A Love Forgotten: Chapter 3

I locked eyes with the predator, waiting for an opening. It bared it's fangs at me. There was a movement to my left, but I didn't let it distract me. The mountain lion wasn't as smart; it looked toward the movement for a split second giving me the opportunity to sink my teeth into it's neck.

The lion shrieked in agony and tried to pull away from me. It was all in vain: I was much stronger and faster. The taste of it's blood was wrong, but I didn't care since it quenched the fire in my throat. The screams cut off with a gurgle as the lion died before I was done.

I stood up and walked away from it's carcass. I drank all the lion's blood, but I was still thirsty. I looked down at my clothes and groaned. Blood was splattered on the dress and it was shredded. I was surprised that it still was on me.

I heard someone clear their throat. My head whipped toward the sound. Edward was leaning up against a tree.

"What?" I asked, suddenly wishing I had a jacket to cover up in.

His lips twitched. "Nothing. It's just what I said before: old habits die hard."

"You lost me," I grumbled.

He chuckled. "It was hard to watch you fight a lion. I was having an anxiety attack the whole time."

I stared at him. "You were the thing that moved in the forest," I blurted out.

He nodded. "Like I said, I was having an anxiety attack. It took everything I had not to jump in and kill it for you."

I rolled my eyes. "Why am I still thirsty?" I demanded.

"You're young," he offered. "There are some elk not too far from here. They don't taste as good, but they'll do."

I nodded slowly. "Animals have different flavors?" I asked dubiously.

"Carnivores taste better because they're meateaters, but, yes, every animal has a different flavor. we will soon find your favorite."

"What's your favorite?" I asked, trying not to sound interested.

He smiled and nodded his head toward the mountain lion's carcass. "I'm a cat person," he joked.

I felt slightly uneasy. "I probably should have let you have it."

Edward laughed. "No, no; you needed it more than me."

I glared at him as I noted his pure black eyes. "Yeah right."

"Oh you do," he said. "I remember being a newborn. Your thirst is worse than mine at the moment."

I grimaced. I decided to change the subject. "So… about my past…" I started to say.

Edward's smile faded. "How about you hunt some more since you're still thirsty."

I frowned but nodded slowly. "You'll tell me afterwards?"

He nodded. "I promise."

We found some elk not to far away like he said, and he decided to hunt with me this time. I felt extremely full after three elk, so I stopped to watch him. He was graceful, and he attacked with no mercy. He didn't have a hair out of place nor a single stain on his white shirt. I was fascinated by him. So he isn't as big of a jerk as I originally thought and was goodlooking. I guess I could see why I chose him.

He caught me staring. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing," I quickly lied. "You're, uh, much better at this than me."

He grinned. "Centuries of practice," he joked.

I looked down. "So…"

His eyebrows pulled together. "You want to know about your past now?"

I nodded. "Yes," I whispered.

He sighed. "Okay. I want to warn you I can't tell you everything because I only knew you for a few years, and we have a rocky history."

I nodded, biting my lip as I waiting for him to begin in anticipation.

He sighed. "First, you might want to put this on," he said as he took off his shirt. I was sure if I still had a beating heart, it would be beating a mile a minute and I would be as red as a tomato. He had a well sculpted chest. I swallowed and forced myself to look away. He held his shirt open for me to put my arms through. "You might want to wear a little more," he said with a smile fighting to come to his lips.

"Thanks," I mumbled as I slipped my arms through his spotless shirt. Him being without a shirt wouldn't help me concentrate. His scent filled my nose. It smelled like honey, lilacs, and the sun. His scent was probably the best thing I ever smelled. It made me feel happy and safe.

"You lived with your mother until you were seventeen," he said, snapping out of my reverie. "Your parents divorced when you were a baby. Your mom, Renee, got remarried so you decided to move in with your father so she could travel with him.

"You started Forks High School during the middle of the year. We had one class together, Biology, and I hated you to begin with."

My eyes widened as he told me he hated me and my mouth dropped. I felt a stab of pain in my heart. I silently cursed myself. Getting deep feelings for him would do no one good my rational side thought, but the other side contradicted her, saying I was already in love with him so it made no difference. "Hated me? Why?"

