Even when she closed her eyes, she still saw all the bodies.

She couldn't bear the grieving. Yes, she felt a lingering sadness for those who had been lost, but she had been prepared to lose all that she loved.

But she hadn't been prepared to lose the one that she loved the most.

So she volunteered to help gather up the dead. She would sigh when she happened upon one of the under-aged students, knowing that they would still be alive had they just listened. She would murmur a 'thank you' when she found someone who had valiantly fought for the side of the Light. She would personally bring the bodies of the Light up to the Great Hall to their anxiously waiting families, looking away as people hysterically wept over their departed loved ones.

The ones she struggled with were those who had died uselessly by order of Lord Voldemort. For the ones who had actively hurt her friends or allies, they received nothing more than a sneer and a Banishing spell to drop them into the room off of the Great Hall where their bodies were being stored. When she found a Death Eater who was her age or younger, she was torn; while she knew that many of them had not made the decision to take the Dark Mark, they had not hesitated when they were told to kill friends and family. She followed protocol and Banished them as well. That was, until she found the body of Draco Malfoy propped up against a tree on the fringe of the Forbidden Forest.

His posture, even in death, still showed some of the self assurance that he had always carried. But this self assurance wasn't displayed by arrogance; instead, it was a picture of a boy who knew that he had no place in this new world. His knees were drawn up to his chest, his arms tucked under his legs. She moved to lay him out, but the sight that greeted her when she moved his arms made her freeze.

His arms were coated in partially dried blood, and it was evident where it had come from. His right hand was clutching a dagger. His left arm was mangled, but it was obvious how he had died; all of the skin on his forearm had been stripped away in an effort to remove the Mark that he had never wanted to bear.

She Levitated his body up and made her way into the castle. She made sure that both his arms were facing up, almost asking anyone to question her decision to lay him to rest with the Light.

She left the Great Hall, heading for the one place that she knew no one had been yet. She could have Apparated, but she wasn't in a hurry to reach her final destination. The long walk gave her time to finally pay attention to her own pain, but it wasn't physical.

Her feet guided her to the old, abandoned house where she knew she would find his body. He was sprawled out in the dried pool of his own blood. She fell to her knees beside him, finally letting the tears fall that she had been fighting back for so long. She slipped a black vial from her pocket and downed the contents, leaning down to kiss her lover on the lips before laying down next to him. She felt everything beginning to dim around her, and one last tear rolled down her face.

"I promised you I would come back for a kiss goodbye."