Victor Morgendorffer (Pt. 1)

At the dinner table, the five member family finished eating their first meal in their new home.

"Or rather what will be called 'the Morgendorffer McHouse'." a boy named Victor Morgendorffer joked to himself as he wiped his mouth with a napkin before setting it down on his empty plate.

He glanced around the kitchen, pretty much everything was unpacked except a few loose ends, but that would be dealt with later.

An itch in his eyes forced him to blink for a little bit, he was still adjusting to the contacts.

"Is something wrong Victor?" his mother, Helen spoke up with worry.

"Just the new lenses, Mom." he answered while rubbing his brown eyes a bit before the itchiness went away.

He heard Daria mutter something about why he was bothering with them in the first place but ignored it.

But then his mother picked up on the gist and began to hint (very obviously) that Daria should consider it as well.

Ignoring this as well, Victor glanced at his other big sister and his Dad and noticed that they were both lost in their own little worlds.

Feeling the start of a headache coming on, Victor just pushed his chair back and left the table without another word.

It took awhile before anyone had noticed.

In his new room, the walls were freshly painted green and black and the carpet matched.

Posters of various bands and fantasyscapes were up, there was a couple of bookshelves dedicated to books, CDs, and his collection of movies.

Victor smiled as he put on the best of Pink Floyd, and opened the window just a crack, the song 'Money' filling the room and making his bad mood go away.

In a corner of the room was an altar that he had lovingly set up almost as soon as his claim to the space had been staked.

"Or rather I got the leftovers." Victor muttered to himself once more.

While Quinn had claimed the already frilly and pink room without missing a beat, he and Daria had been forced to flip a coin to see who got the cool padded room.

"At least Mom let me pick out how it was supposed to look." Victor reminded himself as he knelt in front of his makeshift worship site.

The icons were of various deities and saints, ranging from Hindu gods to Catholic saints, though most prominent were the Buddha statues since they were the biggest.

He sat cross-legged and opened a small, hidden drawer underneath the altar and pulled out a small baggie with a single joint in it, and a lighter.

As he toked up and focused on the feeling of the divine within, Victor let the music, the weed, and the Gods to take him away from it all.

He suspected he would need it to survive his first day at Glenfield Middle School.

"At least I won't have to deal with my sisters in the same building at school for a whole year." Victor randomly thought to himself.

As long as he made a couple of friends he'd be ok.

Especially if they had good weed and shroom connections, like Ricky had with his big cousin Todd.