Caroline, Elena and Bonnie sat around the coffee table at the Agency. Their eyes were focused intently on Caroline's mobile phone, which sat on the table top between them.

Jenna walked in with the usual four Starbucks coffees. "Still nothing?"

"Yup." Elena said slowly.

"Its been two days." Jenna smiled. "You didn't seriously expect him to be calling and declaring his love. Men like that take their time."

"Did you even flirt with him?" Bonnie asked Caroline. The blonde scowled back at her.

"Oh, believe me, she did." Elena interjected before Caroline could respond.

"Well then maybe it wasn't enough flirting." Bonnie mused.

"It was enough." Elena nodded. "He looked like he was about to eat her up like the Big Bad Wolf before I rescued her."

"I'm right here, you know." Caroline huffed, and Elena caved, slinging her arm around her best friend and giving her a hug as they sat on the couch. Bonnie jumped over to her other side and mirrored Elena, enveloping Caroline in a very caring sandwich hug.

"Okay." Caroline sighed with a smile. "Time for Plan B."

When one typed Niklaus Mikaelson into Google, around 186,000 hits would be shown. There was a Wikipedia entry that spoke of his business achievements and little else – a note at the bottom stating that 'Wikipedia would appreciate your help in expanding this article'. There was another hit that came up with a tumblr blog dedicated to his every known move – and that too was not full of information, though it was certainly full of admirers. Yet another was entitled 'Keep Calm and Wait for Lord Niklaus Miaekson'…the Angels didn't pause for long there. There was also a few advertisements for his bars and clubs, and it was one of these in particular that the Angels turned to.

Bonnie walked down the street dressed in a seductive black 1920s flapper dress. It had been a while since she had worn something so provocative.

"I feel ridiculous." She muttered quietly, seemingly to herself.

"Nonsense, you look hot." Elena said, reapplying her lipstick in the bathroom. She was already at the club in a charming white dress, and very thankful that no one else could hear her talking to Bonnie through their molar microphones and Bluetooth earpieces.

"Yeah, well I don't see why we need to keep in touch this way." Bonnie said, looking around to check that no one could see the crazy girl talking to herself. She exhaled and walked up to the neon-lit club doors.

"After last time, we can't risk any one of us not knowing what's going on." Caroline said. She alone out of the Angels had no fear of anyone overhearing her as she sat backstage in a dressing room with a flashy red beaded dress still hanging by the door. However, she had plenty to fear due to the fact that she was masquerading as the entertainment for the night.

"We'll stay in touch and see what information we can get from this half-brother." Elena added, doing a final appraisal and heading back out to her date for the evening. Stefan smiled as she wove through the small tables to get to his booth.

"How is everything?" He asked.

"Peachy." She replied. "And thanks for coming along. I hope our plan isn't going to be an inconvenience for you."

Stefan waved it off. "Not at all. I'm just honored to be your date tonight. For the mission." He added.

Elena couldn't help but smile anyway. "Thank you. You brushed up well – you look very dapper."

"You look very beautiful." Stefan took in her angelic white dress before returning to gaze into Elena's dark eyes.

Bonnie walked into the club and surveyed the room, trying to find Klaus Mikaelson. Her search came up short, and she decided to get a drink from the bar so she'd at least relax a little. She rested her weight against the counter and waited to grab the bartender's attention.

"I was wondering when a girl like you would show up," A velvety voice sounded behind Bonnie.

Bonnie smiled, turning slowly to face Klaus.

"Well clearly now the party can get started." She said. "Forgive me if I'm wrong, but you must be Niklaus Mikaelson."

He chuckled. "You know me. Fantastic."

"Who hasn't heard of you?" She asked rhetorically.

"Well seeing as you know who I am, you must be at my club for a reason." Klaus gestured towards the bar. "Might I offer you a drink?"

"I'd love one." Bonnie smiled carefully, drawing closer to the devil for information.

Breathe, Caroline, just breathe. Caroline pep talked herself. You can do this. She rolled her eyes. Like its so easy. Just cause you talk a lot doesn't mean you know what to say…or sing…You can't express yourself on a regular basis, why add music into the mix? Are you feeling loopy?

She shook her blonde curls. You can sing. You are going to sing.


Caroline looked up to see a woman with cropped platinum blonde hair – Gloria, the stage manager.

"Its your call. Time to shine, girl."

