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Excited, excited, excited was all Eddward could think of as he finished setting up his desk in his lecture hall. He had done it. He had finally become a professor at Peach Creek University; and today was his first day on the job. All the long hours of studying had finally paid off. He finally got his dream job. Even though he was young, extremely young to be a professor he had faith in himself. Not every day you walk into a lecture hall and discover that your professor is just about the same age as you. Hell, he was only 22. Because of his high intelligence and determination he was able to skip a few grades, and get a head start in college at the age of 15. He was proud.

Eddward contemplated on how he should write his name on the bored. Should I write Mr. Vincent, or should I write Mr. Eddward Vincent? Eddward thought to himself. I don't want them to think of me as any normal teacher. I want them to think of me as an educator; one who is enthusiastic with their studies and wishes to share them with them. However, I don't want them to think of me as being too young to be a professor. Or worse, question if I know what I'm doing.

Eddward looked at the clock on the far side of the lecture hall to check what time it was. 7:45 A.M. Only 15 minutes until my first lecture starts. Oh dear! Eddward's heart began to race. What have I got myself into? This is not good! I cannot be nervous. I mustn't be. I cannot ruin my first day here as a professor. No. Stop this Eddward; you are getting besides yourself once again. It all will be fine in time. I must keep telling myself. How my self-esteem has lowered over the years. I can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS EDDWARD VINCNET. Eddward took a deep breath in through his nose, and exhaled through his mouth. Eddward took one last look at the clock. This is it. This is my day. He turned back to the extended green chalk board and wrote his name on it. Mr. Vincent. With one last look at the bored he smiled. A huge smile, showing off his trademark gap.

Eddward walked over to the back of his lecture hall to do a once over of himself in the mirror he so kindly requested the university to install. His reason? To keep an eye on the students who choose to sit in the back. To make sure they were paying attention at all times instead of texting. How he hated technology sometimes. As he looked in the mirror he no longer saw an awkward teenage boy. He saw a young man. He was contempt with the way he looked. He was only 5'9", not that tall for a male, but not that short. He wore his regular black pants, with a pale purple sweater vest, and of course his signature black ski hat. Over the years he couldn't find himself able to part with it. It was a comfort thing for him. Whenever he didn't wear his hat he felt insecure. He knew it was a silly thing to still think of, but its just been with him through a lot. He gab was still there. He never understood why his parents never got him braces, but it was too late to do something about it now. He was still very slim, only weighing about 120 pounds soaking wet. And of course, he was paler than a ghost. Him and the sun never truly got along. With one last look at the clock, 7:55 A.M., Eddward let out a sigh. Show time.

Eddward ventured back down towards his desk, waiting for his students to come. He looked around once more as his first students came filing in. 8:00 A.M.

Soon after every one of his students came in he looked around. Astonished at how many students were in here. There has to be at least 80. He was shocked, but also exited. As the hall fell silent Eddward cleared his throat and looked at the students.

"Welcome." Eddward spoke loud and clearly (thanks to his little microphone he had clipped to the collar of his vest), "My name is Mr. Vincent and I will be your professor for American History throughout this entire school year. I am very pleased to meet all of you and I look forward to spending the year with you. I must admit that I am very enthusiastic with learning, and I do not take education lightly. As you all will be kindly to pick up the classroom syllabus I bestowed upon each and every one of your desk." The rustling of the papers made Eddward nervous. You could hear a pen drop in the hall. "As you can see I will be teaching American History 101. We will cover everything from the begging of American History up to today's date. I will move at a fairly fast speed, so I do advise everyone to take notes. Everything that we will cover will be on the test that we will take. If you ever have a question about any of the material I choose to teach feel free to raise your hand and ask me. If you're not comfortable with asking me amongst your fellow classmates feel free to stop by after class, or email me. My officer hours are constant. Monday through Friday. The time varies depending on the day of the week, but I am mostly open. You can almost find me in my office hear, or on campus. Please feel free to talk to me whenever you feel it necessary. I am an educator yes, but I am also an advisor here as well." Eddward to a breath and looked out towards his students. All staring at him. He felt as if he was going to pass out. Breathe Eddward, breath. You're doing a wonderful job. "However I have one peeve-"

The door to study hall slammed right open. Due to the quietness of the classroom, everyone heard the door open. Standing in the doorway was another student; bring the classroom to a total of 81 students. The student was a male, a tall male. He had to be at least 6'0 tall. He wore cargo shorts with a red t-shirt with no sleeves. He also wore a red ball cap backwards that covered most of his red hair. The young student looked around with his dark green eyes and grinned. He continued to look around until he found an empty seat. He trotted down the row of desk until he got to the front. He sat directly in front of Eddward. Eddward looked down at the student, shocked, appalled, that someone had come into his classroom late. Who comes late to class on the first day? But for some reason Eddward couldn't shake the feeling that he knew this student. Who are you?

Eddward cleared his throat once more and looked around the classroom. "As I was saying before I was interrupted." He looked down at the red head who simply smiled back. "My one peeve is tardiness. I do not like it when someone is late to my class. If I am not late, neither should you." Eddward said. "I understand this is the first day of class, but don't be late." The red haired simply smiled bigger. Who is he?

For the rest of the class time Eddward continued to explain his classroom rules, and his expectations to his students. The class finally ended at 10:00 A.M. The students rose and collected their belongings and exited the classroom one at one. The last one that exited was the red heard. Ironic, the last one in is the last one out. Eddward looked around the classroom when he noticed a piece of paper left behind. He went and collected the piece of paper, intending to throw it out when he discovered that it was his syllabus. The red haired boy left it here didn't even take it. How foolish. Who is this red head? Eddward calmly thought to himself when Eddward remembered that he was gifted a student roster with pictures of each of the students. Eddward trotted back to his desk and turned on his computer. He logged on to his grade book and scrolled down the list until he saw the red head's picture. His face turned pale white, and his blood turned cold. The name that read under the student's picture was only one he could never forget.

Kevin Barr.