Normal Speech- "hello"

Normal Thoughts-'oh dear'

Jutsu/Demonic Speech-"Be gone"

Demonic Thoughts-'Destruction'

Aah hello everyone. Those who have read this will or may know that this story hasn't changed. It's the same one except the chapters have been merged together so there isn't a strange alignment between them, for example the 3000 word mid chapter then the larger 10,000 wird chapter after that. It's been sorted around to be one big story. Thanks, I'll let ya read this now.


Ten thousand years ago: Destruction….that was all there was no matter where you looked, craters, twisters, lightning…every other kind of destructive force was making itself known on this fateful day.

In the middle of all this, stood a single man glaring with a pair of pale purple eyes with a ripple pattern at a pure black entity with ten swishing tails tearing at the earth while one completely identical eye glared back at him.

The man grit his teeth and clenched his fist, "Your time has come you monster! Today you will pay for all the suffering that you have brought onto all of the innocent lives for the past years!" the beast just looked at the man with no emotion before it slowly lifted up its colossal hand before smashing its hand onto the ground where the man once stood.

The second its hand struck the ground a series of fissures could be seen spreading into several directions. The beast kept its hand there before it dragged its hand back to its person looking for the remains of its victim; only to find nothing…not even a drop of blood could be found on the floor or its hand. It growled in confusion before a large stone spike struck its hind leg.

The monster screeched in pain before it grabbed the spike and crushed it into dust before looking for the culprit of its slight distress before finding its hand being dragged before it slowly found itself being lifted into the air and being twisted and landing painfully on its back. The creature's eye was darted in many different directions before it landed on the exact same man that threatened it just a while ago.

"I told you I was going to end this suffering, and I meant it do not underestimate me you freak of nature!" The beast gave a slightly distorted roar before smacking the man into the air with one of its tails while shooting a pure black energy blast at him from its mouth. The man slowly coming back to his senses widened his eyes in shock at the incoming attack before he visibly calmed and raised his hands towards the energy blast. The man roared in anger before he started to absorb the attack until he stabilized a small compressed ball before shooting it back at the creature.

Before the ball could strike the creature's torso it was ferociously batted away with its hand before it exploded into a black mushroom cloud a large distance away. The monster slammed its tails into the ground before picking up a large amount of earth which was twice its size. The large chunk of earth was dislodged from the ground and was held steadily over its head while a large stream of magma erupted from the large hole.

The mass was then shoved into the raging inferno before it was thrown towards the lone man. He growled and called upon his powers yet again, he put his hands out in front of him again then sent a blast of pure gravity and the ball of flames. It seemed to slow it down slightly before it started to push back, the force was too much for him to handle and it started to shoot forward yet again and into the man's waiting hands.

The magma ball started to push the man back while he was grunting in pain while trying to keep it in place 'grr I cannot keep this up much longer, it's started to burn my flesh… if I don't think of something fast I'll become charcoal'. The entity started to form another black ball but this time a lot larger, it took a little longer to charge up but it was soon sent hurtling towards the heated ball. The ball impacted and caused a massive explosion which could've been seen from space.

What was left was an incredibly large crater with the man on his hands and knees with a scowl while the beast kept its single eye on his person. The man shakily got up onto his feet and put his hands into a praying position 'I may have not perfected this yet but I have to try' the man's energy level spiked tremendously before a black light erupted from his stomach which had the same potency as the monster which made it snarl in anger.

The man gave a pained smirk before he started to from a greyish ball of pure power, "let's see how you like your very own attack used against you!" the man compressed the ball until it was at a size that fit into his fist. He grabbed the ball and made a mad dash towards the black creature. 'If I can time this just right…' he started to zigzag in different directions while the giant eye was darting left to right while it brought its tails up.

The man suddenly stopped which made the creature jump at the opportunity. It connected all of its tails together and drilled it for the man's position. Time seemed to slow as the tail was about to slam on his head. The man smirked then jumped up high just in time as the tails slammed into the flesh of the earth. The monster growled in frustration as it tails got lodged into the ground while the man quickly ran towards its eye. The man then thrust his hand forward; towards its eye 'I can strike its weak point!' the man then slammed the black ball into its eye which caused an other worldly screech was heard from all over the world.