Caroline pasted a bright smile on her face. "Then lets go!"

She strutted out to the stage confidently. However, when she turned to face the crowd, the lights blinded her, making her confidence falter. At a loss for what to say or do next, she glanced around to the big band behind her that had been playing a few basic songs before she arrived.

"Hey everybody, lets hear it for the band!"

The club-goers clapped politely.

Klaus glanced towards the stage and tilted his head slightly.

Bonnie watched him warily. "This isn't going to end well." She muttered quietly, half for Elena's benefit, half for her own.

Caroline took a deep breath as the intro began, and let her jazz side loose.

"If its naughty to rouge your lips, shake your shoulders and shake your hips, let a lady confess, I want to be bad! If its naughty to vamp the men, sleep each morning till after ten, then the answer is yes, I want to be bad! Boop-boop-a-doop!"

Caroline made the devastating mistake of looking at the club as the crowd took well to the old songs, feeling more inclined to move towards the dance floor for a twirl. It was a mistake due to the fact that there was a pair of stormy blue eyes that refused to look away from her…and those belonged to Klaus.

Of freaking course. Caroline cursed, before her insides clenched in panic. Does he recognize me? She kept her eyes locked on his out of curiosity, and started to regret it as she started to fall under his hypnotic spell. Despite the distance between them, it felt as if they were the only two people in the room…as if his gaze was slipping under all of her clothes, brushing every inch of her skin intimately…crap, she was still meant to be singing.

Caroline managed the next few lines of lyrics without much thought, going on auto pilot as she tore her eyes away from Klaus and resolutely stopped looking in the direction of the bar. Now was so not the time to give in to hot eye sex. Especially with a businessman slash criminal. A hybrid businessman? Whatever he was, she would not, could not give into the temptations he presented.

Elena smiled at Stefan. "Teach me some more moves?"

He kept his face blank. "Oh, no, no, no, no. I can't dance, remember?"

She rolled her eyes playfully. "Nice try. I was very impressed last time." Elena got to her feet and looked at him expectantly. Stefan smiled, standing and offering his hand to her before leading her to the floor.

"You do something to me, something that simply mystifies me, tell me why should it be, you have the power to hypnotize me?" Caroline watched Elena and Stefan slowly spinning on the floor, and smiled.

Elena bit her lip, feeling the need to justify why she was dancing with Stefan. "So…while we're dancing…I'm going to…keep a lookout…for…"

"I don't need to know, Elena." He said quietly. "You can tell me if you want to, but honestly, I…" He exhaled and looked at his feet. "I enjoy spending this time with you. So I don't need to know why we're dancing. I don't want to know."

Elena was speechless, letting the big grin across her face do the talking for her.

Bonnie turned back towards Klaus, knowing that she should distract him and keep him from seeing the beautiful blonde onstage, just in case he should happen to recognize her.

"So, Mr Mikaelson…" She trailed off, waiting for Klaus' gaze to turn back to her. He continued to look towards the stage with an expression of barely concealed surprise and…wait, was that awe? Bonnie kept to her task regardless. "I was wondering whether…"

"Whether you could be the woman to change the elusive Niklaus Mikaelson and save him from his terrible ways?" He tore his eyes away from the stage and smirked at her shocked expression. "Tell me I'm wrong?"

Bonnie remained silent.

"I thought as much." Klaus nodded, knocking back the last of his scotch and walking away through the crowd without another word.

Bonnie remembered to breathe for a moment in her panic before she made her way through the crowd to get to Elena and Stefan.

"We three need to talk." She said quickly before pulling them aside.

"I heard. What a dick." Elena frowned.

"I think its time to move on to Plan C." Bonnie said.

"Not a chance in hell." Caroline's voice came across Elena and Bonnie's ear mikes as the blonde took a quick break side of stage to drink some water.

"Care, it makes the most sense. You heard how he completely ran over the plan with a demolition truck." Elena pleaded.

"Agreed." Bonnie said quickly, wanting to get the new plan on the road.

"Fine." Caroline hissed, just as she was pushed back onstage. She scanned the crowd. "I don't see him anywhere. He's gone." She muttered.

"What?" Bonnie frowned, glancing across the room.

"I went down to the St James Infirmary, I saw my baby there, She's laid out on a cold white table, so so cold, so white, so fair." Caroline began to sing again, all the while keeping watch for Klaus.

