(First of all this is the first fanfic I've ever written, so don't judge me lol. So we'll see how it goes. I'm new to this whole thing so I don't know if I have to post that of course I don't own supernatural, no matter how much I wish I did because then I could be their god and make them do whatever I wanted, mouhaha. Ok. So there ya go. Obviously this is an AU as you will tell because Lucifer is out of his cage in 2013.)

~ May 16 2013

This is probably going to be my last entry for quite a while- Things are starting to become... Risky. Possibly even more so than before. It has come to my conclusion that I can't avoid it any longer. I have no choice now, I have to find them. My brothers. They're out there somewhere, fighting in a paranormal world that regular people don't even know exist.

Sam and Dean... I don't know if they even know who I am. John certainly made it a point to tell me that going to them, no matter what the circumstances, was not an option. And I agreed to it, for the most part. After all, I'm twenty two now, and haven't even considered going to them for help. But I've simply run out of options. Everyone I know and trusted is dead. The fellow Hunters that John Winchester, aka my Father, told me about are gone. They're being picked off one by one and I have no idea why.

This isn't exactly the way I wanted things to go down. The last thing I want to do is endanger the lives of the only family members I have left in the world, but- What else am I supposed to do? He is after me, and I have no idea why. Yeah, maybe I am the long lost daughter of John Winchester, maybe I do have two brothers that are also Hunters and base their lives on killing the supernatural, but what reason would he have to want me? Yes, maybe I am a hunter as well, but a very low grade hunter. I steer clear of any jobs that even remotely smell like demons. Why? Because John told me to. And, since he was my Dad, I guess I feel that I have to honor that request- No matter how stupid I think it might be.

But, as I said- This is going to be my last entry for a while. I'm placing this journal in a safe deposit box in Detroit Michigan, with strict instructions to the only person I trust now, Bobby Singer- That in the event of my death, or if he finally gets me, it will be given to my only surviving relatives. My brothers. In the mean time, I'm going to try my best to get to them because, seriously, I have no other choice. I can only hope that Sam and Dean actually accept me, or even believe me. Who knows, they might think I'm full of shit. After all, a stranger suddenly popping out of the woodwork announcing that they're a sibling... Yeah... I wouldn't be inclined to believe that person either. So, we'll see how it goes. Along with my personal journal is a manila envelope of our Fathers. It hasn't been opened since the day he gave it to me, as so requested by him. What's inside, I have no frickin clue. He told me to keep it safe and that's what I've done, and to only open it, ONLY on the day that we realize there's no way out.

Whatever the hell that means. Nice job, John- Confusing us with riddles. Being Hunters, we live everyday thinking we might not have a way out of the shit-pile we call our lives. Next time, Daddy dearest- Try being more specific.

So yeah, that's it. Hopefully I can get to my brothers in time. If not, I'm dead, or... Worst case scenario... He has me.

Signed, Lara Winchester ~

I slammed the journal shut, clasping it with a frayed piece of twine that had seen one too many days, the leather covering was faded and cracked- My Fathers initials, J.W, just barely noticeable in the bottom right corner. He had given it to me before he died, a journal that he intended to use- But never had. So I took the liberty of filling it with somewhat drunken entries, or simply using it to jot down the mounds of crap I had to live through everyday. It was my only way of somehow letting my brothers know that I actually existed, that is- If I died before meeting them face to face.

After finishing with the journal, and the envelope which I took a long look at- I finally lied them in the safe deposit box.

Of course I wanted to open the envelope. There was something noticeably thick inside of it, possibly a book- But I resisted the curiosity. I had succeeded in honoring Johns wishes thus far, I wasn't about to go and screw that up now no matter how badly I wanted to know what he hid in there. Besides, maybe one day I could actually open it. Something told me that I would be returning to that bank sooner rather than later.

I filled out the necessary paperwork, using the alias Regina Banks. Fake SS number, drivers license , the whole works. I wasn't stupid- John had told me everything I needed to know when I was just a kid on how to survive in this world. No, it wasn't exactly the most honorable lifestyle, what with identity theft and what not, but it was needed. I had been fleeing for my life ever since John died, and before that, had been schooled as much as possible by other Hunters. I had the drill down pat- No I might not have been hunting as long as my brothers, or anyone else for that matter- But seeing is that I was still alive, and being a female, only twenty two, I figured that was a big accomplishment.