The man gave one more roar of anger before the ball exploded into the creatures purple eye which made blood splatter in separate directions. The man smirked in happiness which quickly turned to a horror struck one as a claw was seen slashing its way into his stomach. The man gasped in pain while a stream of blood leaked out of his stomach.

The man surprisingly had a content face while he saw the beast writhing in agony. He slowly took the claw out of his stomach, despite the pain he kept smiling. "You really are powerful…to survive an attack right in your weakest point with an attack that has destroyed half of this world….but...this is where it all ends!" the man then called upon his powers once more as a small sphere of pure gravity was flung into the air.

Large chunks of earth started to lift from the ground and collide with the sphere. More and more chunks of earth kept collecting while the injured beast slowly started to be lifted up with them. The beast then slammed into the center while the large mass of rocks and stone slowly started to cover it form sight. "I may be dying but…. I can finish this…its my duty as the Rikudō Sennin….JUUBI NO SHUTAI….YOU WILL BE SEALED INTO WHAT WILL SOON BECOME THE WORLD'S MOON! YOU WILL REMAIN TRAPPED UNTIL THE AGE OF SHINOBI ENDS!YOU WILL BE SEALED INTO A CHILD WHO WILL BE THE ONE TO BRING THE POWER OF THE SHINOBI BACK! FOR NOW…ENJOY YOUR VACATION FROM MANKIND!" the beast was soon sealed and shot out of the earth's atmosphere until it slowly came to a stop and hovered just above the planet. The man fell to his knees in exhaustion, he chuckled before he used the last ounce of power he had in him to eject all of the chakra he had taken from the beast and spread it all over the world for the people to discover before he fell forward and died in the middle of the destruction, completely oblivious of the pain his future successor will go through.


Ten thousand years later:

"Look, there's that boy"

"Have you seen that freak?!"

"Don't you go near that boy!"

"Have you seen those eyes?"

These were the comments that were being thrown as dark clouds formed over the city of Tokyo, rain started to pour from the clouds as some the civilians were seen running inside stores and homes, some simply put their umbrellas up or had covered their children from the falling liquid…except one lone boy.

The boy looked only eight years old. He normally had a slight tan, but the colour of his complexion during this time was deathly pale. He stood at a simple "3ft 4" while trudging on the wet floor. He wore a torn black shirt with tattered grey shorts with bare feet, on his head was a black conical straw hat was planted on his head which pushed his spiky blonde hair down to cover his eyes from the view of others.

If one looked carefully you would've seen the tears that were streaming down his pale face 'why do they treat me like this?' this thought had been bouncing around in his little head for the past five years when he was thrown out of his local orphanage and was forced to live on the streets as nobody else would take him in.

His tiny feet stepped into a puddle and sent a small splash onto the nearby road as he kept his lifeless trudge forward. 'just because my eyes look different to everyone else's' a car came racing by and sent a tidal wave over his frame causing ice cold water to cover his person. The boy looked into a puddle near him and looked into it to see two pale purple eyes with a ripple pattern looking back at him; the boy winced and quickly looked away then turned round a corner.

Out of the boy's range of sight was a shadowed figure looking at him 'poor kid, he's had no luck what so ever…I can't do anything yet I could do more harm than good' the figure scratched its chest then disappeared into a tower of fire.


The boy kept walking until he saw a nearby market…he was about to walk away before he heard his stomach growl quietly, sighing the boy put his body to work and begun skulking around. 'I have no other choice it's either starve to death or survive until you can defend yourself' the boy amazingly had been able to keep hidden until he stopped underneath a fruit stand and hid under the curtain of the stand while an overweight old man waiting for a customer.

The boy watched the man's feet carefully as they were facing forward 'I have to time this right so I can remain undetected and get outta here quickly.' He kept his eyes on his feet before deciding to cause a distraction to speed up the process. Looking around he spotted a rat that was nestled in the corner, thinking quickly he threw the rat towards the man's feet which caused him to yell in surprise before stamping at the rodent.

