Naruto The Sword Fiend

Inspired by the Manga Gamaran if you haven't read I suggest you do if you enjoy (Somewhat) realistic sword fighting

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Naruto or Gamaran, but I do own any OC's I may use in the future

Chapter 1 A Glimpse Of The Future

Naruto sighed happily as he sat upon a single rock in the middle of a field of blood, he slowly washed his precious katana with extreme care, mindless of the hundreds of dead bodies surrounding him.

"So Uzumaki Naruto you really are a demon." A smooth voice muttered from behind him.

"I prefer Kensei." Naruto replied satisfied with his now cleaned blade.

"There is nothing saintly about this slaughter." The man said as he moved in front of Naruto.

"Well Chiriku-san it was your Daimyo who hired me to take care of this little problem." Naruto pointed out seemingly bored with the conversation.

Chiriku the former Ninja Guardian shook his bald head and took care to avoid the blood spilled on the floor shifting his foot slightly.

"I do not refute that but did you have to kill them all and in such a place, close to my home." Chiriku shot back in annoyance which showed on his face.

"They stood against me, they chose to fight the weaklings should have ran after all if I kill a 100 weaklings no one will acknowledge me as the strongest" Naruto noted now rising to his full height, the shadows of the trees no longer obscuring him.

Naruto Uzumaki was a 17 year old who stood tall with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and the spiky bangs hanging over his plain black forehead protector not marked with any village's symbol but rather a single kanji meaning sword, his attire was simple navy ninja sandals with bandages around his ankles, navy pants with a white over-shirt with a chequered pattern on the shoulders paired with a black under-shirt. Black fingerless gloves which extended to his forearm and to finish a black sash which held the red sheath for his katana. He also had the standard ninja pouches on his right leg for kunai and shuriken and a main pouch on his lower back.

He certainly didn't look like a demon of the sword who cut down everyone who stood in his way, but looks can be deceiving after all.

"Tell your Daimyo that I expect normal payment for this, and give that brat Sora my greetings." Naruto said jovially before sheathing his Katana and turned around to walk away.

"There is going to be a meeting between the five Kage in the Land of Iron, your Father is going to be there." Chiriku dropped suddenly making Naruto falter slightly.

"And your point is?" Naruto questioned.

"It's about Akatsuki, the ones after your siblings they have nearly finished rounding up the Jinchuriki only the Kyubi and Hachibi remain." Chiriku explained with some urgency in his voice

"Hmm." Naruto hummed in a noncommittal manner "Well then it seems like they do have some use after all" Naruto noted

"Wha!" Chiriku Gasped out obviously shocked.

"Well it's obvious now that not all the Akatsuki members are weaklings like those other two I cut down a couple of months ago, the remaining ones are gonna be worth fighting, it's gonna be fun" Naruto exclaimed with a grin upon his face and then continued to walk.

"You are you really such a MONSTER that you would sacrifice your Father, your Mother even your siblings simply for a good FIGHT" Chiriku Shouted out angrily.

Suddenly the air around the two got extremely dense and filled with bloodlust, Chiriku started sweating as he looked at the source of this murderous Chakra pressure.

Naruto turned slightly only showing his right eye to Chiriku which was no longer an azure blue rather a animalistic gold with his pupil dilated like a reptiles, hovering beside him was an etheral dragon which looked demonic and was obviously formed from his Chakra.

"I have one goal To Be The Strongest, nothing else matters" Naruto hissed his voice heavy laden with killing intent and power.

Then like a gust of wind the pressure and dragon was gone and Naruto's eye returned to it's natural colour. Then Naruto simply dissapeared, he was standing there one moment then the next he was gone.

"Uzumaki Naruto what a terrifying beast" Chiriku muttered before taking one last look at the corpses surrounding him and then he shook his head sadly before using the Shunshin Jutsu and dissapearing in a cloud of smoke.

When he landed on the floor silently then took out a scroll and brush from his pouch, he then unravelled the scroll and seemed wrote extremely fast, inspected his work then rolled the scroll back up.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" Naruto said as he slammed his hand on the ground.

A puff of smoke later and a large grey wolf was sitting infront of him.

"Naruto-sama what do you require" It spoke in a gravelly voice

"Hayase I need you to take this to her" Naruto said simply putting the scroll in the wolfs mouth.

Hayase then bowed his head then got up from his sitting position and ran off leaving cracked ground and a dust trail behind.

"He's as fast as ever, well then it should take a week to reach the Land of Iron plenty of time to get there." Naruto mused to himself before walking at a sedate pace.

As he was walking his mind wandered back to the time when he decided that his goal was to be the strongest, back to the time when his Sensei was alive. Naruto allowed himself to smile at the thought of the grouchy old bastard that was his Sensei.

Those days when he was weaker where tons more fun, living by the skin of his teeth, getting into deathmatches with people stronger than him and somehow winning, those where the fun days.

How nostalgic.

End Chapter 1 A Glimpse of the Future

AN: Well there's the first chapter of Naruto The Sword Fiend, this is my first ever fanfiction that I'v published since the others I have in my folder are low quality or I just lost interest in them. Hope ya enjoyed this.

Kensei: Sword Saint, essentially an extremely skilled swordsman earns this title.

Daimyo: Feudal Lord, A ruler of a country, essentially royalty

Akatsuki: Red Dawn, A terrorist organisation the main antagonists of the Naruto series (Mostly the Second Half)

Jinchuriki: Power of Human Sacrifice, People who have one of the nine Biju sealed within them hence the name, they can tap into the Biju's power at a cost unless they can fully control the beast.

Biju: Beasts that have enormous amounts of Chakra and are arranged in power by the number of Tails 1 being weakest, 9 the strongest.

Hayase: Swift Current, A fitting name for one of the fastest wolf summons.

Shunshin: Body Flicker, A technique of using Chakra for highspeed movement often covered with a puff of smoke.

Kuchiyose: Summoning Technique, Summons an animal the user has a contract with but if the user doesnt have a contract, i believe that it takes them to the homeland of the summons most suited to them.

The Dragon: This is just the form that Naruto's Chakra takes when released not a technique but an unconscious action similar to Zabuza's own Oni Demon that manifests.