Ok, so shorter chapter than usual since I'm suffering from writers block and I think this is a good spot to end a chapter...or not. You can judge that. IDK, I've already made you guys wait a monthish, so I guess small is better than nothing. Enjoy!

I need to run more. Stiles burst into the hospital's emergency wing, trying to keep up with his best friend. The day was going well until the wolves got within a block of Scott's house. He raced passed the main desk, ignoring the receptionist's yelling as he made it to the stairs, taking them two at a time. He followed closely behind the betas since he lost Scott in the winding stairs. Why can't we just have a normal day, one time?

Take deep breaths. Just focus on your breathing. Melisa kept repeating her mantra while tightening her hold on the larger hand in her two. She could barely recognize the wolf on the bed, wrapped in gauze from head to toe. Derek hadn't so much as twitched when being brought here and hooked up to machinery and IV. Deep breathes.

The door burst open and slammed into the wall with a bang, shocking Melissa from her thoughts and seat. Scott ignored her reaction and began checking her over for any injuries, finding none. He switched his gaze to the bed and whimpered at the site, plopping into the seat and resuming his mother's position. The betas burst in soon after and crowded around the bed, followed shortly by Stiles.

He froze on the spot and took in the site of the hospital room until his eyes landed on the other human occupant. "You brought him to a hospital?" he flinched at his words. Way to be sensitive Stiles.

Melissa looked between the teen and the bed, continuing to take deep breathes "I-I didn't know what to do. He wouldn't wake up and there was so much blood-"

Sties threw his hands up in what he hoped was a calming gesture "Ok, makes sense. What happened?"

She shook her head "I don't know. Some people came to visit. Something about a message…" she took another deep breathe, but she could feel the tears welling in her eyes. "Then Derek jumped down the stairs and…the next thing I knew…" she couldn't finish. Her throat tightened and the tears spilled out of her eyes at the memory of what she had seen. She looked at the ground in silence, anything to avoid refreshing the memory.

Stiles wanted to ask her more questions but knew he couldn't, not right now. He turned to the wolves "How's he doing?"

"He's healing" Scott didn't look away from the bed, his red eyes looking over Derek again and again "Probably be unconscious for most of it"

"He can't stay here" Isaac looked over to Stiles "Didn't you say the cops were after him?"

"That was when they thought he was guilty"

"What about the hunters?" Erica cued in, stepping closer to the bed "His innocence won't stop them"

Stiles opened his mouth, ready to defend his friend and her family, but was stopped by a growl from the alpha "No one will touch him" the underlying threat sent shivers up his spine and the issue was dropped.

After a while, Isaac dared to continue "Why isn't he healed now? Does the..." he glanced over at Stiles.

"Alpha effect"

He nodded "Does the Alpha effect last this long?"

"No, but taking a lot of damage at once is going to take time to heal regardless of supernatural advances"

Isaac nodded in understanding even though Scott never looked at him and turned to the others in the room, catching a certain teen clicking away on his phone "What are you doing?"

Stiles didn't look away from the message on his screen "Telling Allison. We need to go af-" it took him a second before he realized his phone was out of his hand and across the room with Erica and he was pissed "What the hell are you doing?!"

"We should be asking you that" Boyd stepped towards him, intimidating the other to take a step back.

Stiles glared anyway, knowing the big guy was the least likely to actually hurt him "Telling Allison-"

"The hunter" Erica hissed, her eyes flashing dangerously.

Stiles ignored her aggression too "We need everyone when we go after this pack. Hunters included"

"We don't need their help to do anything"

Stiles looked at her blankly "Really, because a few of them just put Derek in the hospital and last time I checked, he could beat the three of you without breaking a sweat" and just like that, Boyd switched from intimidating to protective when Erica lunged, teeth out and snapping angrily. Stiles was proud to admit that he barely flinched and it showed in the small smirk on his face.

His joy quickly ended when she started barking her frustration at him and he backed up into the wall. Isaac and Melissa jumped in, trying to calm her down before someone walked in wondering what all the commotion was about. After all, dogs weren't allowed in the hospital.

Scott ignored them entirely, completely focused on the comatose wolf in front of him with a few pointed thoughts going through his mind. He would find who did this and they would pay.


"Why?" Scott locked the front door and turned to face his irate beta. Stiles could probably sense the tension in the air since Derek was forced to submit again and didn't want to be around for the aftermath. "I could be out there looking for the alpha-"

"The plan is to wait"

Derek's glare intensified "That's a horrible plan"

Scott's dull expression took on some amusement "You sound like Stiles"

"He was right...for once" Scott's face went blank again and Derek inwardly sighed. "Why wouldn't you let me leave? I joined the pack already. I'm not going to run away-"

"But you were" Scott's voice deepened with a growl "Running back to that house"

"My house!" Derek growled, automatically taking a defensive stance "My family's house-"

"But they're gone!" Scott stepped towards him, eyes flashing, but unthreateningly "They've been gone for years and you haven't moved on. Now you have a pack and you're still trying to isolate yourself. For what, penance?"

"It was my fault-"

"Did you plan the fire? Help with it?" Derek stayed quiet and Scott took another step forward "If you had known, then you would've done anything you could to stop it"

Derek looked away. He couldn't argue with those words, but he couldn't shake the guilt and pain of his family's death and the house served as a constant reminder.

You have nothing to repent for. He snapped out of his thoughts when Scott's hand brushed against his cheek and he looked into the boys eyes as comfort and warmth spread over him. You don't have to be alone anymore.

Derek just stared at him, letting the other sooth his pain before pulling away with a shrug "So, just waiting?" Scott nodded, bending slightly to grab Derek's duffle bag before heading up the stairs. "Still a bad plan" the comment was light and he clearly wasn't supposed to hear it, but he had and sighed in response.


Deep breaths. Breathe in and release. Lydia refused to look up from her work as goose bumps racked her body and left her on edge. No matter what she tried, the illusions wouldn't leave her alone and they only grew worse as time went on to the point-NO! I am NOT going to let this get to me. I'm just really stressed recently with Jackson and planning my birthday party. Everything will be fine in a few days.

"How long are you going to repeat that? It obviously isn't helping" Lydia froze on the spot, squeezing her eyes shut in the process. "Really, you're still planning to ignore me?" she heard soft steps approach her and cursed to herself as a presence stopped at her side, hovering just inside her personal space. "I don't think that's helping either"

"Go away" she hung her head over her desk, letting her hair fall forward and conceal her face.

The presence only drew closer "Sorry, not until we have a real chat-"

"You're not real!" Lydia screamed, gripping her desk as hard as she could. She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. It was bad enough that she was seeing things, but now the illusions were talking to her.

A chuckle answered her "Really? Well that's kind of rude" soft fingers brushed her hair out of the way and she shot up straight in her seat at the sensation, eyes popping open to lock with dazzling blue ones. "See, now that wasn't so hard" she scooted away in her chair to get a better look at the handsome boy standing before her, smiling fondly.

"I-I felt that" any other time, Lydia would have verbally abused him for even being in her presence unwanted, let alone in her room, but not now. She could barely focus as it was after the past few weeks.

"Yes, I supposed you would" the teen clasped his hands together, keeping her attention on him as he stepped back into her personal space. "Now, if you're done ignoring me, I have a few things to tell you" his eyes glowed softly and Lydia couldn't bring herself to look away as he began to talk.