Chapter 12

Wet Dreams

The team returned from a short but tiring mission. Erza dragged her massive cart toward Fairy Hills to begin the long task of unpacking. Lucy dragged her feet homeward, whining that part of their reward money had to be used to repair buildings Natsu broke. Instead of going to the guild, Gray and Natsu went straight home.

Straight to Gray's home, that is.

They had been living together for a few days, and Natsu felt right at home in the cold apartment. Gray even made a copy of his key, so Natsu could come right in whenever he wanted. Nobody had yet caught on that they were going home together after parties at the guild. Living together was a nice experiment, something Gray hoped they could keep doing someday. He knew that eventually Happy would return from his mission to New Extalia, but until then he could make-believe that Natsu lived here, that they were a couple, and … he like that idea. A lot!

They were even settling into something like a domestic routine. Natsu got his shower first, so he could make the water as hot as he wanted, while Gray made tea for them to drink and began unpacking their clothes from the mission. He got the laundry started and put away clean clothes Natsu had not worn. Natsu had his own little section of the closet now, and one drawer of Gray's dresser was for his clothes, just enough for a week, since that was as long as they figured the Exceed would be gone. Still, sharing space, mixing laundry, cooking together, sleeping together—this was a level of intimacy Gray had never experienced with a partner, and he wondered why he allowed Natsu, of all people, to be this close to him.

Natsu came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and without a word Gray went in after him. It was way too hot and steamy in the shower. Natsu always forgot to open a window or turn on a vent. He liked it steamy; Gray could not stand it. There were always little things that annoyed one another, but they seemed so petty now.

A few minutes later, Gray came out of the shower drying his hair. Natsu was crashed out on the bed, his hair still damp, and he was slowly touching himself, not full strokes, just slight caresses to a half-erection hidden in his boxers. Gray often caught him doing this, almost like Natsu did not realize he was even doing it. It was like a toddler who rubbed the crotch of his diapers, not knowing why touching that area felt so good, only understanding that it made him relaxed and happy. The Dragon Slayer liked the feel of arousal without the full satisfaction of climax.

"Need help with that?" Gray offered.

"Nah. I'm tired … and I'm horny."

Gray laughed at the sleepy words. "Well, which one do you want: touched or sleep?"

In a drowsy mumble, Natsu drawled out, "Touch me in my sleep."

Gray tossed the wet towel into the hamper. "Should I turn off the light and let you take a nap before dinner?"


Gray turned off the lamp, and the room went dark with only the ruddy sunset glow from outside to light them. Then he laid naked next to Natsu and gazed down at his relaxed face.

"You fought hard today. You deserve a rest."

"Hmmmm," he hummed, drifting off already.

Gray chuckled at Natsu's closed eyes and how his breaths were already slowing down. "You're really zonking out, aren't you?"


"So, do you really want me to touch you as you sleep?"


"God, you're sexy!" he whispered.

"Keep me hard," Natsu mumbled, only barely awake. "I wanna wake up with an erection. Don't wanna come, though. If … I don't come … he can't … not let you … don't call me … boy … fight it … 'astard … find … safe place … here's … mine…" He muttered a few more broken phrases as his breathing went heavy with dreams.

Those mutters worried Gray. Natsu still did not want to talk more about what happened in his past, and Gray decided to let him reveal things as he slowly healed. He never pushed for more information.

Gray reached down to Natsu's boxers. He touched the softened cock, moving gently, until he felt it twitching and coming to life. Natsu groaned, and he thrust slightly in his sleep. However, he did not wake up. As he slept, Natsu kept alternating, hard and soft. Gray loved feeling both ways. Sometimes Natsu went soft despite Gray's caressing hands, and sometimes he became stiffly aroused with hardly any touching at all.

Gray lazily played as he watched the Dragon Slayer sleep. He was unsure if he had ever stared for so long at Natsu. He examined every detail of that somnolent face: the edges of his neck scar, the way his eyelashes rested, a tiny flake of dry skin on his eyebrow, the shape of his nose, and the creases in his lips as he breathed in and out of a slightly parted mouth. As his hand cupped Natsu's most sensitive area, he felt warm simply lying here next to the Dragon Slayer, watching him reverently. He wondered if Natsu had spent nights doing the same, gazing down at Gray in the moonlight.

Suddenly, Natsu's cock went turgid, and he began to pant hard. His sleeping face drew up, and Gray worried that he was about to come in his sleep. He did not want Natsu to lose in whatever this contest was of delaying his orgasm as long as possible, so he leaned over and kissed the boy so hard, it woke him up.