There was a part of me that very much so didn't want to leave that envelope in the lock-box, but I figured it would be the safest place for it. First thoughts were to take it to Bobby, have him hide it somewhere, but I changed my mind. John had told me that no one was to know of its existence, not even his closest allies. So, there went that idea. Locking it away in a bank was the next best thing I suppose. With that in mind, I made sure to keep my eye on the well dressed woman that locked it in its slot, afterwards she handed me the key.

"There you go, Miss Banks, is there anything else we can do for you today?"

"That's all." I shoved the key in my jeans pocket for now. "You have my number if there are any problems."

She gave me an odd look after that. It was obvious by the two small contents in that box they more then likely weren't something extremely valuable- So of course she was curious as to why I was so damned protective over them. In order to avoid her questionable expression, I quickly entered the main lobby of the bank and took out my cell, scrolling through the names listed there until coming to the one man who could tell me where the hell my brothers were.

Bobby Singer.

I hit the call button and waited as it rang once, twice and finally three times before he picked up.

"Yeah?" Was the gruff voice on the other end.

"Bobby, it's Lara." I said, exiting into the busy street.

"Lara, damn- I haven't heard from you in..."

"Yeah, we'll have to skip the usual sentiments right now, man. I need to know where Sam and Dean are."

There was silence on the other end for nearly thirty seconds.

"Why do you need to know, Lara? What sort of trouble are you in?"

"I can't talk about that right now. Do you know where they're at?"

He grumbled something under his breath.

"Last I heard those idgets were in Lafayette Indiana, dealing with some sort of demon infestation."

Now I was the one to grumble, only it was curses. Just my luck, it had to be demons.

"If it's an infestation why aren't you there helping them out?"

"Let's just say they have all the backup they need. Listen, Lara- You know just as well as I do that your Dad made it clear to stay away from those boys, why do you wanna find them?"

"I said I can't talk about it right now."

He went silent for the second time as I made my way back to my car, a black 68 mustang convertible. Gift from my grandparents, what can I say?

"Why don't you head on down here, Lara. We can talk this out." He finally said.

"Can't." I jumped in my car and slammed the door. "First I need to find Sam and Dean. Can you give me the specifics of their job right now?"

"Damn, you're just as stubborn as them. All I know is that Lafayette was practically lit up like a neon sign with demon omens. They went to check it out, had something to do with an old factory."

"Which factory?" Already I was tapping on my i-pad and googling everything I needed to know about Lafayette Indiana.

At first glance, there was nothing really spectacular about this city. Nothing that, in my opinion, would gather the attention of a hoard of demons anyways.

"An old tire factory by the looks of it. Closed down about two years ago. It's mainly just used for storage now." He answered.

"What would demons want with an old tire factory?"

"Ain't sure. Last I heard from Dean, he thought they were using it as a nest of some sort."

"A nest? They aren't vampires, what the hell?"

"Things are getting sticky. They need a place to hide out. More and more hunters, among other... People- Are sniffing them out."

Obviously I noticed his emphasis on the word "people". For the moment I didn't know what he meant by that, and for the moment, didn't care.

"When was the last you spoke to them?" I asked now.


I started up my car and pulled out of the parking lot, already with the GPS set to guide me to Indiana.

"Lara, is there any way I can convince you to wait this out. Ok, if you insist on seeing your Brothers, fine- But can't ya just wait until they're through with this job?"

"I don't have the luxury of choosing anymore, Bobby. I'm sure I'll explain it to you later, but right now- I need to find them."

He cursed again quietly.

"Are you in danger?"

"When have I not been in danger is the better question."

"But, is it different this time? That's a stupid question, obviously it is if you're actually going to find Sam and Dean."

"I'll explain later, Bobby. If you hear anything from them can you at least call me and let me know?"

He sighed deeply, and I just knew he was shaking his head at an empty room.

"I'll let ya know."

"Thanks, talk to you soon."

After the call ended I tossed my phone to the seat beside me and settled in for a long drive