A couple of months ago if you had told Gypsy she would be going shopping for a party dress with the Avengers and Pepper Potts she would have hit you over the head for being stupid. Now if you told her she'd say something along the lines of "Well no duh that's what I'm doing right now." Tony was throwing a party in an attempt to raise money to fix up D.C. (not to mention a bunch of other places) and had insisted that everyone in the house attend. Which included Gypsy.

Not that Gypsy had anything against parties. Normally she'd be pumped and ready to freak out wealthy people but this was also going to be her "coming out" party as her dad so loved to call it. He'd be officially introducing her as his daughter and she'd have to talk to paparazzi. Just the idea of her face being plastered across the news for everyone to see freaked her out. What if she looked awful? Also, there was a lot of expectations that came with being the daughter of the infamous Tony Stark. What if she didn't live up to those expectations. When she admitted her fears to her dad he had told her casually but sincerely that it didn't matter if she didn't live up to their expectations because he loved her either way. Which of course made Gypsy feel a hell of a lot better till she saw yet another story speculating about Gypsy on the news.

"Gypsy stop dragging your feet!" Pepper said though she was grinning. Gypsy looked up from the ground, pulling herself out of her worried thoughts, and smiled slightly at her soon to be step mom. Pepper had been looking forward to this shopping trip for weeks since Tony had given her permission to help dress everyone. Not a single person had a choice on what they were buying, not even Tony.

"I'm doing it on purpose Pep." Gypsy said, picking up her pace a little. "I'm trying to delay the inevitable." She said.

Clint slung a brotherly arm around her shoulders. "Aw but you'll look so cute in a dress! You'll actually look like a girl!" He said jokingly.

Gypsy shoved Clint away with a grin. "Shut up bird brain. I look fabulous all the time." She said, striking a jokingly vain pose as she did. Clint snorted in mock disbelief while everyone else laughed. Gypsy grinned for a minute but then it slipped into a childish pout. "I still don't understand why I have to wear a dress though. Or why we had to come all the way to Italy to get one." She said.

Tony stuck his hands in his pockets and looked around with a lazy smile. He didn't want to be here anymore than Gypsy but he had given Pepper permission to pick out their clothes and she had always had a thing for foreign designs. Natasha and Pepper had already gotten very beautiful dresses in Paris, gorgeous things that would make them stand out. Clint had gotten a simple but charming tuxedo there as well mostly because he looked better in them than in fancy suits. Pepper wanted the rest of them to be in Italian flair though. She wanted Bruce and Steve to really stick out from the crowd for once and feel confident. She also wanted Tony and Gypsy to match somewhat and since Tony always looked best in Italian suits Gypsy had to get an Italian dress.

"You have to wear a dress because it's a formal party and you had to come all the way to Italy because Pepper said so and you were too scared to argue." Tony said, shooting his daughter a smile.

"I'm not scared of her." Gypsy said immediately. Pepper gave her a mocking evil look that Gypsy playfully shrunk away. "Okay, maybe a little." Gypsy said jokingly, earning another laugh from her crazy family.

It took them about five minutes to get to the store Pepper had in mind. It was big and looked about as fancy as a ballroom. Gypsy groaned and placed herself closer to Steve, locking hands with him where her dad couldn't see. The super soldier smiled at her and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as they followed Pepper and the others into the store. Pepper's eyes immediately fell on three suits she liked and she ordered each boy to go try them on. Which meant Steve had to leave Gypsy.

Natasha noticed the pout on Gypsy's face as she watched her boyfriend got to the changing rooms and walked over to the girl, barely containing a smile. "You don't have to look so grumpy you know." Natasha said teasingly. Gypsy didn't pay any attention to her but the Russian knew she was listening. "He'll be right back, it's not the end of the world." She told the younger girl. Gypsy smiled at that and playfully shoved the redhead. Natasha had opened up quite a bit to Gypsy ever since Clint admitted to telling Gypsy about his time under Loki's spell. If Clint trusted the girl that much then Natasha thought she might as well try to trust her that much too and she did. For the most part. She would forever be considered in Natasha's mind as her little sister though she still hadn't told the girl about her life before S.H.I.E.L.D. Natasha didn't plan to tell her about it either. It was just too sad.

"Gypsy!" Pepper called out. Somehow the woman had made it all the way to the back of the store without them noticing.

"I'm going to die." Gypsy said mournfully before walking towards the back of the store, leaving a smirking Natasha behind her.

Clint went over to Natasha's side, grinning at the sorrowful looking Gypsy as she wandered towards Pepper. "She having fun yet?" He asked. Natasha smiled and shook her head. "Not surprising. She isn't the dressy type." Clint said cheerfully.

Natasha shrugged a little but she had a knowing look in her eyes. "Every girl likes to look nice even if they pretend they don't." She said when Clint gave her a questioning look. "Trust me, Gypsy will come out grinning and strutting." She said.

