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Season 1: Chaos Rising

Episode 1: History Repeats Itself Part 1

Yuni is in a class room. He is dressed in yellow pants and a silver shirt. Over the shirt he has a metallic, gold coat. On his knees and elbows are smooth, rounded, gem-like reflector pads colored gold. Around his neck is a rectangular trinket. His hair and face are comparable to the famous Yugi Muto's, especially when he was dueling.

In the background a news-holo is playing. It says, "Today is known as Duel Day because it is on this day, exactly 5,000 years ago, that the King of Games, Yugi Muto, made his first step towards becoming the King of Games by defeating Seto Kaiba. Historians say that this was one of the most important days in dueling history…"

While the news-holo is playing Yuni is watching his friend Brutus duel. Brutus is a tall teen, at least 6'. He is wearing simple blue jeans and a red T-shirt that says DUEL on it. He is dueling on a KC 250 porta-duel field, a portable version of the duel fields that went out of popularity 5,000 years ago. On the field on Brutus' side was a miniature Goblin Attack Force, on the opponents, a face down card.

"Now my Goblin Attack Force, attack him directly and win me this duel!" Brutus calls.

"Not so fast," his opponent counters, "I activate my face down Reflect Force. This card negates your attack and causes you to take the damage instead." Brutus' life points drop to zero.

Yuni walks up to Brutus and says, "Amateur."

"What was that?"

"I said amateur. You made an amateur mistake, just like you always do."

"I'd like to see you do better."

Yuni then takes the cards from Brutus' hand and observes them. "You being obsessed with power, like always went straight for the strongest card in your hand, but you only needed to do 1500 points of damage and you went for a monster with 2300 attack, but it wasn't safe against traps. You could have summoned your 2000 attack point Power Shielder whose effect makes him immune to traps, thus increasing your chances of winning. Amateur."


The teacher of the class then says, "I hope you all enjoyed your free duel time. I would like to make sure that you all remember that today is the grand opening of the Domino Duel History Museum. There will be many duel exhibits going all the way back to ancient Egypt shadow games. Admission is free today."

Brutus then says, "Hey Yuni, you want to come with me to the museum after school."

"It's not like I have anything better to do."

"A simple yes or no would have been fine."

Yuni and Brutus step up to the museum. It is cloudy outside and looks like a storm is coming on. The two go into the museum.

A girl is standing there facing away, she has long blond hair and is wearing a red uniform, probably that of the museum. She is rummaging through papers and says, "I'll be right with you, just give me a sec."

She then turns around. Upon seeing Yuni her eyes go wide and she drops all of her papers. After a second she goes down and starts picking up her papers, she says, "I'm so sorry it's just that you…"

Yuni finishes, "Let me guess, look just like Yugi Muto."

"Sorry, you probably get that a lot, don't you?"

"More than you know."

"Alright, sorry. My name's Tori let me show you around."

"This is the room focused on the evolution of duel systems, from the original Industrial Illusions duel field, to the Kaiba Corp. duel disk, to the duel gazer, to the modern duel gauntlet."

Brutus then starts running from exhibit to exhibit in an excited, anime-like chibi style. Meanwhile Yuni hangs back and talks to Tori.

Tori asks, "So is…"

"Yes, the hair is natural."

"I'm so sorry you probably know all my questions before even I ask them."

"Yah, probably."

"So what's it like - you know - looking like Yugi"

"Ever since I was a kid I've always been compared to him. Everyone thinks I'm bound for great things, but I just don't know. Sometimes, I just wish that I could talk to him, maybe that might relieve some of the stress I get from being compared to him."

Tori looks deep in thought, "What if I told you that you could?"

"What? Do you have a time machine?"

"No, but I think that what I have the next best thing."

Tori presents to Yuni a large machine. Coming out of the machine is a small helmet. Below the helmet is a chair.

Tori says, "I present to you the Kaiba Corp. Cross Time Communicator. You see, soon before Yugi passed away it was decided that his knowledge shouldn't be lost, so using the rudimental neural technology they had at the time, they recorded the contents of Yugi's mind. And now we have the technology to use those recordings, along with our neural interface technology to allow you to talk to a recreation of Yugi Muto."

Yuni says with surprise in his voice, "This is amazing. I had no idea anything like this existed!"

"Would you like to try?"

"Definitely, hook me up." Yuni then sits in the chair and Tori straps the neural interface helmet onto him.

"Okay I'm powering up the device."

Just as Tori turns on he machine, outside the storm has come fully on and lightning strikes the museum. The energy from the lightning travels through the museum's electric systems and makes it to the device. All the extra energy then surges through the neural interface and Yuni gets shocked.

Yuni wakes up in a hospital bed. He looks around and sees a nurse.

"What happened? Where am I?"

The nurse, shocked at the sudden awakening of Yuni jumps and turns to face him and says, "You're awake! I'm sorry; you were severely shocked while plugged into a neural interface. You've been out for two weeks."

Suddenly everything rushed back into Yuni's head. He sighs, "Two weeks." He then turns and looks at his night stand and picks up his trinket that he wore around his neck. He presses a button on its side. It is a holo-locket. A hologram of a younger Yuni with a man and a woman appears above the locket.