Elena turned around to ask Stefan for any advice, but found that he had vanished. "Stefan?"

"Care, where's Stefan?" Bonnie asked.

"Let her go, let her go, God bless her, wherever she may be, she may search this wide world over, she'll never find a sweet man like me." Caroline's eyes swept the club again and found Stefan…by the bar with Klaus. Disregarding the band still playing behind her and the lyrics she still had to sing, she cleared her throat.

"Guess who my eyes have just spied by the bar, ladies…our very own Mr Mikaelson and Mr Salvatore. Lets give our club owner and his guest a round of applause."

The crowd turned and clapped as Klaus and Stefan looked up from their conversation to realize that they had the attention of the entire room. They smiled and nodded politely. Klaus' eyes burned Caroline, but she continued to smile and sing her song.

Bonnie and Elena made their way carefully through the crowd towards the two men. By the time the women reached the bar, only Stefan was there. Klaus had vanished again.

"What were you doing?" Elena asked Stefan with more than a hint of incredulity in her voice.

"I know the man, Elena." Stefan reasoned. "He came to a meeting once with his brother. I wasn't going to be able to hide from him here, so I figured that I'd at least talk to him."

"And what did you say?" Bonnie asked, her brow furrowed.

"Just the usual things." He answered casually. "I wasn't about to ask him where his brother was. That would be too suspicious."

Bonnie nodded, her eyes going to Caroline on the stage. Even from a distance, even under the pretence of singing and nothing more, she could tell that Caroline didn't believe a word Stefan said. And Bonnie felt the same.

"Okay." Elena smiled, her worry evaporating, oblivious to her two friends telepathic communication. "We might go and sit down for a bit, Bon."

"Good idea." Bonnie agreed. "I'll go wait backstage for Caroline."

Usually the Angels were fine when they got separated.

However this time wasn't the best.

Caroline was in the middle of a jazz take on a more modern song, counting down the minutes till she was able to go backstage and talk to Bonnie.

"Close your eyes, give me your hand, darling. Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming? Is this burning an eternal flame?"

"Caroline," Klaus was suddenly there before her in the crowd, holding his hand out to her. Of course he recognised her. Damn. "Will you join me for a dance?"

"I'm a bit busy." She muttered to him in the musical interlude.

"Gloria has kindly agreed to give your break a little early." Klaus replied, nodding towards the wings. Caroline glanced towards the curtains where sure enough Gloria was waiting to go onstage, watching her and Klaus with an almost apprehensive expression, like she worried for the blonde girl.

"Come on, one dance?" Klaus smirked at her. "I won't bite."

"That's debatable." Caroline muttered, not intending for him to hear. His chuckle indicated that he had heard it regardless, and she huffed, nodding to Gloria and taking Klaus hand for him to lead her down the steps and onto the dance floor.

Gloria cut off the last song and reverted back to jazz standards.

"Someday he'll come along, the man I love, and he'll be big and strong, the man I love, and when he comes my way, I'll do my best to make him stay."

"You would've loved the 1920s, Caroline. Girls were reckless, sexy, fun. They literally used to dance until they dropped." Klaus grinned, twirling Caroline unexpectedly out and back in, holding her closer than before.

"I don't suppose that ever happened to their dance partners." Caroline grumbled.

"Harsh, love." He tsked. "One would guess that you didn't enjoy my company."

"Whatever gave you that idea?" She asked with more than a hint of sarcasm.

"You're at my club, aren't you?" He watched her till she met his eyes again. "Why are you at my club, sweetheart?"

"I know you're expecting me to say something like 'Because you didn't call me', but I couldn't stand to do something that you'd expect, so that only leaves the truth." Caroline said slowly, buying time.

"And what is the truth?"

"Paid gig. Girl's gotta eat and pay the rent."

"Poor little rich girl." He cooed, and she narrowed her eyes at him. "I may only be a man, but I know the price of a Red Cross Event ticket. And how much a dress as extravagant as yours could cost." He grinned. "Though I am certainly not complaining. Red suits you very well, sweetheart."

"Says the devil." Caroline snapped back. "I might not know much, but I know a man with an unflatteringly big ego when I see one."

"Oh, how your words wound, sweetheart." He drawled sarcastically.

"You might have everyone on a string, but I can see who you really are." Caroline said heatedly, forgetting herself.

His eyes burned as they locked on hers. "What do you see, then?"