Taking the opportunity the boy jumped up and took two large apples from the display before going back to his hiding spot. The boy put the two of the apples in his pockets then shuffled out of the stand curtain, then ran as fast as he could while trying to remain undetected.

The boy sighed in relief and walked calmly away from the stand with a smirk on his face before he bumped into someone's leg, he looked up to see the furious face of the old man "well well well…look what we have here, that was a crafty trick you pulled there brat now I want those apples back!" the boy stepped two steps back before stuttering "I-I don't know w-w-what you're talking about" the man growled before grabbing him by the scruff of his shirt "don't you dare lie to me you filthy boy!" the man then grabbed the boy's hat and yanked it off while shouting "let me see your pathetic face so I know what you'll look like when I'm done with ya!"

The child looked up to the man's face and gasped quietly as he saw the face turn from anger to fear, the man dropped the young blonde before stumbling back in horror "y-y-your th-that cursed boy?!" the 'cursed' boy then stood up and looked at the man with confusion "what's up with you?" the man just stumbled to the side a small scowl appeared on his face "just keep whatever you've taken, I don't want it! I can't sell cursed goods to my paying customers!"

The old man then stomped back to his stand while naruto stood in his spot while rain poured down onto his head. Sighing quietly, the boy picked up his straw hat and placed back on his head before walking away from the busy market street.


In a more quiet part of Tokyo stood a pleasant street that had beautiful looking houses from left to right with lush green bushes and trees on each street. In the middle of the street stood an inn known as Izumo inn. A beautiful young woman was found walking into the building with a pleasant yet pained expression on her face. She was a slender yet shapely woman with fair-skin and brown eyes. She has waist-length purple hair with shorter bangs in a hime-style. She wears the traditional attire of a miko that consists out of a purple hakama, a white haori with a sash-like belt, wooden sandals and a white ribbon to partially hold her hair in place.

She walked in and sighed sadly while one simple thought went through her head 'Takehito' she then took her shoes of at the mat and put on her slippers before walking into the living room and sitting down with a saddened look on her face. She was so into her thoughts that she didn't notice the figure walk in, "Miya-sama?" she looked up in slight surprise to see a young man looking at her with concern. He had silver shoulder length hair while wearing a white buttoned up long sleeved shirt and long black pants to complete his ensemble.

Miya gave the man a forced smile before answering "hello Kagari, is everything ok?" the man now known as Kagari nodded hesitantly before sitting down opposite her, "I can't complain really but that isn't what I was here for" Miya cocked her head to the side in confusion which made Kagari sigh "what I was here was to see how you were holding up recently…ever since his death you've been a lot more depressed recently-"Miya held her hand up with a frown "I can ensure you Kagari that I am fine, yes takehito's death does pain me…I will eventually be able to cope."

Kagari was just about to say something else before she gave him a look which gave him a silent message, sighing he stood up "I'll see you later Miya-sama I have to go to my job don't bother making anything for me as I will eat out" Miya nodded as she watched him leave the room before sighing in sadness as a single tear fell from her eye.


The small young boy was now found walking down an alleyway oblivious to sounds of drunken slurs.

"Did you jus shee thut cursssed boi den?

"Yeah he *hic* jus wents down dat alley!"

"Heyyy hows bout we go find him!?"


The boy started to hear the sounds of footsteps and started to walk faster, the sounds got louder which caused a pang of fear to go through his little head. The boy could hear the shouts and jeers clearly now which started to worry him so he started to run.

The men then shouted in anger and raced towards the boy. He started to speed up while the men behind did the same. The boy started to run full speed into the nearest corner to try and get some distance between the shouts; he kept running and running until horror struck his face. 'Oh no! Please no! A dead end?!' the boy looked behind him with fear in his face as three drunken men were seen slowly walking towards while chuckling darkly.