A memory comes to Yuni. The younger Yuni runs up to the man and woman and says, "Mommy, Daddy where are you going?"

The flashback skips ahead a little.

The woman hands Yuni a card and says, "Protect this card Yuni. I know you are destined for great things and that card is the key."

The flashback ends. Yuni then presses another button and the locket opens to reveal a card sized compartment, an empty compartment.

Yuni says in panic, "Nurse, do you know where the card is that came from my holo-locket?"

"I'm sorry, I can't say I do."

"Did anybody visit me?"

"Yes, you were visited on a few occasions by your grandpa and friend, Brutus. Oh yah, you were also visited by your friend Seto."

"Wait, I don't know anybody named Seto."

"Seto Ossius, the Kaiba of Kaiba Corp. He said he was a good friend of yours."

"This is not good. How soon can I leave?"

"Well you should be able to leave when you want. You've just got to sign some release forms."

As Yuni hurriedly walks out of the hospital he bumps into Brutus. He says, "Yuni is that you!? Are you better?"

"For the most part Brutus, but I'm in a hurry come and I'll explain on the way."

After walking for a little, Brutus says, "Alright Yuni, what's up?"

"Do you know about Seto Ossius?"

"I can't say I do. Who is he?"

"The current owner of Kaiba Corp. had a problem when he found out that he could not have a child, since it's a rule that only a Kaiba heir could own Kaiba Corp. and he is the only living heir. So he and his wife adopted a son, Seto Ossius, to be a figurehead Kaiba, while they try to change the rule."

"Oh yah, that Seto Ossius. What does he matter to you though?"

Yuni holds up his holo-locket and says, "He stole my card."

"You mean…"

"Yes my Another Hope."

Just then, the two arrive at the front door of Kaiba Tower. Yuni presses a button and an automated answering system says, "Welcome to the Kaiba Corporation, where we look towards tomorrow. Please state your name and appointment number and we will allow you in as soon as your appointment is verified."

"My name's Yuni, I don't have an appointment, but I demand to talk to Seto Ossius!"

The system replies, "We are deeply sorry but you cannot be allowed in without an appointment. Have a nice day."

Yuni begins to yell, "You better let me in. Seto stole my card and I plan on getting it back! Let me in!"

Just then a different, more natural voice says, "We're sorry about your inconvenience, Kaiba Ossius has been waiting for you. Please come in and meet him on floor B3. (Author's note: "Kaiba" is a title, not his actual first name.)" The door then opens and Yuni and Brutus begin to walk in.

The voice then says, "We're sorry, but Kaiba Ossius said that only Yuni may enter."

Brutus then begins to protest, but Yuni gives him look that says it will be okay. Yuni then proceeds in and walks to the elevator and hits the button for floor B3. Upon making it to the floor Yuni walks out and looks around. This is the same stadium that Yugi first dueled Seto Kaiba in 5,000 years ago! Across the stadium Yuni sees Seto Ossius. He is dressed in reflective silver pants and a black shirt. Over the shirt he wears a reflective silver trench coat that flares out at the bottom like a cape. He also has reflective pads like Yuni's, but they are silver. His face and hair actually pretty close to Seto Kaiba's. Also he wears futuristic glasses. Instead of the typical shape, they look like a silver tube wrapped around his head with a red line running the length of it.

Seto then says, "I'm glad that you finally made it, I thought you might not wake up. So I believe you are looking for this."

He then holds up a spell card. The card is titled Another Hope. It shows a picture of the a night sky that shows the Milky Way with several shooting stars and an aura over it. The weird thing about it though is that its text is not there.

"Why did you take my card Seto?" Yuni demanded.

"I am a collector of rare cards, and this card is one of the rarest. I knew you wouldn't sell it, so I acquired it through alternative methods."

"Give me back my card, or I will take it back!"

Seto then beckons behind him and two large, muscular body guards stepped forward. Seto then says, "I don't think that would be the smartest thing for you to do. I'll tell you what though, we will duel, and if you can beat me I'll give you back your card, if I win you will leave and never mention this again."

Yuni thinks and sighs, "Okay, I accept your challenge."

"Alright then, let's duel."

A split view is shown of the two. Both of them remove a metallic deck box from their belts and attach them to a metal bracelet on their wrists, the duel gauntlet. A computer voice then says, "Scanning decks… decks accepted."

A screen-like projection then appears in front of each duelist and the deck boxes have an image of a deck placed over it. On the "screen" in front of each duelist five cards appear, their hand. The "screen" is known as the Duel Screen. On it a players hand is shown along with stats of the monsters and other cards on the field along with a life point counter.

Yuni then proclaims, "Duel on!"

Seto says, "Look at that, you already have and augmented reality implant. And was that a catch phrase I heard? Cute. Please, make the first move."

"I will." Yuni then places his hand over his "deck" and drags his hand over it. As he drags his hand the top "card" of the "deck" follows his hand and is placed with the rest of his "hand."

"I will get my card back, I swear!"