"Whuh?" Natsu asked in sleepy confusion. Then he felt the strain in his underwear. "Oh God, what did you do to my dick?"

"I think you were having a wet dream."

"Wet dream?" he asked. "But I was dreaming about…" He broke off and began to blush.

"About what?"


Gray felt jealous. "About who?" he demanded.

Natsu looked away. "It's stupid. Just a dream."

"About who?" he repeated louder.

Natsu frowned and mumbled, "About … Edo-Gray."

"What?" Gray bellowed in covetous rage. "That over-dressed lookalike?"

"It's not how you think. It was like … I was Edo-Natsu in the dream, and in Edolas, their version of you is best friends with their version of me. So in my dream, the two of them were like us, only I—that is, Edo-Me—was the one on top, and you—Edo-You—were the bottom."

Gray's mouth dropped. Instead of being jealous, he began to feel intensely curious about this sort of mirror-universe dream. "So you were dreaming about switching places?"

"More than just who's on top. Edo-Gray was the one who kept breaking down and had issues. Edo-Natsu was the one comforting you … him … whatever. It's not as easy to tell you two apart when you're both naked. I was … I mean, he was … It's confusing and stupid, okay?" he shouted.

"No, that sounds seriously hot," Gray said in amazement. "I want to hear more." He stroked Natsu again, still hard in his boxers. "Tell me everything about the dream. Where were we?"

Natsu flushed to his ears. "W-we were in Fireball Natsu's car, in the backseat, and we were … I mean, they were…"

"Fucking each other?"

"The doubles of us were, but only in my dream. They're just friends in real life."

"You can say it like it's us then, that's fine."

Natsu smelled Gray's arousal. "We were in the car. You were lying down across the backseat, and I was above. I was … thrusting into you."

Gray reached to his own sudden erection and stroked it. "Yeah? What else?"

Natsu watched Gray's hands as they stroked both erections at the same time. "You were moaning my name over and over. And I … I was thrusting into you … while stroking you."

"Mmmh," Gray moaned, imagining something like that really happening.

"I had tied your hands up with the seatbelt. I was holding you down, restraining you."

"Yesss…" Gray moaned. "More. Tell me more."

Natsu licked his lips as he watched Gray's face, eyes closed, indulging in the fantasy. "I leaned over." He rolled over to hover over Gray. "And I did this." He bent down and bit Gray on the nipple.

"Arrrgh!" Gray cried out.

"Don't touch me," Natsu ordered, and Gray pulled his hand away immediately. Natsu was breathing hard, but without stimulation, he could continue without being tied up. "I was the one biting you," he whispered hotly into Gray's ear. "I was the one leaving marks. I told you it was okay, since you wore so much clothing."

Gray laughed breathlessly at that. Maybe his mirror universe twin had an advantage.

"I kept thrusting in," Natsu breathed seductively, tweaking Gray's nipples between his fingers. "You were begging me to stop, but I wouldn't. You weren't saying the safeword, so I kept going. You were shouting, 'No. Stop. Don't touch me there. It's weird.' You needed to feel like you were being forced, and I was … not really, but it was like … like I was raping you. Ignoring your pleas. Forcing you to feel me. But I knew it was okay. You knew what to say if things went too far, but … but this was how you liked it. Forceful. Rough. Ramming in without mercy. Ravaging you!"

Gray whimpered as his hips thrust up from the mattress. The growl in Natsu's voice was terrifying and arousing. "Tell me more!"

Natsu licked his lip as he savored the sight of Gray being so aroused just listening to his story. "I wouldn't listen. I held your wrists down so you couldn't escape. I kept going, pushing you more and more."

Natsu licked his finger, getting it slippery wet, then reached down and pressed it inside Gray's rear entrance. Those stormy-blue eyes fluttered open wide. It had been a very long time since Natsu had touched him down there, and the feeling shocked him. He tried to stutter out Natsu's name, but the fervid words silenced him.

"I was ramming into your ass," Natsu told him as he thrust his finger in. "Harder. Faster. Over and over. Thrusting myself into you." He squeezed a second finger in, and Gray howled at the painful pleasure. "I was stroking you faster. Your cock was leaking all over my hand, but I wouldn't let you come. I wanted more. You were screaming so loudly. I wanted to hear you say my name." He leaned down, bit Gray's earlobe, and growled. "Moan my name, bitch."

"N-Natsu," Gray cried out.



"Yes." He began to rub his arousal against the side of Gray's leg, feeling the friction in his boxers. His fingers brushed against a small pebble inside, and he aimed there, rubbing it mercilessly. "I was completely overwhelming you. Touching you. Thrusting into you. Fucking you hard!"