The boy tried to find a corner and curled up into a tight ball to try to keep them away, but to no avail. The nearest one grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into a wall. The next picked up an empty bottle and smashed into his face which caused his mouth to fill with blood. The next stomped on his back before throwing a brick at him.

This cycle of pain was continued over and over for at least on hour until one put an end to his pain and hit in his head one more time which caused him to embrace unconsciousness. "Oh yeah that felt good!" the three men walked away high fiving each other and laughing while leaving the boy to bleed out, but if they were to stay a little longer they would've seen a black energy covering his wounds closing them shut at an immaculate rate.

Drip…Drip, the boy woke up to surprisingly feel no pain but that wasn't what was confusing him was the cave that he was in 'how did I get here? Last thing I remember was being in the city' the boy stood up and started walking forward. The boy kept walking until he heard a whisper "Follow my voice little one" the boy looked to right and then to the left before shrugging "ok I have nothing better to do" the boy followed to where he last heard an echo then followed the next voice.

He kept walking through all the different tunnels, through all the twists and turns before he reached on opening into an even larger cave. In the centre was a large lake which was surrounded by stalagmites that were on the verge of connecting with stalactites. "Come to the front of the lake" the boy nodded and walked around the lake until he was in the front. "Now walk forward 5 paces forward then take 3 paces back" the boy nodded then walked forward then slowly walked back, the boy was confused about the strange request before hearing something chuckle.

"Hehheh, ok now hop on one leg" the boy tilted his head to the side but did as he asked "stop!" he did as he was told while keeping a straight face, which only made the chuckling started to get even louder. "ok ok…now put your hands on your head jump up and down then say you're an idiot!" the boy put his hands on his head "ok?" he then started to jump up and down in circles "I'm an idi-hey!" this time the chuckling turn into bellowing laughter. "Hahahahahaha, I can't believe you were actually about to say it oh Kami I haven't laughed like that in years"

The boy just stomped his foot and pouted which only served more to the thing's humour "DEAR KAMI YOUR ACTUALLY POUTING HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!" A scowl soon appeared on the boy's face while it turned red in anger "hey whoever you are show yourself now! I have enough problems without you laughing at me!" the voice soon started to calm down after the boy's outburst even though a chuckle could still be heard.

"Ok, I'm sorry…sheesh your touchy just keep walking forward you'll find me" the little boy huffed but nodded and started walking forward deeper into the cave. He kept walking until he was in front of many large bars which seemed like they were keeping something at bay. But the thing that slightly scared the boy was the thing behind the bars, it was a huge pale eye with the same rippled pattern in it that the boy had.

Connected to the eye was a cyclops-like humanoid with a conch shell-like upper body with long, spiked-like protrusions on its back. Its single eye, taking up most of its head, has four concentric circles while a pale purple iris completed the appearance. Its skin was a pale purple with black streaks going around its body like veins. The very beast was a titanic 250ft high. The height of the beast wasn't the thing that scared this boy, it was knowing that he could be crushed easily by this things fingernail.

"Hmhm, I used to get that reaction a lot" the boy nodded before falling onto his backside in amazement "ok…wh-wh-what are y-you?" the beast just huffed in annoyance "ten thousand years later and I was forgotten about after only 500 hundred years…forgetful ningens" whatever the boy was about to say next was quickly silenced as it started to mumble a few more things incoherently. This continued on for ten minutes before the boy sighed in annoyance "Hey If you don't mind I'd like to know who or what you are today please!"

This outburst quickly snapped the creature from its thoughts "huh? Oh yeah…you…ok for introductions I am the all mighty Juubi no Shutai of the now extinct elemental nations! And you are if I may ask my fine fellow?" asked the Juubi in a surprisingly masculine and calm British accent, the boy looked at the Juubi in confusion before deciding to answer "m-my name is…Naruto…now can you tell me where we are and why you're in a cage? "The Juubi chuckled before sitting up on its hind legs and sighed "charmed…now for your first question you are inside of your mindscape this is where-"Juubi was quickly interrupted by the panicking boy "whoa whoa whoa…so I'm actually inside of my mind and you've been here all this time?!" The mass of chakra simply waved his outburst off before continuing "yes yes, so it would seem please I'm not used to being interrupted…as I was saying your mindscape is a place that not many people can reach, now as for why I'm in here."