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "You were my singer: your blood becond me to kill you and drink. It was a miracle I was able to resist. You were like a demon sent to destroy everything I worked for. It was unjust and wrong. You're the best part of my life - you are my life! - by that's for later. I left town for a week to get away from you, but I came back because it was cowardly to run, but, more importantly and was the real reason for coming back was I wanted to see your face again. I came back and tried to have a normal conversation with you, pretend you were like every other human, but I was too engrossed. I couldn't read your mind-"

"Read minds!?" I yelped.

He laughed lightly. "Yeah, I can read every mind but yours. I'm still trying to figure out why. Oh, and Alice can see the future. Nothing really can take her by surprise. Jasper can also read and control emotions."

I nodded in a daze. "So we had small talk?"

He smiled. "Yeah. You told me about your mother, and how you hated the rain, but in the end, your scent was too strong and I had to flee the room as soon as the bell rang to keep from attacking.

"I was anxious to learn more about you the next day, but a van was about to crush you when you got on school grounds. All I could think was not her and I jeopardized everything we worked for to save you. I don't regret it at all. It was the best thing I ever did. I ran at inhuman speed to reach you and forcefully stopped the van. You were the only one who saw, but my family was still furious; all of them besides Carlisle, Alice, and Esme. Emmett was angry at first, but he can never stay angry. He may act tough, but he's a softy." I looked at him dubiously. He laughed. "Trust the mind reader," he joked and I had to join him in laughing. He turned serious really fast. Is it possible for vampires to be bipolar?

"I ignored you for the next month." He spoke in a voice that was barely louder than a whisper. I was shocked. Why would he ignore me after saving my life? It didn't matter that he couldn't read my mind, I guess he knew my expression well enough to know what i was thinking. "My sister, Alice, saw two futures for you, both of them bad."

"What were they?" I asked softly.

"She saw you as a vampire in one and the other…" he trailed off.

"The other?" I repeated.

"The other was you would die by my hands," he whispered softly, pain still seeping into his velvet voice. "The thirst would be too powerful and destroy everything."

I felt a strong desire to comfort him even though he confessed that he could have killed me. I put my hand on his. "I'm here: the second future didn't happen."

He took a deep breath and nodded. "I didn't want you to have either future, so I craved to create my own. Alice saw you would turn into a vampire because I would fall in love with you, so I tried to force myself away from you. It was doomed from the beginning. I was already falling for you, though I didn't know it at the time. I tried to pull myself away from you, to act indifferent, but I hung on every breath you took."

He laughed suddenly. "I was having a hard time trying to keep you away. My resolve kept crumbling, but the image of you red-eyed or lifeless kept me strong enough. What really broke my resolve was when the spring dance came around. You had a line of boys lined up to ask you. One particular boy was trying to catch your attention. I could hear his mind and I often visualized throwing him against the wall hard enough to break every bone in his body, but not enough to kill him. I didn't know what I was feeling until you said no to him. I was jealous. I couldn't stand the thought of you with another man. That night, I snuck into your house. I didn't know you talked in your sleep; I just wanted to make sure you were alright. I was about to leave when you talked."

He smiled slightly. "You said my name so clearly I thought you awoke, but then you rolled over and mumbled my name again and pleaded with me to not leave you. I battled with myself the whole night. You saying my name undid everything. I knew I couldn't ignore you anymore. I realized I loved you."
"It's a powerful thing, falling in love," he mused. "A vampire falls in love once and that love is eternal. I did fight for another future still," he added, "though it was different from the one I originally fought for. I thought I could stay with you for your human life. I thought I could be with you for the seventy maybe eighty years you would live. It would seem like a long time for you, but it would be extremely short for me. The plan worked for a while, though not nearly as long as I hoped." He said with a small, humorless laugh.

"I started talking to you again. You soon found out what I was, but you didn't care." He shook his head. "You always amaze me."

"I took you to a field where my family and I watch baseball after you met my family and I your dad. I was taking you to watch my family play baseball, but three nomads arrived. We hid you behind me to try pass you off as as vampire. They would have hunted you if they knew you were human. Unfortunately, right before we left the field, the wind picked up and brought your sent to them. The sadistic one named James," his lips pulled back over his teeth as he said the name. His eyes blazed with fury, "decided to hunt you. You went to Phoenix with Alice and Jasper while the rest of us hunted him, but he tricked you into thinking your mother was held captive. You ran to meet him where he tortured you. I arrived just in time. He bit you and I had to suck the venom back out to keep you from changing. It was impossible, but I did it."

