A World Upside Down

Chapter 2

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Sullivan awoke, opening his eyes, he looked over to see Annekke on her bed, opening her own eyes. She smiled at him. He did so back.

He sat up, throwing his legs off the bed.

"Ooo..." Sullivan said, stretching out, "That was a good sleep," he finished with a relief.

He looked up with Annekke's light blue eyes shining on him, "How was yours?" He asked.

"Same, probably been a while since I had a long nap like that," she replied.

He nodded, "After what happened last night, you probably deserved a good night sleep."

She nodded back with agreement, "Yeah...So, what's for breakfast?"

"I have no idea, let's go see," Sullivan said as he stood up.

Annekke did the same, then followed him out of the room.

"G' morning, Kjeld! What's cooking?" Asked the Dragonborn, smiling.

Kjeld was at the bar, he smiled as he motioned towards the fire, "My wife's cooking eggs, would you like some?"

"Sure, my friend. And if you don't mind, can Annekke here have a few?" Sullivan replied.

He nodded, "Yes, Sir!"

"Thank you," Annekke told Kjeld.

"Anytime, ma'am, any friend of Sullivan's a friend of mine," he told her.

"And any mead of mine, is a mead of yours," Sullivan said to the innkeeper with a grin.

"That, I like," Kjeld told him, grinning back.

Sullivan chuckled, he turned around and motioned for Annekke to sit first at a table along the wall. She smiled at him before she went, and sat down at the table on the end, where Kjeld's wife, Iddra, was cooking.

Sullivan stayed where he was, leaning on a column by the bar, she probably wanted to talk to Iddra, lady to lady, he can respect that.

"How did she sleep?" Kjeld asked, disturbing his thought train.

"She said she slept pretty good. I could tell since she didn't have the bags under her eyes such as last night," Sul replied.

He nodded, "That's relieving. I mean, she was a wreck when she came in."

Sullivan nodded with agreement, "She was, wasn't she? At least I managed to keep her from drowning even further."

"I thought I was going to run out of mead from how many she was drinking," Kjeld told him, laughing.

Sullivan laughed with him.

"Anyway, what do you think about her?" Kjeld asked when he regained control.

"Oh, Annekke? She's a beauty, man. She loves getting out of the house and seeing the sights, you know? But that son of a milk-drinker Verner had to break her heart. She's everything a man could ask for," the Dragonborn said to him.

"Who's that? Verner, or you?" Kjeld asked.

"Wait, what?" Sullivan asked.

"You heard me," the innkeeper told him with a grin.

"Well, honestly? I would say me, but I don't know yet."

"So, how do you like him?" Iddra asked.

"I see him as a very good friend, maybe even a brother, He saved me last night," Annekke answered, showing a slight smile.

She nodded, "I wasn't here, what happened?"

"My...ex-husband and I had a forced divorce. He was a milk-drinker, and I was an explorer. He wanted me to help with the mining, and I wanted to get out, to see the world again. I came here after running from him, getting rid of my wedding ring in the process. I sat at this very table, drinking mug after mug of mead, trying to ease the pain, and that's when Sullivan walked in," Annekke explained.

"Oh dear, that's horrible!" Iddra exclaimed.

"I know, but that man there," Annekke said with a smile, pointing at Sulivan, who laughed at something, "He...He brought me out of the darkness and into the light. Perhaps, if he hasn't arrived, I'd be on this table passed out," she said, looking at the man by the counter.

"Do you have something for him?" Iddra asked.

"I beg your pardon?" Annekke asked, looking back at Iddra.

"Do you...have feelings for Sullivan?" Kjeld's wife asked.

"I..." Annekke tried to say, "I don't know. We've been on adventures together. He'd come by Darkwater Crossing and see if I felt like traveling, and when I did. He'd go to the craziest of places, and we would have a good time. Killing animals, bandits, and whatnot. I...loved the times we have when we're settled down for a night. We'd share stories on a lot of subjects."

"See? You do have a little something for him," Iddra told her.

"Maybe...just maybe...but I don't know yet. I need time," Annekke replied.

Iddra nodded, "Ok," then turned toward the eggs, "And breakfast is ready!"

"Oh boy!" Annekke heard, she looked and saw Sullivan getting out of his seat. She laughed at the smile on his face.

"Whatchu laughing at?" He asked her with a smile.

"Oh...nothing," she said innocently, then laughing a bit more.

Sullivan chuckled, "You go ahead and get your eggs."

"Aw...thanks," Annekke said as she stood and smiled at him.

He nodded, and motioned for her to get her breakfast.

She did so, she got a plate, used a fork to get the eggs, then headed back over to her spot on the table.

Sullivan performed the same, and went over to sit down next to her.

