I decided to do a little twist on a part in fifty shades of darker when Jack comes on to Ana, however things are slightly different this time. Like Christian isn't outside to pick her up, as he is working late! I'm only 17 so please don't be too harsh on me, i'm obviously not an experienced writer! I have loads of great ideas for this, but I would like your thoughts before I continue! I don't want to continue writing if nobody is enjoying it:)

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"You want me. Admit it, Ana. You prick teasing bitch!" Jack slowly licks his lower lip as he steps closer towards me, grabbing my wrists tightly in each of his hands. I glue my eyes shut, when he buries his nose into my neck, smelling the lingering scent of my CoCo Chanel perfume. Christian will find me. Christian will find me.
"Jack… I.I.. made it clear… I love Christian.."
I stutter my words as i attempt to yank my wrists out of his firm grip. His eyes darken with black fury, provoking his next vicious move. Jack harshly slams my back against the brick wall behind me. The impact against my back overwhelms me, causing me to continuously gasp for air. The automatic thought that crosses my mind, when he rips open my black, sheer shirt, evoking an explosion of buttons to scatter around the room, "Go for the balls, Go for the balls!"

"What the fucker don't know, won't hurt him" Jack mouths into the right side of my neck.

"Please… Jack, Please…I don't… Want this!" I screech! Maybe if he understands that I don't want this, he will stop. Don't be so ridiculous Ana, this bastard isn't going to stop! My subconscious screams with worried tears pouring down her face. I am dragged from my incoherent state when a sharp palm meets with my face. "ARGHHH!"

"SHUT UP BITCH! IT'S NOT LIKE ANYONE CAN HEAR YOU! WHERE IS MR GREY NOW HUH?" he spits into my face, while I press my head against the wall turning my face to gain some much needed space. Go for the balls. Go for the balls. My knee viciously jerks upwards attempting to meet with his manhood, but is blocked by his own knee. My eyes widen with worry when he presses his chest against mine and bites roughly against my neck. I feels trickles of blood run done my neck as the induce pain leaves me in silent.

"Ohhh, you're going to get it for that baby!" He smirks his yellow teeth as he rapidly reaches for this zipper. Only Christian calls me baby.

"JACK, FUCKING STOP YOU BASTARD…STOPPP!" I shout at the top of my lungs, pleading for someone to hear me, although it is highly unlikely since it is after office hours. Jack grasps my hair brutally in his firm grip, pressing his lips powerfully against my lips, silencing my screams. I attempt to shake my head free, but he just tightens his grip. He frantically yanks my skirt upwards and tears my red lace panties from my body, while he still pins me against the wall with his chest and silences my screams with his own lips.

Jack swiftly throws me against the floor. My head thumps with the floor creating a dizzy haze in my vision, I venture into scrabbling to me feet, but am denied of this attempt when Jack pounces on me with his boxer shorts and trouser pants round his ankles. I now know that i have lost this battle, as no matter what, this barbaric attack will scar me for
life. I lie stiffly in an utter state of shock when my hips are harshly pinned to the floor with his filthy hand, and the evitable occurs.

I feel the Ana I used to know crumble to nothingness, this tragic event will haunt me till the day I die, and the Ana that Christian eventually admitted to loving will be forever missing. I feel clenched fists clash with my ribs several times, but I do not physically feel the pain. A slow tear rolls down my check as I feel myself drift out of consciousness.

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