Author's Warning: Okay, maybe just one more. In all reality, Disney is going to do something completely different for the ending, but I was thinking this would be pretty cool.

The doors blasted open and Queen Elsa in her blue ice dress sashayed into the room.

"Hello, Duke Weselton. I need to have words with you."

The diminutive duke looked to the men around him.

Not breaking stride, Elsa blasted them off of their feet and into unconsciousness.


The man was beginning to sweat in the cold of the room. Roars echoed as Marshmallow and the other engaged the Duke's forces.

"W-whatever is there to say?" he stammered. Running footsteps could be heard in the hall.

"It was bad enough to label me a monster, and drive me from my own kingdom, but you used that to exploit my kingdom and impoverish my people!"

Queen Elsa grabbed the duke by his elaborate cravat.

"I am the queen! You listen to me! I will protect my people!"

Queen Elsa raised her fist, then opened her hand and a spiky swirl of magic snow formed around her hand. The duke flinched. She moved to strike.

"Elsa, sister, no!" Anna grabbed Elsa's arm.

Elsa shook off her sister. "Why!? He almost destroyed you, me and our kingdom. I will not let him get away with that!" Elsa roared. Ice was forming across the floor and icicles were dripping down from the chandeliers. The room was frigid as the temperature dove. The duke grabbed at her wrist as ice began to spread across his chest, causing him to pant in pain.

"Because you are not a monster." Anna said, reaching back toward her sister.

Elsa's glare faded and her eyes widened as she understood her sister's love.

The Duke of Weselton pulled out his knife and plunged it into the queen.

Elsa cried out in pain and dropped the short man.

"Sister!" Anna cried as Elsa grabbed the knife.

The Duke pushed off from his desk and skated to one of his fallen men, grabbed a sword, threw it at Elsa and dove for the balcony.

Anna slid toward Elsa.

Elsa saw what was coming, shouted "Freeze!" and let loose with everything she had.

Anna grunted as the sword impacted her back.

Else, Anna and the thick ice-encrusted sword fell to the floor.

The duke was encased in a cube of solid ice, but he had been moving so fast and the floor was so slick that he and his icy coffin crashed through the balcony rail and they both shattered into fragments on the stones below.

"Elsa, I'm sorry. I'll get the doctor or someone." Anna said looking around frantically at the blood seeping out of her sister.

"No, it's okay. I'm...sorry that I ever hurt you. I loved you so much."

"I love you too."

Kristoff and the others came dashing down the corridor.

"Okay, that doesn't look too bad," said Kristoff as he pulled out a handkerchief to staunch the bleeding.