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'Come to me.' I hear him. He is close by now, so painfully close. But so are the fires. Maybe . maybe they are the answer. I could have it all. We would be together, and the world would live. He would hate me, yes, but we would still be together again.

I have seen now, from the other side, what he does. He takes away what we have. Bonds of love, friendship and brotherhood are nothing to him. Even I, a piece of his soul, am nothing but a tool to him. And I am. I have seen much love and hatred on this journey of mine, enough to realize my love for him.

But I also see in the heart of my bearer, that love has two sides. He will give everything for this. Others will continue to love and live, because he will not.

For me it will mean betrayal. I can not have everything. I will be cast into non existence, or eternal damnation. But he will be with me. That is enough. The fires come, and by one hand or another I will embrace them.

I would die for you

I would die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side

To know that you're mine I will cry for you

I will cry for you

I will wash away your pain with all my tears

And drown your fear I will pray for you

I will pray for you

I will sell my soul for something pure and true

Someone like you See your face ever place that I walk in

Hear your voice every time that I'm talking

You will believe in me

And I will never me ignored I will burn for you

Feel pain for you

I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart

And tear it apart I will lie for you

Beg and steal for you

I will crawl on hands and knees until you see

You're just like me Violate all the love that I'm missing

Throw away all the pain that I'm living

You will believe in me

And I could never be ignored I would die for you

I would kill for you

I would steal for you

I'd do time for you

I would wait for you

I'd make room for you

I'd sail ships for you

To be close to you

To be part of you

'Cause I believe in you

I believe in you

I would die for you