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One Wing's Enough

By: Shoukan


Four years ago was when it happened…four years can change a lot, but what happened still hung in everyone's mind.

Four years ago, the kitsune known as Kyuubi, the bijuu with nine tails, attacked the Village of Konohagakure. Shinobi of all ranks rose to fight.

Many died that day…but the Yondaime, found a way to defeat it, by sealing the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

A jar could not contain its power, not like with the Ichibi, not even reinforced with fuinjutsu could it contain the massive power. Also an animal is out of question, the mind of an animal is too primitive, it would give into the bijuu's malevolent influence too soon. That left a horrible but necessary vessel…

A newborn child, creating a jinchuriki, "the power of human sacrifice" was the only option; the problem was whose child would take the burden?

The Yondaime realized that no one would willingly give their child to hold the beast, so he used the only child he could, his own.

The child was named Uzumaki Naruto, and his tale starts now, because today, on October tenth,

his life changed.