably shouldn't bond with him," she told him giving him a rather pointed look as she tried to make him understand.

"But he can sense how I feel about him… surely…"

"Surely what, Harry?" Hermione interrupted somewhat impatiently, she knew that they didn't have long left before class was due to start, she was just glad that they were in sight of the classroom. The others had already gone inside, which was probably a good thing considering the nature of the conversation they were having.

"Shouldn't he know how I feel already?" He asked, completely baffled and Hermione rolled her eyes in exasperation. Very clearly he needed some sense knocked into him if he thought that relationships were that easy. She already knew that they weren't; her and Ron were constantly at loggerheads and it wasn't helping that she was finding herself attracted to Theodore. It also hadn't escaped her notice that the Slytherin could hardly keep his eyes off her.

"Maybe he just wants you to tell him," Hermione suggested. "Or perhaps even just an acknowledgement that you are bonding for the right reasons. Now come on because otherwise we really will be late!"

Harry nodded as her words sunk in and allowed himself to be pulled along to the classroom so that they could take their seats as Headmistress McGonagall began to teach. Hermione slid into the vacant seat next to Ron and Harry took the seat behind them beside Neville who seemed to be a little flushed. There were no prizes for guessing what he had been up to, especially considering that Luna and Ginny were sat together behind Draco and Theo, giggling. Harry did feel a little put out that Draco had sat beside Theo rather than wanting to sit beside him but he squished that feeling down, knowing that he needed to focus on class rather than his relationship.

Class dragged and by lunchtime Harry's head was still spinning with everything; with so much to think on he decided that he wouldn't be going to the Great Hall with the others. Harry had instead decided that a walk by the lake would be the best thing for him to clear his head.

He didn't think that he would be missed, after all Ron was still pissed at him, Neville was far too preoccupied with Luna and Dean and Seamus, despite all the hangovers, were planning the next big celebration. As for Draco, he just didn't feel ready to talk to him yet, at least not until he figured things out in his head. Besides, the blond hadn't so much as spoken to him all morning which was filling his head with all sorts of doubts and questions.

As he headed across the castle grounds, and approached the lake, it became clear that he wasn't the only one who thought that a walk would be a good idea. Ginny was sat on a rock, curled up into herself as she stared out over the glassy surface of the water looking utterly miserable.

"You too?" Harry asked as he stood next to the rock. She said nothing and just nodded. "Mind if I join you?" he asked her, not wanting to intrude on her thoughts if she wanted to be left alone.

"Be my guest," Ginny said without moving from her spot; it worried Harry to see her in such a way.

Harry settled himself down beside her, mimicking the posture she had taken up. "Want to talk about it?" Harry offered as he let his gaze wander over the large body of water in front of him; it certainly looked a lot more peaceful than his mind felt. He knew he wasn't ready to talk, but that didn't mean Ginny wasn't, and he wanted to help her if he could.

"Not really," she said, not even knowing where to start with the things that were bothering her. It sounded so stupid in her head as it was, she was sure that voicing it aloud would only make it sound ridiculously childish. Why should anyone complain about getting attention from a guy after all, even if the attention was a little over the top and verging on stalker-ish? "What about you, want to talk about it?" she asked.

Harry grinned at her. "Not really, but thanks," he returned and she couldn't help but smile as she turned to him for a moment before looking back to the lake. "Potions and Care of Magical Creatures this afternoon," he said conversationally.

"I've got Herbology with Neville," she said with a groan, "Least he'll be distracted from snogging Luna for a while," Ginny said with amusement.

"Gin… I'm here if you need me, you know that right," Harry said, offering his hand out to her, which she took, surprising herself in the process. They linked their fingers together, finding comfort in the gesture.

"I know and ditto," she said, squeezing his hand.

They sat in a fairly comfortable silence for a while, enjoying the peacefulness of the grounds given that the majority of the student body was inside eating. It wasn't exactly awkward as they sat together holding hands but not entirely comfortable either, but there didn't seem to be anything more to say to each other.

"We should get to potions," Ginny suggested.

"Do we have to?" Harry asked with a grimace. The thought of sitting through another class where Draco was ignoring him and talking to Theo was just too painful to consider. If he could have gone back to their dormitory and just wallowed without being missed then that is exactly what he would have done.

"I think we'd both be missed if we tried to skip it," Ginny said, looking at Harry with worry. It wasn't like him to want to skip classes; though, it wasn't exactly uncommon that he wanted to avoid people and she wondered exactly who he was having issues with now; she had noticed that he had been sitting away from Draco in Transfiguration and wondered if this was related.

Harry had said he didn't want to talk about it though, and particularly given that she didn't want to talk about what was bothering her, she would let it slide for now. She wasn't, however, about to let him run away from whatever it was. Ginny stood up and Harry quickly followed suit knowing that it was inevitable, however they didn't release the grip that they had on one another both finding that they needed the comfort it allowed, at least for the moment.

"I don't know," Harry said, "I don't think Draco would notice if I didn't show right now." He sounded utterly miserable as they started to head for the castle.

Ginny didn't know what to say to that, she didn't believe that for a minute though but obviously something had given Harry that impression. She had just opened her mouth to suggest that he talk to Draco when the castle doors opened and Draco stepped through to come outside, looking for them.

For a second Harry's heart lifted to see the blond standing there, but then Draco spotted their joined hands. Draco schooled his face blank, turning on his heel and walking away without saying a word.

"Draco!" Harry called out to him, releasing his hold on Ginny's hand and going after him, but he was too slow and the Slytherin was surprisingly fast; by the time he was through the doors to the castle, Draco was nowhere in sight.

Harry wanted to go and find him, search for him, turn the castle upside down looking for him if he had to, but he had to get to class; he held out a small hope that his boyfriend would show up there but there was no sign of him in potions; and their final class of the day was separated, Draco should have been in Herbology but Harry had no way of knowing if he was there or not. Harry was worried, his heart ached and his insides squirmed, and just prayed that Draco would at least give him a chance to explain.

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