Sure enough, when Gypsy came back she was doing just that. She looked uncomfortable but she was still smiling a little and walking like a runway model. The dress she had on was red and formfitting. She looked like what Tony would if he was a girl in that dress. "How do I look?" Gypsy asked, spinning like a model so they could see all angles of her.

"Like a ketchup bottle." Clint said immediately, grinning. Natasha hit him upside the head for that and he laughed, rubbing the spot she hit. "You look nice Roses." He admitted grudgingly.

Gypsy grinned then looked down at the dress, a thoughtful look on her face. "It's not really my style though is it? I mean, it is but it just...isn't. You know?" She said somewhat regretfully. It was a very pretty dress and she did look amazing in it but she just felt it didn't look like she really belonged in it. Pepper had had a look on her face that said that but she sent her to show off in front of the assassins anyways just to make sure it wasn't just her who thought so.

Natasha smiled but shook her head. "Not that one." She said simply.

Gypsy nodded and walked back towards Pepper who already had three different dresses picked out for Gypsy to try on. While Gypsy had been talking she had sent the boys back to the changing rooms to try on some different suits, displeased with the first three. Natasha thought Pepper was a tad OCD when it came to fashion while Clint just thought he was a bit insane. He was about to say that too when he noticed a group of boys standing in the store watching Gypsy as she walked off. They seemed to be there to pick out suits but they were idling around eyeing the girls trying on designer dresses. Clint felt himself getting protective of Gypsy and Natasha sensed it. She followed his eyes to the group of boys checking out Gypsy and sighed.

"Clint they're just checking her out. You can't kill them for that." Natasha told him. Clint mumbled something unintelligible but nodded reluctantly, still glaring at the boys.

Bruce came over a few minutes later looking slightly frazzled and ready to go home. "Pepper liked the second suit." He told the assassins when he reached them. The two nodded, eyeing the suit Pepper was handing over to a cashier to hold onto. It would look great on Bruce and draw him into focus a little, something he was uncomfortable with but everyone lovingly wanted him to get over. "I suggested that I pay for it." Bruce said regretfully. The assassins winced and shot Bruce compassionate looks. Pepper's threatening was scarier than having a gun pointed at your head. She was so sweet while she said something threatening and she'd grin away like it was nothing.

"We'll be adding that to the list of dumb things Bruce did." Clint said with a slight smile.

Bruce gave the assassin a confused look. "There's a list?" He asked, sounding more intrigued and confused than hurt.

"It's a small one." Gypsy said as she approached them. They all turned to look at her to see she was wearing a sleek purple dress with barely any back and a very low cut front. "It consists of the time you laughed so hard milk came out of your nose and the time you let Dummy out of the lab." Gypsy said with a cheerful smile.

"In my defense the milk was your father's fault." Bruce said, smiling slightly. He was trying extremely hard not to go into uncle mode and demand she find a more conservative dress. Clint was trying not to say anything too, especially when he noticed the group of boys eyeing her again. "Also, how was I supposed to know Dummy would attack someone when I let him out? Who gave him that fire extinguisher anyways?" Bruce said.

"Dad told me he did when he was first building the Iron Man suit. Apparently the AI never gave it up." Gypsy said, thinking fondly of the stupid robot back home. He brought her chocolate milk sometimes when she was in the lab with her dad and Bruce. He was adorable, like a puppy. "So how about this one Nat?" Gypsy asked, placing her hands gently on her hips.

Before Natasha could answer one of the boys Clint was glaring at wolf whistled at Gypsy. The boys started calling out comments to her in Italian, thinking that none of the group would understand so they could say whatever they wanted. Unfortunately for them Clint and Natasha spoke fluent Italian. "Gyp, go change into a different dress before your uncle and brother have a fit." Natasha said calmly as Clint slowly stalked over to the group of boys. Gypsy nodded and walked back towards Pepper and the dressing rooms, going slowly so that when Clint reached the boys she got a clear view of him socking the biggest one in the nose.

Clint had the whole group of boys running out of the store by the time Tony and Steve showed back up, both having gotten their suits. "What was that all about?" Tony asked as he watched Clint storm back over to the group still muttering away in Italian.

Natasha hit Clint upside the head when she heard a not so nice word in Italian slip from his lips. "It was nothing Tony. Clint just decided to be an idiot and get into a fight." She lied. Neither Clint nor Bruce decided to correct her, knowing exactly how Tony would react if he knew the truth. He'd go after those boys immediately and beat them himself.

"What, did they insult his medieval weapons or something?" Tony asked jokingly. Clint shot him an annoyed look, his weapons were not medieval. His arrows could explode for God's sake! "Oh don't look so pouty Legolas. It was only a joke." Tony said, laughing a little.