The Dragonborn was the first to try the eggs, and he voiced his opinion;

"M-m-m! These are good, Iddra," Sullivan said after swallowing, shaking his head with every compliment.

Annekke followed through, and said the same thing;

"M...! These are great!"

Iddra smiled at them, "Thanks, guys. It's a recipe I learned from a fellow traveler who passed through here."

"Then, that person knows a few tricks," Sullivan said before lifting his fork for a bite.

Annekke nodded in agreement.

After friendly chatting and eating, Sullivan was ready to go, but not so fast...

Annekke and Sullivan walked into their temporary room.

"Well, I'm about to go, still got the world to explore," Sullivan said, turning around to face Annekke.

"So soon?" She asked.

"Yep," Sullivan replied.

Annekke put on a saddened expression.

"What is it?" Sullivan asks, concerned.

"I...I was wanting to go with you," she said to him.

"You do? What about..." He tried to say.

"Verner?" She shook her head, "Forget him. He became a Milk-drinker. I don't want to see his face..."

"That's harsh," he told her.

"Yes, I know, but I'd rather travel with you, than to stay with him," she said to him.

"Are you sure?"

She nodded.

He shrugged, "Alright, his loss, so..."

She gave him a smile, "Thank you."

"No, I should be the one thanking you, it's been a while since I've had some company," Sullivan said to her with a smile.

"It'll be my honor," she told him, smiling back.

"I have a full set of leather armor in my pack if you want it?" he said.

She nodded, "Please, I need to get out of these clothes."
He nodded, "Alright," then he turned, then kneeled to dig through his pack, pulling out a pair of leather boots, gauntlets, the helmet, and the body.

"You can keep the helmet, I don't need it," Annekke told him.

"Got it," he replied, grabbing the helmet and putting it back in the pack.

He stood up, and faced her again, "We'll have to stop by my house in Whiterun to get your bow. I also have your arrows there as well."

She nodded, "What about my dagger?"

"It's at the house, but I have another I got for ya!" He exclaimed, he went digging in his pack once more, and pulled out a very finely tempered ebony dagger.

Her eyes went wide with a delighted smile, "Oh, Sullivan! You didn't!" She said as she took it into her own hands.

"Yes, Ma'am, I did!" He replied.

"I love it! Where did you get it?"

"I made it myself. Took a little bit of work, but I got it in the end," he answered.

"It's very light, yet feels it can do a lot of damage," she said to him, examining the dagger.

"I'm sure it can, I haven't tried it out yet, but you'll get the first kill with it! If we run into trouble," Sullivan said.

"I'll look forward to it," she said to him, smiling.

"I do too," he replied, giving a smile back, "I'll go outside the room, and let you get your armor on," he grabbed his scabbard, clipping it on, and his shield. Along with his pack.

She nodded as he did his actions, then Sullivan walked out.

Kjeld was at the end of the fireplace, talking to Iddra. So, Annekke had privacy.

Sullivan couldn't resist, but to take a peek. He let an eye around the door frame.

He saw her amazing form, she was in her undergarments and bra, about to throw on her body portion armor.

Taking in notes; Her amazingly toned legs, her flawless abs, her peerless curved hips, hinting the behind on her, her slight, yet smooth muscles on her arms, all from her adventure of the past. Overall, she was dominating.

He escaped from view, her goddess-like looks still on his mind, causing him to smile.

A few more minutes, and she came walking out, "I'm ready."

They begun their journey to Whiterun with Sullivan still smiling at the poison in his mind from earlier. They bid their farewell to Kjeld and Iddra. Both wanting Sullivan to come again.

Annekke noticed his smiling.

"You've been doing that ever since we left, what is it for?"

They stopped, He knew he couldn't lie to Annekke, he flushed at the embarrassment of telling her;

"Well, I...took a peep at you while you were changing..."

She opened her mouth, putting her hands on her hips with red coming to her cheeks.

"You did that?" She asked.

He began playing with his hands nervously, "Yep..."

She shook her head, might as well find out what he thought.

"And...? What did you think?" She asked.

Then, he got all dead serious, "Honestly? You probably have the most wonderful body I've ever seen."

Now, it was her turn to flush to his level.

"And I'm not lying."

She smiled at him, "Thanks."

"Even in your leather armor," he said with a grin.

"Oh, stop."

Sullivan chuckled, "So, it's settled, then? I couldn't resist looking, and if you didn't like it, I apologize."

"I wouldn't mind looking at yours," she blurted out, immediately realizing what she said, then covering her mouth with wide eyes.

Sullivan stared at her, blushing as well, "Ok, then," he said as he looked ahead, "Let's...uh, let's move on shall we?"

"Let's go, please," Annekke agreed.

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