Slim Jim and the Lotto Girl

Chapter 12

"Shower," I mumbled, following quickly with, "together." Bella nodded, as if expecting that answer. She bounced up off the bed and walked into the attached bath, leaving me alone in her space. I could hear her moving things around, followed by the unmistakable sound of the shower curtain being pulled back. My palms started to sweat as I listened to the shower start, the water hitting the bottom of the tub like rapid rain drops. It felt like hours, but was probably only a minute later that Bella reappeared, her long hair tied up in an elaborate knot on top of her head. She had stripped off her clothes and stood before me in a black bra and boy shorts. I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through the shower without embarrassing myself.

"Time to get in, Slim," she urged as she reached for one of my hands. I grimaced as my damp palm made contact with her dry one, but she thankfully didn't comment as she helped pull me to my feet. Without her boots, she was a tiny peanut, and without meaning to, I started to laugh. "What's funny?"

"You'd look adorable with a monocle," I spat, the rolling laughter making my head hurt. The humorous sight left my battered brain as quickly as it came and I found myself following Bella into the bathroom. Unlike her boldly pink room, the bathroom was a zen-like haven drenched in green. The shower had made the room all steamy, adding to the relaxing ambiance. The heat seeped into my sore and tired body and I didn't complain as Bella slipped the button of my jeans free. The sound of the zipper brought everything back into focus.

"Wait," I croaked, reaching down and stilling Bella's hands. She looked up at me, the steam melting some of her makeup so she looked slightly raccoon-ish. "I can't shower with you."

"Jesus, Slim," she huffed as she tried to pull her hands from beneath my grip. I wouldn't let her.

"I can't shower at all," I clarified, pointing down to my foot. In all the insanity that followed the accident at the bowling alley, the concussion and the marijuana exposure, I had completely forgotten about my broken foot. The fractures were minor enough that I was only in a compression boot, but there was still no way I would be able to stand without it on, and I knew from firsthand experience that the damn boot would stink if I got it wet.

"Oh," Bella replied wryly. "I forgot about that. Sponge bath it is."


I have no idea how Bella managed to make her bathroom floor comfortable, but five minutes later, I was seated in only my boxers and the boot, awaiting my sponge bath. For a few minutes before she started, I was happy Bella hadn't changed out of her bra and panties, but the moment she started tracing over my skin with the washcloth, I regretted all her creamy skin on display. I shifted against the bathroom wall, trying to think of anything except the smooth glide of her hands and soap across my chest.

"You okay?" she asked, probably misunderstanding the unmistakable look of pain on my face.

"Yep," I hissed as the cloth moved across my lower abdomen. The lights were low, and I hoped she couldn't see the bulge my erection was making beneath my boxers. I attempted to go through the periodic table to distract my hormone-filled mind, but nothing seemed to work. My breathing seemed loud in the quiet room and I kept my eyes closed to stave off embarrassment.

"I'm sorry," I whispered mournfully when she took a break. I could hear her dipping the cloth into the tub and ringing it out before it returned to my body.

"What the hell are you sorry for?" she asked. I could hear the tension in her voice and hoped it wasn't my fault.

"I feel like I am disrespecting you, when all you are doing is trying to help me." The gentle motions of her hands stopped and I could feel the weight of her stare on my shuttered face.

"Open your eyes, Slim," she ordered, and as with every other time she ordered, I obeyed. At some point while my eyes were closed, she must have removed her bra, so the first thing my eyes were greeted with was a glimpse of her perfectly pink-tipped breasts. I noticed a delicate silver hoop pierced through one little nipple before I slammed my eyes closed once more.

"Nope," she snapped as she shifted so she was straddling my extended legs. The silky skin of her thighs brushed against my hips as she settled against me. I stifled a moan as my erection was compressed beneath her weight. Without my permission, my hands came up to wrap around her barely covered behind. "There is no disrespect here. There's only you and me."

"But…" my argument was swallowed by her lips as she kissed me. Her breasts pressed against my damp chest as she wrapped her arms around my neck, her mouth pulling moans from somewhere deep in my gut. I pulled her hips against my lap, rocking her in a subtle back and forth motion that was quickly driving me insane.

"Do you want me?" she whispered against my open mouth. My lips were parted as I desperately sucked air into my parched lungs. Everything was hypersensitive; the feel of her weight on my lap, the tugging pull of her fingers in my hair, the sensation of her working her way into my soul.

"I've never wanted anything more in my entire life," I replied as I finally opened my eyes and met her stare. The bravado that had always been at war with her insecurity finally seemed to be at bay. There was no cowering hard ass before me. Instead I felt like I was actually with the real Bella.

And apparently…we were going to have sex.

A/N: Oh...hello? Thought I had jumped off the face of the earth, didn't you? I'm so, so sorry. I promise that I haven't given up on these two. I still have the main plot in place and I'm hoping to get it finished up soon. I have made so many continuity mistakes since it's taking me so long between updates, so I apologize.

Apparently, they're going to have sex. I'll work on that!