"I see a man who is pretending to be a gentleman when he's really a monster." She hissed. "I see a man with insecurities he's not willing to acknowledge, and I see a man who is hiding something for his own selfish reasons."

Caroline caught her breath, realizing just how close she was to accusing Klaus of kidnapping his own brother when she wasn't meant to know anything about him. "Thank you for this dance, Nik. Its been instructive." Caroline turned out of his arms before he could tighten his hold on her, and made her way back to the stage, slipping through the backstage door.

"Wow, Care." Elena murmured, Stefan frowning as the pair watched the scene unfold.

"I know." Caroline sighed. "Bonnie, where are you?"

"I'm fine." Bonnie's voice sounded in their ears, not answering the question. "I'll see you guys in a bit."

"Bonnie?" Elena asked again more urgently.

"I'm coming out to sit with you guys," Caroline said quickly. "I can't stand being separated right now, it makes me feel blind."

The blonde reappeared, glancing around to check that Klaus was no longer there.

"All clear, Care." Elena confirmed, and she walked over to their booth.

"Mind if I sit with you for a moment?" Caroline smiled brightly, acting for the time being.

"Not at all." Stefan said smoothly. "Great show."

"Love your singing." Elena added with a wink, properly complimenting her friend.

Caroline sighed, taking a gulp of Elena's drink.

"That's not water." She cautioned the blonde.

"I know." Caroline grimaced.

Bonnie took out her molar mike as elegantly as she could and switched it off for the time being before turning to the man she had bumped into in the hallway by one of the stage doors.

"What in hell are you doing here?" Bonnie hissed.

"Stefan let slip about his plans, and I thought I'd be some help if I tagged along." Damon explained, meeting Bonnie's fiery gaze with his own. "I wasn't about to let you walk into the lions den on your own now, was I?"

"Well we don't need your 'help'." She said, bending her fingers as quotation marks to emphasize her dislike. "Go home."

"Harsh words, Judgey." Damon teased, and she glared at him.

"Don't call me that. I've had enough of jackasses like you tonight."

"Trust me, there are no jackasses like me." He grinned, stepping in her way as she tried to leave. "I think I've got an idea that might help you. Are you still willing to do whatever it takes to get to this guy?"

"Whatever it takes." Bonnie agreed, her eyes narrowing with suspicion. "Why? He's got protection. And a club full of people to witness everything."

"You've got the power, you know you do." Damon encouraged. "You can break him."

"I think he knows, though." Bonnie shook her head. "He knows we're after him, Damon. And I get the feeling that he'd easily kill us."

Damon set his jaw. "No. Klaus does not get to win today, he won't be escaping this." Bonnie started to shake her head again, and he cupped her cheek, gently but firmly stopping the movement. "Trust me."

Bonnie's lips parted automatically with his touch, and she felt paralyzed by his electric blue eyes. She did the only thing she could do: Bonnie nodded.

"What's he doing here?" She said slowly, looking beyond Caroline's shoulder.

Caroline turned to see someone she never would have expected to see in a 1920s club such as this.

Tyler spotted her and grinned, making his way over to her. She stood up and walked briskly over to him.

"What are you doing here? Are you crazy?" She hissed.

"Maybe I am a little." Tyler said, grabbing Caroline's hand and spinning her under his arm a few times before drawing her close to dance. "I saw you with that guy earlier."

"You have no right to be jealous." She sniffed. "I thought I made it clear. We're through."

"I can't even be a little jealous when the guy is obviously macking all over you?" He rolled his eyes. "Well, I am jealous, but I'm also competitive. I'm going to sweep you off your feet."

And then, Tyler did just that, sweeping her up in his arms and spinning them as she laughed. The moment he set her back down, however, Caroline took a deep breath.

"No, Ty. No means no. We can't be together." She said firmly.

Tyler opened his mouth to speak, but another suave voice cut across whatever he was about to say.

"You don't mind if I cut in, do you?" Klaus stood before the pair.

Caroline turned and bit back a growl. Seriously? She didn't want to deal with either of them right now, but she had to finish off this conversation with Tyler.

"Yes, actually, we do." She snapped at Klaus.

"No, its fine." Tyler said, and Caroline turned to frown at him. He raised his eyebrows at her, and she somehow knew that though they might have this discussion later again, he was accepting her decision for the time being.

Tyler walked away through the crowd and Klaus drew closer to Caroline.