Juubi then patted the spot next to it…naruto looked at it incredulously before cautiously walking towards it and sat down as the beast did the same. "Ok when I start my story you do not interrupt me until I've finished ok?" Naruto simply nodded edging the Juubi to continue.

"Thank you…now I was created around ten thousand years ago…I was born through all the hate and negative emotions mankind kept harbouring back then…at first I was nothing but a mindless beast that simply destroyed whatever was in my way. Heh I used to have a huge ego since nobody would or could stand up against me. I was happy to destroy whatever mankind made, every time they thought I was gone they would rebuild and I would come back to destroy it all. This cycle kept going on for a few hundred years until I thought I'd experiment a little, so I found a new-born child and sent a tinsy winsy bit of my power into him I didn't think anything would amount to this really…but I was wrong, are you with me so far?"

Juubi looked at the young blonde who nodded in wonder so it gave him the notice to carry on with his story "ok then…well as I said that sent some power into a baby, this erupted into something new as he was the very first one to awaken a now ancient power known as chakra before you ask I'll teach you about that in just a moment. Now…when I gave him some power he received the very eye I have known as the rinnegan or 'the transmigration eye' which is what you have as well. Anyway after 20 years of his birth, he had called himself the Rikudō Sennin since he had gained some power from the gods themselves…filled with confidence he confronted me when I was in one of my anger filled attacks…he promised to stop the suffering I have caused and well me being me I fought with him…I lost and was sealed into what you call the moon until the age of shinobi had gone…I was inside of the moon for ten thousand years and this gave me a great opportunity to think and watch over the planet. I would've gotten out a lot faster if kami herself hadn't put me in check 'bully' anyway she told me when the perfect heir had been found for him I would be forcibly sealed into a child and was to guide him to bring back the age of the once proud shinobi. Now do you have any questions?

Naruto was keeping his eyes on the floor while he looked deep in thought, a quick nudge woke him back up "ok I have a question…do you know who my parents may have been? You said that you've had a lot of time to watch haven't you?" Juubi looked at the hopeful look on Naruto's face and sighed…he placed a hand near naruto in a way to comfort him without crushing him "I'm sorry little guy but…I have only been able to learn how the world has changed from my time... I cannot look at people's lives individually"

This news seemed to crush Naruto's hopes as tears could be seen coming from his eyes. Juubi's eye softened at the pathetic look at the child "dry those tears child…I'm sure whoever your parents were loved you even before you came into this world." The little boy nodded and rubbed his eyes while smiling slightly at the cyclops "thanks…that means a lot to me" Juubi chuckled heartily "my pleasure my dear boy…anyway I think it's time you learnt about chakra…if you want to live in this world you will need to have some tricks up your sleeve." Naruto looked at the Juubi with confused eyes "you're actually gonna teach me how to use this stuff?" the cyclops laughed heartily "of course…despite my new personality I will not tolerate a weak container…no offence since have ok stealth to get you through up till now, but you'll need to be able to fight back if someone attacks you again. But first I have to ask you this…do you want to be trained by me?"

Naruto went into deep thought 'there's that boy…freak…Don't you go near that cursed boy...that's all I've been known as for the past two years…if I want respect I'll have to work for it' Naruto stood up and gave the cyclops a determined look with a smirk "I'll do it…Juubi no Shutai please take me in as your student!" the cyclops nodded then held his fist in front of him "lets bump fist as a symbol of our relationship as master and student" The blonde gave a nod then punched the giants fist.

