A Life Forgotten: Chapter 1

Bella's POV:

The pain was unbearable; I couldn't get away from it. I was glued to the spot where I laid burning, completely paralyzed. I couldn't movie. I couldn't see. I couldn't speak. I wanted to scream out for death to come, but I couldn't. I felt like the universe was laughing in my face. What did I do to deserve this?

I couldn't remember why I was being put through all this agony. I honestly didn't care. All I wanted was the torture to stop. I wished for something to come and shield me from the pain, but, alas, I was left to my own defense.

Would the fire ever stop? I was all alone in the dark being burnt by an invisible flame. I felt like I would go crazy, if I wasn't already. This unbearable pain would be slightly more tolerable if someone was near me. I never felt so alone.

Where was I? I just wanted some answers. I wanted to know where I was. Who I was. I couldn't remember anything. A wave of panic swept through my burning body. I couldn't' remember my name. Was it Jamie? No, that didn't seem right. Linda? Definitely not. Alicia? No. Elizabeth? No, but I felt like I was getting closer. Isabelle . . . Isabella? Yes! My name was Isabella. I knew it was. I couldn't figure out my last name, though. I went through hundreds of last names, but none of them seemed right. Some of them were Black, Snow, Jackson, Taylor, Green, Smith, and Evans, but nothing sounded right.

I continued to run though possible last names. It was hard to concentrate, but at least I wasn't concentrating on the pain. I was still silently praying for someone -something- to help me, to take my pain away. I knew nothing would help, but I had to try. I was still thinking of names when I realized with a start that the pain had left my fingers and toes. I was relieved for only one second. It took me that one second to realize that the fire had retreated to my chest, making the pain worse. I felt like screaming in frustration. I was in hell, that was the only conclusion I could make.

I felt the fire start to retreat from my wrists and ankles; it happened slowly but surely. I hoped this meant that my pain would soon be over. I started to say a silent thank you to whoever was helping me, but then stopped myself. I knew that life had a funny way of giving you false hope and leaving you in a worse situation than when you started.

I was still at a loss as to what my full name was, so I didn't know what to think about. I decided the only thing I could really do was hold my body still and concentrate on the numb feeling my fingers and toes had. I had a feeling if I started moving and if I screamed I would only make it worse. I was listening to my heart pounding furiously in my chest. It was beating so fast I was afraid it would fail.

My fear proved true as my heart finally gave up, and I wasn't breathing. Only, I wasn't dead. I took in a breath and noticed that the sensation was weird, but enjoyable. I didn't need to breath, but I liked it.

I opened my eyes and gasped. There was a light above me, and little specks of dust were dancing around in the light. It was so beautiful that I was stunned into silence.

That was when I felt a pressure on my hand.

I quickly spun away from the unwelcome touch faster than should be possible. It should have been a blur around me, but I could see every detail as I moved. I was crouched against a wall, and a sound was coming from me: a mix between a growl of a dog and an angry cat but with a feminine twist to it.

I saw that the person that had touched me was still frozen across the table I was laying on before. His face was beautiful, but he had a cautious look on his face, a look one might see on someone facing a wild animal. I felt insulted.

The boy had a weird hair color, like red, gold, and brown all mixed together. Bronze. He had bronze hair and black eyes. He was tall and slightly muscular.

He walked slowly towards me with his hands outstretched, a sign that he meant no harm. I cautiously began to slowly straighten up until I realized we weren't alone. There were five other people in the room. With a hiss, I sunk back down into my crouch.

"Bella,: the bronze haired boy said in a soft musical voice. "It's alright; you're safe."

I stared at him, confused. "You know me?" I asked him in a voice just as musical and sweet.

He froze where he was, a surprised expression on his face. "Of course."

I stared at his face, searching for some answers. "Who are you?"

His eyes widened. "Pardon me?"

I growled lowly, getting angry that he didn't answer me right away. "Who the hell are you, and how do you know me?"

His eye suddenly grew sad, they made me want to get up and comfort him. I distrusted him immediately. "Who do you think I am?"

"Enough with the riddles! Just answer me!"

"Bella-" he sighed.

He didn't get the chance to finish. I was sick of him stalling; I wanted answers, and it was clear I wasn't going to get them from him, at least not this way, so I did the only reasonable, instinctual thing that came to me: I lunged at him.