Not my property, sadly.

Denny had known for a long time now that when it came to Izzie Stevens it was real. Real for him. It went beyond flirting and a little crush on the pretty doctor. This was real, his feelings... they were real.

When it came to her... he went back and forth on what he thought was real for her, what she truly felt towards him. He knew she was charmed by him to an extent, but as for real love... that was something he couldn't always believe.

He knew it was more in his head too than in her actions. But it was there.

But as she stood there crying, begging him... then he knew. He knew her feelings were as real as his. He knew she was in love with him, just as he was in love with her.

Tears were in his eyes at the miracle of that alone.

Fate sure was a funny thing.