Chapter 1

It was an average day in the city of Townsville, unless you ignore a giant robot being piloted by a green talking monkey. "FOOLS!", exclaimed the green monkey. " For it is I , Mojo Jojo! You puny humans will suffer, beg for mercy, and cry like babies under my domical rule!" as to get his point across Mojo shot a laser cannon at the local high school, Pokey Oaks High, where are certain hero is about to arise…


"Zane Treces will you please explain to my why your science report is only half a page long?" , asked . Cleary from his annoyed expression this had probably happened often in his class. "IN FACT….", Mr. Frauo started to rise his voice getting angry with each word…. "THIS IS THE WORST REPORT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!" Mr. Frauo yelled. A few classmates behind Zane snickered. He would have to make his way back home undetected by his teacher, again. Zane sighed it's not like he was the only one who made terrible reports in this class. About 96% of the students in this class handed in messy or horrible reports, the other 3% didn't even think about doing it, and the only person that actually did it right was Dexter, Boy genius, or so he called himself. "But why just pick on me?" Zane wondered, as his teacher kept going all ballistic on him that Zane noticed a large robot shooting lasers at the school. "Uh, Mr. Frauo you do see that laser heading straight towards us right?" Mr. Frauo's eyes opened wide as he saw the laser beam heading towards them. One minute he was there the next he was running down the hall screaming, "That's the fifth time this week since my life was in danger at this school because of super villains, I quit!", as the now former science teacher ran down the hall Zane thought, " Oh well he wasn't much of a cool science teacher anyway" with that all the students in the class and the school screaming until one of them shouted, "look it's the PowerPuff girls!", after that comment most students started to say:

"We're saved!"

"Kick some monkey butt!"

"We love you buttercup!"

The PowerPuff girls, crime fighting girls made in a lab with Blah, Blah, Blah, science stuff that Zane could care less about. But he made a mental note of what professor Utonium, the Father and creator of the PowerPuff girls used when he was little and had a huge crush on Blossom, Leader of the PowerPuff girls. He had wanted to make it look like it seem like he was into science and creating things. But when she had been rumored to go out with Dexter, Zane gave up on that hope. Anyway while everyone was watching the PowerPuff girls beating the crud out of Mojo, Zane took this as an opportunity to sneak back to his house, which was only 5 blocks from the Powerpuff Girls house. But as he was heading home he couldn't help noticing one of the help wanted posters on some of the buildings. As he read one of them he thought it wouldn't be too bad to volunteer on one of Dexter's new projects it would make him a few extra bucks to buy something. On the other hand Dex wouldn't be using flyers unless his test subjects refused to test it. It was Life threatening, dangerous, and crazy! This is exactly the thing Zane liked. So he wrote a note to his mom saying that he was doing extra credit for science, which was kind of true. He left the note on the porch of his house and headed out to Dex Labs unaware of the danger he was getting into….

End of chapter 1

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