"Why do you have to prove you're the alpha male?" Caroline asked as he swung her into his arms again.

"I don't have to prove anything, love, I am the alpha male." Klaus replied silkily, and she rolled her eyes. "Though you should be nicer to me. I saved you from a very tedious conversation with that boy."

"What if I'd wanted to talk to him?" Caroline frowned.

"He still couldn't give you what I could." Klaus said, his eyes locking on hers.

Caroline scoffed. "Please, don't start that again. You're all talk and no action."

Klaus frowned, and she was pleased to see that she had managed to get under his skin. "You want to know why I didn't call you?"



"I couldn't care less." Caroline sniffed, glancing away.

"I'm leaving town tomorrow."

His words sent a panic through Caroline, and she couldn't tell if it was because of the mission or because of Klaus himself. Regardless, he had her full attention now.

"Understand now why I wouldn't call you, when I was leaving so soon?" Klaus raised his eyebrows. "I'd invite you to come with me, but we both know you're not ready to accept that offer. Besides, I'm 'all talk', as someone so readily stated." He smirked.

"Why should I even take up your offer at any time?" Caroline snapped. She hated all of his charming talk – because it got to her and made her feel things she didn't know she was capable of feeling.

Klaus chuckled at her feistiness. "You mark my words. One day you'll turn up at my door the same way that you did tonight, and let me show you what the world has to offer."

Caroline looked into his eyes and knew that he was right.

Klaus spun her out and kissed her gloved hand before disappearing into the crowd like he had some sort of supernatural speed.

Dazed and a little overwhelmed, Caroline made her way back to the stage, cursing herself for not getting more valid information out of him such as where he was going and why.

"Got all that, Bonnie?" Caroline muttered before she stepped up to the mike again.

"Loud and clear." Bonnie murmured back, her molar mike in place and switched on again. She made her way towards where Klaus had materialized at the bar.

"Ah," He sighed without looking up. "Come to try again, have we?"

"Are you always this rude?" Bonnie sassed.

"Only when I'd prefer to brood by myself." Klaus replied, swallowing half of his drink in one gulp.

"Shame. I'm one for brooding too. Maybe we could schedule in a time to brood together this week."

Klaus exhaled and looked at her with a smirk on his face. "I won't be here, though I'm sure you already know all about that."

Bonnie froze, and raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Not used to being the one without any knowledge?" Klaus shrugged. "You'll need to get used to it. I'm the only one with all the cards. I wouldn't let it bother you." He knocked back the last swallow of his scotch.

"Well it does bother me." Bonnie gritted. "You bother me."

Klaus placed a hand to his chest in mock pain at her words.

"I've heard plenty about you. You use people to get what you want and its not right." Bonnie said, just as Caroline's hushed voice whispered through her earpiece "Bonnie!". She glanced towards the blonde diva onstage, who was covering up her panic well with a smile as she kept singing the modern song.

"True, everyone thinks you're special, all I see is the devil behind blue eyes,"

Caroline stared at her friend with frightened, warning eyes.

"You're being emotional." Klaus dismissed.

"Or maybe she's just being rational." Damon's voice sounded from behind Bonnie and Klaus, and they both turned to face him.

"I'll have to talk to the doormen." Klaus said with narrow eyes. "I see they've started to open the doors to the riff raff now."

"Oh, honey, I've been called worse." Damon rolled his eyes, sending a sly wink in Bonnie's direction as she widened her eyes in an attempt to convey the basic message – What the hell are you doing?!

"Any reason why you are bothering us?" Klaus asked, and answered his own question instantly. "Oh, no, wait, don't tell me, you're playing the knight in shining armor role."

"When am I anything but?" Damon shrugged, but then shot Klaus a warning look. "Don't answer that." He drew closer and clapped Klaus on the shoulder in a brotherly way. "No, see, I'm here because this lovely lady is in need of your services. You understand the ones I'm talking about?"

Klaus glanced at Damon and Bonnie skeptically, and nodded.

"Naturally. Very well then, my office, five minutes." Klaus stalked off, leaving a very confused Bonnie with Damon. She took out the molar mike again before punching Damon in the shoulder, and she made sure to put some force behind it.

"Jesus, what was that for?" Damon yelped.

"I was doing fine without you." She hissed.

"Were not." He scoffed.

She didn't bother vocalizing an answer, letting her glare speak for her.

