Don't own a thing.

Denny knew he wasn't acting like himself. Hell, in a sense he hadn't been in a long time. But it was really hitting hard today, building for the past few. He didn't like being this guy, this sick guy. This stuck in a hospital guy. He didn't like being someone who couldn't properly ask the girl he liked out, take her out, treat her as she deserved to be treated. He hated hospitals, he hated feeling weak, hated limitations.

He felt less of a man around her at times. Not her doing. Not anything she ever once saw. But he did. And he hated it.

And today, it got to him. And he was in a mood.

He berated himself from an earlier conversations, one where she'd only been trying to help, but he couldn't do it. She'd been so sweet, as she always was, so loving. But he couldn't be himself at the time, too wrapped up in his anger.

He knew he'd hurt her feelings with it. And that only made things worse.

She'd avoided him the rest of the day after that. And he couldn't blame her. So he was surprised when she came to his room much later on, making sure they were alone and had privacy.

He warned her she'd get in trouble, but she didn't care. She wasn't her own chipper self by this point either. He wasn't going to be harsh, didn't want to be, hell hadn't wanted to be earlier either... so he gave her fair warning. But she paid no real mind, continuing on her way until she was in the small bed with him.

Denny closed his eyes, taking in the feel and smell of her for a moment as she got comfortable.

This tall, blonde, beautiful woman was more to him than she'd ever realize. It pained him.

She laid her head on his chest and her hair tickled at him. Her perfume mixed in with sweat and hospital came from her, something he loved and knew he'd never tire of. She molded perfectly against his body, felt like heaven in his arms.

He could only imagine what it would be like to have this for real. To be in a real bed, away from here, back at home or her home or anywhere else. He imaged what it'd be like to be healthy and out of here. To be with her, really with her. And to have something like this.

And he figured that was something to live for, to continue doing his best for. That could be the end goal.

And a pretty damn good one at that.