Gray cried out. He felt himself close. So damn close!

"And then you woke me up, bastard. Before those two doubles of us could finish, you woke me up. So I have to finish the dream here. I have to force you to come."

He latched his mouth onto Gray's neck while pinching his nipple hard and piston-pounding his ass. Gray cried out as the tension snapped within him. He shuddered as spurts shot out over his stomach.

Damn! He hoped someday Natsu could get over his problems and they could live out that fantasy. He really wanted to feel the Dragon Slayer inside of him again. His fingers were a mere tease to how that prodigious cock would feel.

Natsu released his mouth as he heard Gray's weary, slow breaths that showed he was done. The mark on Gray's neck would be something everyone would see. There was no way to hide it normally.

"You'll have to wear a turtleneck," he smirked.

Gray reached up to the slight ache in his neck. Then he glared wearily. "Bastard."

Natsu reached over to the tissue box, one to be used for his fingers, one for Gray to wipe up the creamy mess. "Do you like that idea? Me topping you?" he asked as they cleaned up.

"Hell yes."

Natsu smiled, although there was a hint of sadness in his eyes. "I want to do that someday. I want to get better, so I can be on top, and maybe … maybe…" He gulped hard as desire and fear clashed. "Someday, I want to … to come … inside you. I know I can't do it yet, not with my issues, but … if it's you … knowing it's you and … and you won't … do something like that…"

Gray reached up to stroke that flushed face with the back of his knuckles. "Natsu, if you come in my ass, all I can do is shit it out."

"I know," he pouted deeply. "I want to convince myself that it's okay. I want to be able to do that someday. I keep dreaming, but even my dreams won't let me think that I can do it. It's always dreams about Edolas, and it's him who does it. But someday…" He leaned over and kissed Gray. "Someday, I want to be able to make love to you without the mental mess."

Gray smiled up confidently at him and stroked his cheek. "Someday, we will."

Natsu felt that if Gray said so, it would definitely happen. "I love you, Gray."

Gray felt the small hesitation of panic. "Someday, I'll be able to tell you that back."

"We both have work to do."

"Yeah. Both of us are a mess still."

"But we're getting better."


Still, as Gray left to the bathroom to wash up, he felt so weak, being unable to say something so simple and fearing the emotions inside of him. He could not say it, not out loud, but he knew the truth in his heart.

He had fallen in love.

And it scared the crap out of him!

He had lost every person to whom he ever said 'I love you,' and that emotion now terrified him. Yet as Natsu entered the bathroom and washed his hands, the smile on that perky face warmed Gray again. If Natsu could slowly heal from something as horrific as that awful past of torturous abuse, then there was hope for himself, a way to melt his frozen heart, fiery touches that could scald those icy barriers, an igneous hero who could free him from his gelid jail.

"Are you okay?" Natsu asked in worry, gazing back at Gray in the mirror. "You look ready to cry. Did … did I hurt you? Was it my fingers? I know you're not used to that…"

"Shut up." Gray suddenly embraced Natsu from behind, pressing him up against the sink and squeezing him around the chest while resting his head within the softness of pink hair.

"Gray?" the Dragon Slayer asked in confusion.

"You're burning me up," Gray whispered, clutching him with desperation. "Don't ever stop."

Slowly, the confusion passed, and Natsu sighed as he smelled the changes in Gray. Relief and love were a nice smell when they mixed with Gray's frosty forest scent. "Same goes to you."

Gray looked up and stared at himself and Natsu side by side in the mirror. He saw the redness around his eyelids as he forced himself not to cry. He looked so pathetic. What sort of Dominant was he?

Maybe the sort who had a lover who refused to be submissive.

"I lo- … uh…" Gray flinched at the prickling fear that filled him whenever he tried to say the word. "You … I lo- … luh-…"

"Gray, don't," Natsu said, and he turned around to face the ice wizard directly. "Don't force yourself. I know." He tiptoed up and kissed Gray on his straining, tightened lips. "I already know … idiot."

"I really am an idiot," Gray grumbled. "I can't even say it properly."

"The words mean nothing. You show me in everything you do." He grabbed the naked hips and pulled Gray closer. "And I like to show you. Showing you how I feel is way better than some words. How about I show you by buying some take-out? We'll stay in tonight, cuddle on the couch, and maybe I'll let you touch me some more."

Gray smirked, feeling better simply by the understanding in Natsu's words. "Can I drive you crazy?"

Natsu chuckled lustfully. "You always do!"

End of Chapter 12

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