"Fine." Damon raised his hands in submission. "It doesn't matter anyway, its all set up."

"What did you mean when you were talking to Klaus about his services?" Bonnie asked. "You failed to mention that before."

Damon shook his head. "Don't worry about that. All you need to know is that he's now in his office and up for questioning. Go do your…witchy thing. Interrogate him. You know. Plan D."

Bonnie rolled her eyes at him. "Don't think this is over."

Damon grinned. "Ooh, I'm going to get punished. Look forward to it."

"You're disgusting." She shot at him.

"I know," He whispered back.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and left him by the bar, weaving her way though a few corridors till she came to Klaus' office. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Klaus was sitting behind the desk, only he held something in his hands that she wasn't expecting to see.

"What took you so long?" Klaus asked, twirling the knife expertly in his grasp. He had the nerve to chuckle at the look on Bonnie's face. "Oh, come now, you didn't really think that I had no idea who you were and what you were after." He tilted his head and exhaled, the good-tempered expression leaving his face. "Now leave my brother and I alone. Don't go poking around if you know what's good for you."

"I'm sorry to say that that's not an option." Bonnie retorted, strengthening her stance.

Klaus shrugged. "Very well then. Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Bonnie didn't hesitate, moving swiftly towards Klaus and kicking her leg in a roundhouse maneuver that sent his knife clattering to the floor. He didn't even flinch.

"The hard way. Got it."

Klaus suddenly flipped himself across the desk to land on his feet before Bonnie. He ducked in time to avoid her kick and knocked her back onto the desk, pinning her there with his arms.

"I'm stronger than you." He noted with a grin.

"Yeah?" Bonnie huffed. "Well I'm angrier." She slammed her head forward into his, stunning him for long enough to wrench her arms away from his grip and kick him backwards into the office chair opposite. Bonnie held him there with the heel of her shoe against his throat.

"Where is Elijah?" She said fiercely.

Klaus raised his eyebrows. "Why should I tell you?"

Bonnie took a moment to take her foot away from his neck and slam it down on his right wrist where it rested on the arm of the chair. Klaus groaned, and Bonnie placed her heel forcefully back against his throat.

"Where. Is. Elijah." She repeated.

Klaus suddenly gripped her leg with his left hand, twisting so that Bonnie lost her balance and stumbled. When she regained her balance, she was surprised to see that he hadn't moved, sitting calmly in the chair as if he owned the place – and he kinda did.

"Is that all you got?" He asked casually.

Bonnie gritted her teeth. "Lets find out."

"Caroline, this is code red." Elena muttered as she searched the crowd from where she sat with Stefan in the booth. "I don't know where Bonnie is. Or Klaus."

Caroline scanned the club from the stage, and subtly shook her head. She couldn't find the mark or Bonnie either.

"Lets move to Missing Angel." Elena listed the top maneuver to find a missing team member where all remaining Angels abandoned their roles until their Angel was found.

Caroline finished the last note of her song and made her way over to Gloria on the side of the stage. "I've got to make a trip to the ladies. Can you cover?"

"Sure thing, honey." Gloria said, but there was a look in her eyes that said that she knew more about what might be happening.

Caroline didn't have time to investigate when Bonnie was missing, so she filed it away for later and ran to meet Elena and Stefan in the corridor behind the stage.

"There you are." Elena grabbed Caroline and they started to run along the winding corridors with Stefan in tow behind them. They came to a sudden halt when Damon walked out in front of them.

"What are you doing?" Elena asked in surprise.

Caroline had seen him appear earlier and talk to Bonnie, so she wasn't as shocked. "Where's Bonnie?"

"She's doing what she has to do." Damon said cryptically.

"What?" Caroline's eyes widened, expecting the worst.

Stefan seemed to know what to expect, but he didn't agree with it. "Damnit, Damon, where is she?" He growled.

"She'll be okay, Stefan." Damon soothed, but Stefan pushed his brother out of the way and started running. The Angels followed him now.

"I know where she is, and I think she's in trouble." Stefan explained, turning in certain places to get to different hallways like he knew the place. Caroline started to slow down uncertainly as her mind filled with doubt against Stefan, but Elena pulled her along, and she knew that regardless of the trouble they might be running into, they had to save Bonnie.

Stefan stopped in front of an office door, trying the handle. It was locked.

Elena and Caroline caught up and looked through the glass window in the door.

