Hey, I know it has been like forever...
but here is a SMALL update for you all. It may take me a while to get back into the flow of writing again, as honestly it has been so long that it may be a little rough round the edges. I have also forgotten a lot about this story, so bare with me...;)

Fifty shades of Darkness

Chapter Seventeen: Closed Door

Monday 20th June

A haze of light filters through the adjacent windows causing my eyes to repeatedly blink, attempting to adjust to the blinding light. My arm stretches out beside hoping to be welcomed by the presence of Christians warmth, but I'm left disappointed. I glance over at the alarm clock, situated on the side table. 1.46pm! I suddenly sit up in the bed in surprise, but instantly regret the action, as my forehead begins the throb, reminding me of the oh so eventful previous night. By which i mean falling to sleep sobbing in Christian's arms.

I place my cool palm against my forehead, hoping to soothe the throbbing. I gingerly slide out of bed, from under the sheets, immediately noticing that I am dressed in my faithful yoga pants and one of Christian's oversize T-shirts. Christian must have dressed me. I slumber into the joining bathroom to be greeted by the reflection of a pale faced girl, with red raw eyes. Attractive. My subconscious sniggers. I rapidly withdraw my eyes from the mirror as I begin brushing my teeth, avoiding my reflection at all costs.

The aroma of cooking bacon beckons me into the kitchen, as my stomach begins to rubble. Gail is busying herself cooking; what seems to be a feast. However, I'm immediately disappointed by an absent Christian - Once again. "Mr Grey is in his study." Gail smirks, obviously noticing my frown due to a missing Christian. I gingerly offer a shy smile in response and begin wondering towards his closed office door. My hand reaches the glass door knob.

"So you came all this way to offer your sympathy?" I hear Christians raised voice, preventing me from entering the room. Someone is with him?

"I wanted to make sure Anastasia was well." I immediately recognise the voice. My blood begins to boil and my temperature shoots through the roof. How. Dare. She. I clench my teeth together in anger and notice that my grip has tighten around the door knob, causing it to become painful. Bitch Troll.

"Bullshit!" Christian slams his fists on his desk.

"Woaw. Calm down Christian. Look at you all tense, maybe you need to work off all that frustration." Elena purrs

"Fuck off Elena!" Christian attempts to compose his self as his spits through tight lips.

"It's obvious little Ana isn't giving you what you want. This isn't you Christian, let me get someone to give you something Ana will never be able to give you again."

"Oh, and what is that Elena?" Christian harshly questions

"Pleasure. Satisfaction"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Do you really think that Ana will be able to recover from this? How long has it been since the attack? And look at you already, you're a mess. you will not be able to survive much longer!" Elena boldly exclaims.

I feel my heart collapse and my chest constrict. Tears threaten to spill over my eyelids, but my hand wipes away the tears before they have the opportunity. What is Elena is actually right? What if I will never be able to give Christian something he depends upon? After last night Elena harsh comments seem more and more likely. And I bet Christian is thinking the exact same thing as me. My hand heavily drops to my side in defeat, and I slowly walk away from the now silent room, paranoid of what could now be going on behind the closed door.

I enter Christians bedroom, instantly removing this T-shirt and replacing it with one of my own. I gather my few belonging together and sit on the very edge of the king size bed, waiting for Christian to enter. If he does at all. While I impatiently wait I begin to put my converse on my feet, attempting to ignore my subconscious, whom is making me paranoid by all the situations that may be occurring behind that closed door.

What seems to be hours later, Christian finally emerges from his study, and enters the bedroom. "Ana, I didn't expect you to awake yet." Christian awkwardly stands in the doorway. He is guilt of something, my subconscious points out. I intensely stare into his grey orbs, silently expressing my anger. "What is wrong Ana?" He gingerly steps forward.

"Did you fuck her?" I powerfully stand up, and question him.

"What the hell Ana?"

"Well I'm clearly not enough for you fucked up needs." my temper targets him. Christian stands completely still perplexed by my words. I wait in silence for a response which does not come. "You know what, I can't deal with anymore shit right now." I reach down and snatch my purse containing my keys and phone in.

"Where do you think you are you going?" Dominate Christian is back.

"Home." I quickly reply, while pacing towards the closed bedroom door.

"You are home."

"No I'm not, my home is with Kate, in OUR apartment, away from this shit." I shout loudly, without even glance back. But before I reach the door, my wrist is firmly clenched in Christians hand, causing me be jolt backwards. Before I know it, I am pinned against the door with my hands above my head.

"This is OUR home. This is where you belong. With me." Christian slowly, but harshly attempts to drill into my head.

"I just want some space...All we do is argue. This is no good for either of us."

"Like a married couple." He whispers into my neck before his plump lips press firmly against mine, and his tongue slides into my mouth. His kiss is savage and full of need. He is not holding back. I wrap my legs around his waist tightly, and wetness pools at my apex.

Will Ana leave or stay?