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The First Medic

The Martian base was huge, with more than a dozen buildings and barracks. Charley was convinced that it would take her at least a few days to explore the whole thing. Dozens of children were running through the yards around the buildings, their caretakers herding them along to classes.

But the first place her bros took her to was the medic wing. There were several booster immunization shots she would need to be sure she didn't get sick from being on a different planet. Not to mention, the medics were eager to talk to her so that they could figure out what supplies they could bring next time. Charley was happy to exchange notes about the medical supplies she had used and found affective on Throttle, Modo, and Vincent.

The medics on base had received the book of human anatomy from Charlene as well. It had made for some fascinating reading for the nurses and doctors. The sheer detail and ease of understanding in the pictures, charts, and diagrams was a very pleasant change from having to memorize everything for Mice. No textbooks were really left for the medics and doctors to study, and several people were trying to work together to make a new book before any more knowledge was lost.

As Doctor Gauge scanned through the book, she came to the chapters on reproduction. On seeing the diagrams for the average human male's parts, she suddenly had a much greater understanding of why Charlene had been so eager to come with three very attractive male Mice to their home planet. The human female reproductive system also was quite fascinating. They carried their children to term for a full three months longer, their bodies had to undergo quite the change for it, childbirth was a much longer process...Goodness, no wonder the book said that the average pain tolerance for a human woman was nine times higher than that of a human male, look at the size of that full-term baby!

On reading a bit further, Doctor Gauge was shocked almost speechless. Almost. She actually called the Biker Mice in to confirm what she was reading. "Is this true? Really? The females go into heat every single month?!"

All three nodded silently.

"But its...every month...The sheer pheromone would be constant considering that most female cycles on Earth wouldn't be in sync! Could all three of you pick up the scent?"

All three nodded again.

The medic blanched. "Sweet Mother of Mars! Boys! How in the world did you deal with it?!"

"We make stuff blow up," Modo replied.

"A lot," Vinnie agreed.

"In very creative ways," Throttle said with a nod.

"But...but...," Doctor Gauge was nearly speechless, the female all but sputtering. "You were living with a pretty human girl like Charlene...surrounded by thousands of females producing those pheromones every single month-"

"We make stuff blow up," Modo repeated with a small blush.

"A lot," Vinnie nodded emphatically.

"In very creative ways," Throttle said tightly.

Doctor Gauge just stared at the trio in shock at their self-restraint. "...merciful Mother of Mars, how is Charlene not pregnant?"

"We make stuff blow up," Modo whispered, his face now bright red.

"A lot," Vincent squeaked, not able to look the lady doctor in the eye.

"In very creative ways," Throttle said with a blush.