"Actions speak louder than words," Bella proclaimed.

"Eager beaver! I give you eight inches; you take a yard."

"Please," she purred. "You hit the nail on the head."

"I'm no Johnny-come-lately!"

"I know! Now, how about putting your nose to my grindstone?"

Edward snickered. "I'll leave no stone unturned."

"Et tu, Brute? Shall I put my mouth where my moneymaker is?"

"Dunno, pussycat. Once bitten, twice shy."

"Aww, you know my bark is worse than my bite."

Superman's smile lit up the night sky. "Helllllo, Kitty!"

Cuddled up and giggling softly together, they pelted each other with clich├ęs through sunrise.

*And they lived happily ever after!*

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