Derek stood over his charred uncle trying to savor the moment. He was fully prepared to finish what he started, but something in the alpha's eyes irked him. He took a deep breath and tried to remember the times before his uncle was a psychotic murderer, before their family burned alive in their own home. Before he murdered his sister to become alpha. Why was he thinking about this instead of ripping the man to shreds?

"Wait Derek!" He growled, turning his head just enough so he could see Scott in his peripheral.

Scott took that as his cue to continue "You said that the cure comes from the one that bit you. Derek, if you kill him, then I'm dead" ok, he admitted that that was a little dramatic. "Allison, her parents. What am I going to do?" he felt his hope waning when Derek didn't respond to his plea, but he kept staring at him defiantly, waiting for…something.

Derek stared at him a little longer before returning his gaze to his uncle. The alpha's breathing was worse now, but there was no mistaking the smile on his face.

"You've…already…decided" he choked out. His smile grew, exposing white teeth against charred skin, irking Derek even more.

"What are you waiting for?" The beta growled, stepping away from the injured wolf and turning towards the teen. "Get this over with"

Scott's eyes lit up with so many emotions, gratitude probably the most noticeable, that he tried to convey to the other wolf as he quickly moved to stand over the alpha. He almost flinched when he looked directly down at the injured man, but he couldn't step down now. He wouldn't. If he didn't do this, then he couldn't go back to the life he had before. The girl he loved. Scott slowly lifted his hand, feeling his claws slip out and the burn of his eyes glowing. He had to do this, for his future. He didn't waist another second as he brought his claws down slicing through the alpha's throat and flinched at the feel of it and the failed breathe of the dying man, but it was over. He couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face in the ringing silence as he stood triumphantly over the corpse. Too happy to finally have his life back to think about how he just killed someone.

"So, it's over right? No more psychotic wolf man ripping people apart?" Stiles asked from a few feet away, partly behind a tree, but no one answered him. At least not that Scott could hear.

The ringing in his head grew in volume until it felt like his head would explode. He yelped in pain and covered his ears, but it didn't help. A heat started to burn in his chest, spreading throughout his body before setting him ablaze in pain. He fell forward and onto his knees, clutching at his head and screaming for all he's worth.

Allison was moving before she even knew what was happening, but Chris was quick to grab her and pull her back towards the tree line. "Let go! We have to help him! Scott!" she struggled to get out of her father's hold with no success.

Stile also moved to help his friend, but Derek growled at him "We have to help him De-" he started to argue, but stopped when he noticed the other had transformed and was circling behind his friend. "What are you doing?!"

"Leave!" was the only response he got as Derek continued to loop around the teen.

Stiles and Allison began to protest, unwilling to leave their friend alone and suffering. Chris was slowly pulling his daughter towards the cars and Stiles was grounded to his spot, too afraid of Derek to approach his friend and unwilling to leave him. Jackson had no such problem as he quickly made his way over to his car.

A strangled roar brought their attention back to the teen now lying flat on the ground. Scott couldn't hear anything but his overwhelming pulse that sent bolts of pain throughout his entire body. He roared as more pain shot through him. His sight blurred and he smacked his face into the ground. The next roar made everyone back up from not just the volume, but the inhuman beast entwined with it.

Mr. Argent had enough for one night. He threw his daughter over his shoulder and quickly moved to his car. Allison didn't protest, too focused on the site before her. Scott's body was shifting, clothes tearing and dark coarse hair growing to cover his skin. He lifted his head out of the dirt as his face was consumed by hair and he locked eyes with her. Glowing blood red eyes.

"Go now!" Derek yelled, finally startling Stiles into motion and he quickly ran to Jackson's car that the teen had already started up.

Scott's eyes followed him, but he didn't get the chance to follow before Derek was on his back, arms wrapped tightly around his throat and fangs buried in his neck. He howled, more from indignation than actual pain and began to thrash in an attempt to dislodge the older wolf from his back.

Allison watched as Derek moved just enough for Scott to grab ahold of him and fling him away before her Dad floored it. "What's wrong with him!?"

"He's an alpha now" Allison swung around in her seat and Chris could see the worry and confusion clear in her watery eyes. "Killing an alpha transfers their status to the other wolf. It's how they maintain balance"

"But Scott said something about a cure-"

"There is no cure for what they are! Scott just moved up on the food chain and lost all control" he yelled, looking over at her to make sure she understood how serious this was.

Allison couldn't meet his gaze and looked out ahead, visibly flinching back "Dad! Look out!"

He slammed into something before he could react, but the car never stopped. He looked ahead through his cracked windshield at the red eyed beast growling at him and paled. Instinct took over and he swerved, trying to throw the wolf off, but Scott held on. He growled defiantly and smashed his open muzzle into the glass, breaking it further.


"I know!" He swerved again, but Scott refused to budge.

He reared his head back, ready to smack through the glass, but something latched onto the back of his head and turned him away. Allison couldn't put into words how relieved she was when Derek climb up the back of the Alpha and wrapped around his neck. Scott wasn't so thrilled and began to thrash around to remove the beta and when that didn't work, he reached around to pull him off, but Derek made sure to stay out of reach.

Chris didn't wait to see how the struggle would end and swerved again, much harder. The car tilted on two wheels a short distance before falling back onto all fours, successfully throwing the wolves off the hood. Allison turned in her seat trying to see where they landed, but they had already vanished in the dark.

Scott landed hard on his side, nearly flattening Derek underneath him, but managed to stop his decent with his arm. Derek grunted in pain and tried to get up, but the alpha stopped him. Scott roared at the beta, bearing his fangs angrily. Derek returned the gesture and tried to push the transformed wolf off of him. Scott roared again, eyes flashing a brighter shade of red. He reached down and grabbed a fistful of Derek's clothes, claws easily tearing through the fabrics and into soft skin.

Derek growled at the pain and held his glare with the bigger wolf, eyes glowing nearly white in defiance. Scott growled and-to Derek's surprise-glared back before lifting the beta off the ground. Derek yelp in pain as long sharp claws tore more of his flesh and his eyes returned to their normal green. He struggled, more to alleviate the pain then to break free, and grabbed hold of the paw that held him up for some sort of support. Scott watched un-amused as the beta struggled before throwing him to the side.

Derek slid to a stop and took a moment to adjust to the pain before trying to get up. A growl caused him to stop and instead he rolled over to face the alpha. He hadn't moved an inch, standing at his full height and just staring down at Derek, waiting. Derek pushed himself off the ground, ignoring the increasing growls as he stood. Scott waited until Derek looked up as at him before attacking. He was in front of the other before he could react and threw him again, this time into a tree. Derek hit the ground hard before he was thrown into another tree and then the ground with no time to recover.

The alpha was pleased when Derek made no attempt to get up-or move-and laid on the ground, slowly transforming back. Derek didn't try to move, pain radiating from all over his body as the world around him blurred. The next moment Scott was staring down at him, one paw on his chest keeping him pressed to the ground as he leaned down with his teeth bared and growling.

Despite the situation, Derek growled back, refusing to submit to the wolf above him. Scott's eyes flared angrily, but he didn't act on it. He could see the beta reverting to human form and leaned down, sniffing around his neck and growling lightly. Derek growled again, but was ignored as the alpha continued to sniff him. He couldn't do anything about it now if he had wanted. His body felt as heavy as stone and his vision was quickly fading out. He felt licking around his face and neck, accompanied by purring, but couldn't tell if it was from the alpha or himself before passing out.

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