Gypsy came back out right then in a black dress with a bunch of frills. She looked miserable in it and it made them all think she was going to a very fancy funeral. They told her immediately to go try on something else which she smiled at and practically ran back to Pepper who was starting to look a little annoyed. Gypsy was a hard one to buy a dress for. She made the girl try on several more dresses that varied in color and style. Finally though Pepper found the perfect one and everyone instantly knew it too when Gypsy came walking confidentially over to them, looking completely at ease in the dress.

The dress reminded Gypsy somewhat of ancient Roman fashion. For the most part it was a dark turquoise except for one part that seemed almost like a toga. It was a greenish blue that reminded Gypsy of the ocean and had gorgeous golden flowers embroidered on the surface. It was apart of the dress itself but it almost seemed like it wasn't. Some of it was attached to a golden belt like thing that wrapped around Gypsy's waist and one of her shoulders. It seemed to be held on by a large golden brooch resting at the center of her chest. It looked like a decoration, the belt and the almost toga, but it wasn't which just made the dress seem interesting. It was sleek and elegant and yet strange, almost unapproachable. It stood out and was a beautiful difference from what the other women at the party would be wearing. It was a perfect dress for Gypsy. (I'm not the best as describing dresses so anyone who wants to see the dress go to aleixpress. come/ item-img/ high-qulity-Italian-design-evening-dress-qy640/ take out all the spaces I added in to use the link)

"So I'm thinking this one." Gypsy said, twirling around in the dress. "Not that I have any say in it but I'm pretty sure Pepper thinks this ones it." She added quickly, shooting the ginger standing nearby a smile. Pepper nodded and Gypsy grinned wildly, glad she was getting this dress. She looked freakin' awesome in it and she felt great in it too, like a model.

"It's definitely a Stark kind of dress." Tony said approvingly. Gypsy grinned even wider at that which of course made everyone else smile. It was still funny to most of the team how much the relationship between the two Starks had changed so much. "Now go change back into regular clothes so we can get the heck out of here." Tony said. Gypsy nodded agreeingly and practically ran back to the changing room, tripping a little as she did since she was so unused to the confines of a dress. Tony and Pepper followed after her, Pepper lovingly telling Tony shopping was not that bad.

Clint was by Steve the second Tony was out of earshot. "So Spangles, what's your opinion of the dress?" He asked, his tone teasing but his eyes telling the super soldier to answer very carefully.

Steve shifted awkwardly, not wanting to answer Clint but knowing he had to. "She looked beautiful." He mumbled awkwardly though that was a massive understatement. She had looked absolutely stunning. The dress had hugged her curves in a way that made them noticeable but not so much that it was the main feature. She'd looked regal in that dress. Regal and intimidating like a lion. Steve's face had flushed red when he saw her and there was still a light tint of pink in his cheeks even though she wasn't there anymore.

"A safe answer. Good job Cap." Natasha said with a smile. Steve's cheeks turned bright red and Natasha chuckled lightly, amused by how easy it was to embarrass the super soldier. "I don't blame you Cap. Any other answer and Clint would have punched you." The Russian said cheerfully.

"Yeah, I would have." Clint admitted, sounding disappointed that he didn't get to.

Five minutes later the Avengers were practically running out of the store, shouting about how they were so glad the shopping was over. Pepper gave them a calm speech about enjoying the finer things in life as they hailed down a couple of taxis, the suits and the dress held protectively in her arms as she did. The team and Gypsy quickly apologized to the ginger, not wanting to anger her. A terrifyingly sweet Pepper was scary but a terrifyingly sweet pregnant Pepper was downright horrifying. Lucky for them though her anger was gone by the time they reached the airport and boarded Tony's oh so famous private jet.

"I can't wait to get home. I missed it today." Gypsy said, plopping down in one of the very comfortable seats. The others nodded in agreement as they took their own seats, already feeling too tired to party.

"Well knowing you guys you'll sleep fifteen hours once we get home so you'll only have about three and a half hours to enjoy it before we get back on the jet again." Pepper said, already doing the math in her head. She didn't notice how she was tracing patterns on her swollen stomach but everyone else did and they smiled despite the news she was giving them. Pepper was very lucky she'd hit that time when flying pregnant was okay. It wouldn't last long of course but still. "The party starts at eight thirty but we won't be arriving till nine since our host," Pepper gave Tony a small smile," likes to arrive fashionably late. Since we'll be leaving at three and arriving in New York at eight anyways that gives us thirty minutes to get to the party during which time we'll be adding small touchups to your looks. Then we'll spend thirty minutes with the paparazzi before heading to the actual party which will end sometime at midnight."

"So we're staying in New York for the night?" Gypsy guessed, sounding a tad bit sad.

Pepper gave the young girl a smile. "Just for the night and you'll love the place we'll be staying at." She assured her. Tony grinned wildly at that, already thinking about how he was going to impress the team with Stark Towers.