"Ok then let me tell you about chakra…chakra is a form of spiritual and physical energy which was used to perform jutsu like ninjutsu genjutsu or taijutsu…Ninjutsu is when a shinobi relies on chakra and hand seals to be effective. The hands are put in sequential positions that mould and manipulate chakra in the necessary manner to perform a technique. This is not always needed, however, and some techniques become second nature to experienced ninja, after which they can perform them at will. Additionally, there is the kind of technique that can be classified as a basic or advanced elemental technique, the basic type are techniques with specific elements…either wind, water, fire, earth, or lightning the advanced type combine two or three of the basics elements and creates a new one. There are twelve handseals you will need to learn let me show you: dog,snake,rat,bird,rabbit,ram,tiger,dragon,boar,horse,monkey and ox."

Unknown to Naruto he will be able to remember the seals perfectly due to his rinnegan. "Now…Genjutsu, they are techniques that are employed in the same fashion as ninjutsu, requiring chakra and hand seals. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effects of genjutsu are illusory; instead of attacking the victim's body, like taijutsu or ninjutsu, genjutsu techniques manipulate the flow of chakra in the victim's brain, thus causing a disruption in their senses. So basically you can make people see things that aren't actually there."

Naruto nodded in understanding while he was almost bouncing up and down in excitement "ok what's taijutsu Juubi-Sense!?"Chuckling the giant sat into the lotus position while looking the boy straight in the eye "Taijutsu is a basic form of techniques and refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimisation of natural human abilities. Taijutsu is executed by directly accessing the user's physical and mental energies, relying on the stamina and strength gained through training. It typically does not require chakra, though chakra may be used to enhance its techniques. Taijutsu generally requires no hand seals to perform, occasionally making use of certain stances or poses, and are far quicker to use than ninjutsu or genjutsu. Taijutsu is simply put: hand-to-hand combat."

Naruto nodded while looking at the giant "ok then…so I will be learning how to use the abilities of the ancient shinobi?" he received a simple nod which made him smile until the area started to blur "wh-what's happening?" Juubi shrugged nonchalantly "ah your just waking up I'll keep a mental link with ya if you need anything don't want people to think you're crazy…we'll start your training tomorrow for now find a place to rest. Naruto nodded then everything went dark.


The young boy woke up in the same alleyway he was attacked, with a tired sigh he stood up 'now where should I go?' "Try going north Naruto" The boy jumped in shock before looking around frantically "who's there?" all he heard was a sigh of annoyance "are you stupid or something? I just told you to say you're thoughts in your head or you'll be seen as insane."

Reason returning to the young boy made him bonk his head in shame 'sorry Juubi I forgot I had you in there…so I should go north?" The boy got a simple yup so shrugged and picked up his hat before starting his trip up north.


Naruto walked out of the corner and turned left and up the street to try and find a suitable place to stay for the night with a new found confidence but still felt a little sad, 'I may have you now Juubi but I don't know what it's like to actually have friends or a family' Juubi sighed softly "I know kid but try to keep it out of your head for a while or you will never find happiness" Naruto mentally nodded and sighed sadly 'sure thing Juubi'.

Naruto had been walking for several hours now and was beginning to tire, he had kept his head down all the way as people kept saying things and glaring at him but he didn't want to see their hate filled faces. For the first time in ages he looked up turned his head from side to side to find out that he was near a more rough looking neighbourhood to the right while a nicer one was on the left. 'The ones in the nice area will try to run me out so I better try my luck in the other way.

Naruto walked to the right and saw the many types of social outcasts…the drug addicts sent a sad stare to him while the diseased ones gave the boy a look of understanding. The blonde kept walking until he saw a building that looked a little bit like a bar or a tavern 'I could try over there since the people in the slums don't mind if I turn up for something'

Nodding to himself he walked over to the building and slowly walked in, this caused all the heads to turn to the boy's embarrassed face. One of the waitresses giggled "oh leave the little cutie alone…he's that poor kid with the eye curse" this made all the men and women give an 'aww' sound before returning to their business. Naruto gulped and walked towards the bar and sat next to a well-endowed woman who was wearing a very short purple Chinese dress which showed her cleavage and belly button while her dark purple hair was tied into a ponytail.

