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She ran to old abandoned warehouse behind The Lima Bean. If she was late this time the Boss would surely end her. Not like he hasn't already ruined her life by all of this. Rachel slid under the tiny opening she had found that led her to the center of the warehouse. She got up quickly and dusted herself off quickly, making her way to the Boss.

You couldn't tell that he was a leader of a gang. He always wore a black suit and with his hair all neat. But don't let that fool you, if you got on his bad side he would quickly end you. He always had his ways.

" You wanted me boss?" Nobody in the gang was aloud to call him by his first name because something about his so called manly ego.

"Well hello Rachy! so glad you could make it!" He turned to face her with his cigar in hand.

Well if I didn't you would have sent one of your goons out to get me! "My pleasure sir!" She just but her hands in behind her back and nodded.

"welcome back to hells angels! We missed you. Also I need you to make up for lost time my girl" The boss just started to walk circles around her.

"Like I said boss its not my fault that I got sent to Juvy for two years! It was those freakin vipers fault!" She only raised her voice a little. He only stared at her, but Rachel wanted to smack the smirked he wore on his face.

He just chuckled. " Listen Rachy, that tattoo on your shoulder." He pointed towards her shoulder, and they both looked. "I own you. And if you don't like it, Its your own Damn fault!" He was right up in her ear now whispering harshly into her ear. She had a pool of tears in her eyes. " In three days, I need you to steal a shipment from the vipers with the girls. If anybody gets in your way... Kill 'em." He walked away, leaving Rachel alone in the room.

Rachel couldn't help but to let a quick tear run down her cheek. She wiped it away when she heard her friends coming. Her friends here were like family. They always helped each other out. A smile crept her face as Quinn, Brittney, Tina, Mercedes, and Sam (one of the boss's goons that was a friend of Rachel's) came to comfort her. They stayed like that until she had to get home.

When she walks into the door she sees a stressed out Shelby and her boyfriend Tom that was sitting on the couch ignoring everything around him. Beth was right at her mothers side begging to go to the park. Finally Shelby turns to Tom. "Baby can you take Beth to the park?"

"Not right now Im busy!" He takes a swig of his beer and contuse watching football on the TV.

Rachel just chuckles. " Yeah busy my butt! Your just to dang lazy to spend time with Beth. Shelby I'll take her." She puts her bags down and Beth comes running to her. Toms gets up and stares at her.

"Really you try working for this stupid family! You say anything else bitch, ill make you regret!" He spat at her with disgust and went upstairs and slammed the door.

Finn drove all the way out to the old abandoned Factory deep In the woods. while he was driving he couldn't help but to think about Rachel and her amazing body. And the fact that she was badass turned him on even more. But it wasn't just her body that he liked, he liked all of her.

He quickly realized that he was here. Finn quickly got away from his thoughts as he stepped into the meeting room.

"Jack what do you want me for?" Finn stoped when he at the doorway while everyone looked at him. Puck, Santana, Mike and a few others were loading up a truck full of cargo boxes. Yep he knew what was in those boxes.

"Well Finn I just wanted to let you know in person that your going to be driving these to the buyer in about two days so get ready."

Finn didn't want to do this anymore, but he had no choice. He knew not to argue with his boss. The last person who did was found three days later dead in a ditch. Finn just nodded along to whatever they were saying and started to walk home. He knew he had a car but he didn't fell like driving.

He was almost home. All he had to do was pass this little park and he would be home. He was going to eat and got to bed, best plan ever! That all he wanted to do right now and forget.

Finn was passing the park until he noticed two girls on the swings. There was a Tiny brunette, and a even tinier blond. He suddenly knew who the brunette was, but still didn't know who the blonde was.

A smile spread across his face. He was going to scare the shit out of Rachel. He crouched down and low and slowly made his way towards Rachel. Once He was right behind her he pounce on top of her, making them both fall onto the ground. She screamed and the elbowed him in his balls and then in the stomach. He grabbed his self and almost teared up.

Right next to him was a little pissed off Rachel. " what the hell was that for! God Finn I could have killed you!" She was right there next to a really hurt Finn. All of the sudden a little blonde came from behind her.

"So rachie is dat your boyfriend?" Beth pointed to Finn shyly. He didn't know who she was or why Rachel was with her.

Rachel giggled and her comment and then grabbed Finn and kissed him deeply. The kiss shocked Finn but he wasn't going to complain, he just pulled her closer to him. Suddenly Beth ruined the moment.

" So hey Rachel." He acted all cool.

" oh are we on a first name basis?" He rolled his eyes an then pulled her closer to him and kissed her deeply again.

" me wanna go on swides!" Beth ran to the slides and Rachel pulled away and smiled then ran off towards her.

" okay I'm coming boo. Don't fall!" She yelled out. She stopped running and looked at a really confused Finn. " See you soon studson! Text me!" She waved and then ran off.

He was a little bit confused because he didn't have her number. He just got up and jogged off. Just thinking about Rachel. For a couple minutes she acted...soft.

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