So this is my second Fanfic! All my stories are in honor of Cory Monteith! Tell me if I should continue this one!

He walked through the halls of McKinley High, wearing a jacket that could pass as leather, and his sunglasses. Ever since that night he has gotten caught he has been known a trouble maker. But hey, he couldn't care one bit. He got all them girls he could ever want, He got all the booze he could ask for. He got going to Juvy and had to move to lima with his adoptive family. He rarely ever went to class because he was busy either causing Mayhem elsewhere, or Having sex with some cherio in a closet.

All of the sudden his phone went off. He looked at it feeling, frustrated.

We still have business that needs 2 be done. You know where to meet me. -J

He just wanted all of this to never happen. He just wants to kind of be normal.

He was walking as suddenly he hit something but fell on his back with somebody on him. He looked up and saw brunette hair.

Yes she was a troubled teen and everybody knew that. They also knew that they didn't want to get on her bad side. Rachel was just caught a deal gone wrong then the cops showed up and arrested her and a few from the buyers side. She's been tossed through the system too many times to keep count. Some family That thinks that they turn somebody as bad as her into a saint. She walked by past some guy pushing another guy but smaller into the lockers. She immediately felt anger rush through her body. Then all of the sudden she found herself right behind him. She tapped on his shoulder and he stopped what he was doing and turned towards her.

"Can I help you Dyke?!" Kurofsky smiled while a couple other football players laughed as well.

She was furious. She took a step towards him and smiled. "Oh I don't need your help. It's just that Seaworld called and that you need to back and do a show, Shamu! Don't want to make a lot of little kids cry!" She smirked. "And Shamu if you call me anything else besides Rachel or Berry I Will Kick your fat ass into another nationality. Got it?" She looked at the two others. "And you two, Why are you guys just standing there! You have to get him to the ocean!"

"What ever Berry You don't know what you're up against?" He left the kid that was pressed up against the lockers to fall on the floor. Rachel rush to help him up. "Just watch your back!" With that He and his gang walked away.

" Dude are you alright?!" Rachel Helped him up but he just stared. "Yeah, Yeah I know I'm Rachel Berry, The badass of the school. But I dont bully people Because they are gay or lesbian. It's just not my thing.' She shrugged. "What's your name?"

He suddenly smiled. " I'm Kurt Hummel, Thank you for your help."

"Well I consider you as a friend!" She then felt her phone vibrate. She looked at it.

You still owe me owe you little bitch. Meet me at the usual place-M

Rachel just wanted to get out but he was right, she owed him. She walked fast towards the door until some huge guy bumped into her, and she landed straight on him.

They both paused or a moment when they got up. They both felt like they knew each other but didn't really care too much to ask.

"What the hell!" Rachel held her head because of the pain.

"Just calm your tits, everything is fine. God!" Finn got up and then looked at her, like really looked at her. Damn she is beautiful.

Rachel laughed. She then held her breast and looked at him. "See they are calm happy now!?"

He smirked and walk closer to her. "I would be happy if I was the one doing that to you." He forgot that he had to meet Joe. Finn pushed them up against the wall, putting his hand on her hips.

Rachel had to admit that this was quite a turn on and she would like this to go even further but she can't get Mike angry again. " Hudson, why the hell are you touching me?"

"Because I can touch you however I want right now."

"Listen Huddy," She whispered Seductively into his ear while quickly pulling out a pocket knife out and put it to his neck. "You can't touch me unless I give you permission to. Maybe sometime later." She turned them over to where he was on the wall, Finns arms wrapped around her waist. Rachel slipped the pocket knife back into her bra and gave him a quick on his lips and walked away feeling satisfied.

Finn walked his way to Jake when all of the sudden it hit him. She was there that night.

Sorry this is just and update if any of you were offend by 'I bully people because they are gay, etc.' I was halfway asleep And its suppose to be 'don't bully' Sorry!