Bonnie was in the middle of combat with Klaus. Elena instantly tried her weight against the door to no avail.

"We've got to get in there." Caroline reasoned, spying a window on the other side of the office. "I'll try and get to that window and then – " She cut off her own words with a gasp as Bonnie spied them through the door and gripped Klaus, launching them both out of the window Caroline had just been planning an attack around.

"Bonnie, no!" Elena cried out, slamming her entire body into the door repetitively to open it. The door finally swung open, and the Angels and Stefan raced into the room.

"What the hell did she think she was doing?" Caroline asked, running over to the window.

"She didn't want Klaus to see us, I think." Elena said slowly. "And if Klaus hurt himself in the fall we'd have an easier time taking him in for questioning."

"Yeah, but it was a stupid, reckless decision." Caroline frowned. Her eyes widened at the scene she saw out of the window. "Elena…"

"What?" Elena asked, peering out of the broken window herself and gasping.

Bonnie lay on the ground below them, sprawled out like a fallen angel. There was no sign of Klaus anywhere.

"I don't…I cant…how did he…" Caroline shook her head, climbing out the window and sliding down a drain pipe to get to Bonnie. Elena was too shocked to do more than fight back tears. Stefan wrapped his arms around her uncertainly, and she clung to him like he was her lifeline.

Caroline ran over to Bonnie, checking her body for any signs of life, a pulse, a breath…nothing.

"Elena, I can't find a pulse…Elena, what do I do…" Caroline started babbling to her fellow Angel who had tears streaming down her face in the two storey window above her. Damon appeared on the fire escape nearby, his eyes wide as he raced down the steps towards the two women.

"Call an ambulance, or something, anything." Caroline pleaded Damon as he came to crouch beside Bonnie.

"Its too late. I'm sorry." He murmured.

"No. No, no, no, it can't be too late." Elena cried, and Stefan held her tighter. Damon glanced up at his brother and then at Caroline.

"Stefan, get Elena out of here. You should go with them, Blondie."

She scowled, removing the molar mike from her mouth so Elena couldn't overhear. "Fat chance I am leaving her with you. I don't trust you for a second, Salvatore." She snapped back softly.

His eyes widened in surprise before they narrowed. "Fine. Just play along."

Caroline frowned. "What?"

Damon cut off her protest. "I'll deal with the body." He called up to Stefan.

"What do you mean deal with the body?" Elena growled, pulling against Stefans arms as if she would launch herself out the window just to pummel Damon. "This is Bonnie!"

"Take care of her while I clean this up." Damon continued insensitively.

"No, nononono!" Elena cried. Stefan murmured something to her soothingly and she relaxed slightly, before crumbling in his arms. He led her out of the office.

The moment they were gone from the window, Caroline punched Damon in the nose.

"OW!" He hissed. "What's that for?"

"If you had anything to do with this, and I know you did," Caroline growled. "I am going to murder you. I don't care. I'll do the jail time."

Damon rolled his eyes. "Urgh, all of you, so righteous." He rubbed his nose. "You sure do pack a punch though." Damon looked down at Bonnie's half-opened eyes and his face contorted into something akin to sadness. Caroline watched in fascination. She'd never seen so much emotion from the man.

He closed her eyes gently and lifted his head to look at Caroline.

"I'll explain everything later, but for now, for all intents and purposes, Bonnie is dead." He muttered so lowly Caroline almost didn't catch it. "Got that?"

She nodded.

"Okay," Damon carefully lifted Bonnie into his arms, cradling her head on his shoulder. "Lets go."

"Where are we going?" Caroline asked.

"The morgue." Damon answered darkly, raising his eyebrows at Caroline. She frowned, suddenly realizing the reason for his odd behavior. Klaus might still be around. That clearly had something to do with whatever this plan was. So she followed him, allowing a few tears that she had been holding back course down her cheeks.

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Songs mentioned (in order of appearance):

I Want To Be Bad – Helen Kane (fun fact: Betty Boop is rumored to be based on this lovely 1920s Jazz singer)

You Do Something To Me – Sinead O'Connor (in 3x20 of TVD)

St James Infirmary Blues – Louis Armstrong (or sung by Gloria in 3x03)

Eternal Flame – The Bangles (or sung by Caroline/Candice Accola in 2x16)

The Man I Love – Helen Forrest (in 3x20 of TVD)

Sweet Jealousy – Candice Accola (!)

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