She was drinking some sake from a bottle before looking at the young boy who sat down in an uncomfortable position, "excuse me sir can I get some water please?" the bartender gave a nod before going to get the child a drink. The blonde sighed before taking his hat off and ruffled his spiky mop of hair. The woman giggled at his tired face but looked shocked at his eyes 'so this is the kid that's supposed to be cursed? I can't see anything wrong with him…heehee he's kinda cute'

Naruto just kept his head down until he felt someone's eyes on him, he looked to his right to see the woman looking at him with a smile "hey sweetie you have a name?" Naruto looked at her with wonder 'what she talking to me for?' not wanting to be rude he gave her a small smile "m-my name is N-naruto…who are miss?" the woman giggled at him again "Naruto…isn't that a cute name, my name is Kazehana" Naruto smiled a little wider feeling more comfortable "what are you doing here miss Kazehana?" the woman now known as Kazehana just giggled again causing naruto to blush a little "I'm just here for a harmless drink…what about kid aren't your parents wondering where you are?" Naruto gave a sad smile before nodding to the bartender who gave him a glass of water "I've been on my own for my entire life I don't know who my parents were and never will" Kazehana gave the young boy a sympathetic look before giving him a sweet smile "well how about I show you how to have some fun? I'll be here for a while and I can't think of any better company than a cute little boy with pretty looking eyes."

The boy suddenly spat his water out in surprise before looking at her in amazement "y-you want to spend some time with me?" Kazehana simply nodded before scooting up closer to him with her sake in hand "sure why not…most of the men here would just want to get into my dress but you…I don't think I could do any better" Naruto looked up at her eyes and gave her a bright smile while a few tears fell from his eyes "thank you miss Kazehana" the beauty simple gave him a one armed hug and sensually whispered into his ear "call me Onee-chan Naruto-kun" the young boy blushed bright red and nodded sheepishly "oh I say…you've got some luck in you my dear boy to have such beautiful company…and what's this? Oh…my lad you are turning a lovely shade of red it is most becoming" 'SHUT UP JUUBI!DRINK YOUR TEA!"


The two kept talking and laughing into the night and simply enjoyed each other's company, for naruto it was one of his happiest days while Kazehana kept smiling all the time he was there. The last minute bell rung and it was soon time to leave, Kazehana tried to stand on her own but ended up tripping into Naruto's side accidently causing her large breasts to slam into the youths face.

"w-which way do you live onee-chan?" the woman gave a slight drunken slur which was still understandable (just barely) "jushh kep going forwadzz" Naruto nodded and did his best to guide the drunken beauty back to her home. After twenty minutes or so she stopped him in front of a large house with a sign saying "Izumo Inn" on the front. "this is it Naruto-kun" Naruto nodded and walked her to the front door "ok…I guess…I'll see you around then onee-chan" the young boy turned to leave before he bumped into someone's body getting a surprised yet feminine 'oh' from the person.

The young boy looked up to see a beautiful lavender haired woman looking no older than 23 looking down at him in wonder. She gave him a pleasant smile "oh hello there little one…what are you doing here?" Naruto jumped and hid behind Kazehana who giggled in amusement while the woman looked at him still confused "Hi Miya-chan! I brought this little cutie home with me since he helped me walk properly" Miya looked at the boy and smiled "why thank you for making sure my friend got home safely"

Naruto nodded a little and gave a nervous smile "y-your welcome madam…I'll just be going now" the boy quickly left the garden and past Miya before slowly walking back to the slum, Kazehana saw this and got a little worried "Naruto-kun that's where all the rough people live!" Naruto looked back with a sad smile "I know Onee-chan they are the only people who don't mind me being here and don't try to hurt me…I'm just happy I had a good time today"

Miya and Kazehana looked at each other before nodding to one another "hold on a second little one!" The boy turned to see Miya running to him. She stopped in front of him and knelt down to his level "you know…if you have nowhere to live I can let you stay here, I have plenty of room if you like" Naruto looked at her with surprise as tears formed on the corners of his eyes "y-you really mean it?" Miya nodded happily and gasped in shock as naruto launched himself into her arms crying his little heart out repeatedly saying thank you over and over again while Miya smiled and rubbed his back gently.


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