"It couldn't have been impossible then," I countered, feeling a strong wave of pride for him.

He cracked a smile. "It was nearly impossible. I guess love does triumph all. You stayed in the hospital for almost a week; the whole time you were awake, you were trying to convince me to change you. You said you wanted to stay with me forever and not be separated by death. It would have saved a lot of trouble to change you then, but we wouldn't have as deep of a connection as we do… would have if I changed you.

"We spent the time after you went back to Forks up until your eighteenth birthday together being happy. I took you to Prom, of course, but you didn't particularly enjoy all of it so I won't go into detail.
"On your birthday," he whispered. I got the feeling that something bad was about to be told. "We had a small party for you at our house. You were opening your presents when you cut your finger on the wrapping paper. There was only a drop of blood, but it was still hard to control myself. I can't say the same for my brother, Jasper. He's new to this lifestyle so he tried to attack. Now that I think back, I think our thirst also amplified his. He tried to attack you, but I managed to stop him. I accidently threw you back in the process and you cut your arm on the glass plates that shattered under you. It sent everyone, besides Carlisle, almost over the edge. He stitched your arm and I took you home. I decided to leave that night."
"What?!" I exclaimed. "Why, why would you do that?"
"I was ashamed that my family had almost killed you, and I was afraid that it would happen again and I wouldn't be fast enough. I couldn't lose you at all, but it would be even more painful if it happened because of my family which would be all my fault," Edward said, his voice cracking. "I hurt both you and I. I tore apart my family. That's the biggest regret I hold. I was gone for a long time to me, half a year. It felt like eternity. The whole time I was away, I was fighting the pain and the urge to forget all that was right and run back to you to beg for forgiveness and ask you to take me back. Before I could act on that, Rosalie called me and told me you were dead, you killed yourself by jumping from a cliff. I didn't really believe her, but I called anyway, and the boy who answered said Charlie was at the funeral. The funeral. Of course I thought he meant you! I would never have guessed he meant Charlie's best friend, so I decided to go to Volterra to kill myself."
I stared at him in shock. Now it made sense why he said he hadn't been suicidal in a while. The anger I felt at the fact that he left me vanished as panic and pain crept into my heart from him wanting to kill himself.
"Alice was with you: she had a vision of you jumping off a cliff. You and Alice came and saved me, but the Volturi- the vampire coven who upholds the law -demanded for you to be changed. We bought a few years because Alice showed Aro, the leader of the Volturi Coven, you becoming a vampire. When we returned to Forks, I came back officially and you accepted me." He smiled at me. "I will never deserve you. I lived twenty-four hours thinking you were dead. It cured me of the bloodlust I felt so I could be with you in a deeper relationship. I could never live through the pain of losing you again.

"We had a little trouble with James' mate, Victoria," his lips curled back over his teeth even farther than before and the anger in his eyes would make any sane person run, "but she's dead now." He had a smug smile on his lips. "I destroyed her personally. She made an army to kill you, but my family got rid of them."

I was dumbfounded. His family faced a whole army of vampires to save me. I was touched. Who wouldn't be?

"We were engaged a day before the battle with the newborns, and we got married in August. We didn't know it was possible for vampires and humans to have a child together, but we did. I argued with you when we got home to get rid of her because it was slowly killing you." His voice was full of shame and pain. "But you righteously refused. We have a baby girl named Renesmee. It almost killed you to have her, but you survived by a miracle." He smiled. "That's it."

I stared at him. "I have a baby?" I whispered.

He nodded with a smile. I smiled back at him. "Can I see her?"

He became serious again. "She's half-human," he said slowly. "Blood runs in her veins. You don't want to hurt her?"

"Of course not!" I exclaimed, appalled at what he was implying.

He held up his hands. "Then you know it would be safer if you kept away from her for awhile. Your bloodlust won't be in control and you could kill her."

"I would never!" I exclaimed hotly.

He sighed. "I'll take you to see her," he said slowly, cautiously, "but we are taking every procation."

"Of course!" I said. I wanted to see my daughter I supposedly had. I threw my arms around him. "Thank you, Edward."

I felt his arms wrap around me. "You're welcome," he replied softly as he kissed the top of my head. I smiled lightly. I felt loved and it was amazing.

My smile faded as a thought appeared in my head. I wouldn't hurt her… right?

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