You Are My Fire

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Prologue: Separate World's

Korra's POV

I exhaled, inhaled, then exhaled, then inhaled-trying to calm myself . Just like Tenzin had thought me, ignoring all the sounds outside and-

" Ah screw this!" I grumbled, shooting up on my feet while doing a fantastic show of throwing my arms into the air in complete frustration. I can't do this! I simply can't do this. I began pacing nervously from side to side, crossing my arms in front of me while shaking my head.

" Korra!" someone was calling from a distance.

I ducked behind a bush, hoping that my ponytail didn't give away my location. Thankfully, the servants went the other direction. I let out a sigh of relief once I see them gone. Sinking into the floor, I sighed heavily. It's not that I don't enjoy the people I'm around with. Everyone around the palace is very enjoyable, but this whole deal about being the next future Queen irritates me to deep end. You can't even begin to imagine all the lessons I've had to put up with throughout the years. All the crap about acting royalty, being a leader, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I wished that all the pressure wasn't solely depending on me. People probably thought being queen meant you could do all you please. In reality, there's so much responsibility you have to take care of. A whole kingdom watching your every move.

I was 10 when I was chosen by the past king and queen to be the next queen of their kingdom. They had gone to great length to find the perfect queen, even traveled to my home place at the Water Tribes,since they couldn't have kids of their own.I have no idea what they saw in me that day, but they had spoken to my parents constantly the following weeks. Next thing I know I'm privileged with the notion that I may be queen someday. I've been living in this palace ever since. My parents visit me frequently and all, but I still miss being home. The King and Queen passed away only last year. They had been murdered. Now it's up to me to take the role of being the next queen. I let out another sigh, if only things were so simple.

" Korra! Korra? There you are Korra! Why are you hiding behind a bush?" a girl with buns peeked over the bush, her voice so loud she was almost yelling.

I stiffened. " Shh!" I warned, as if it weren't too obvious that everyone else pretty much knew I was here now. "Thanks Ikki, you sure know how to keep things hidden."

Ikki smiled at me. " Oh please. You call this hiding?" she grinned jumping over the bush.

I frowned, standing up.

" Everyone's looking for you Korra! You have meetings, dates, and more training to attend to."

" Ugh. I know-don't remind me," I groaned. I can't even catch a break. I began to make my way towards the load of people fussing about all my appointments and my duties. fun. I fake a smile.

By the time dinner time rolls in I am so aggravated, I started stabbing my poor food, making it look like plain mush.

" Korra. I believe food is made for eating," Tenzin said, eyeing the last piece of smashed chicken.

" I'm not hungry," I mumbled, giving up on the chicken and moving towards the rice.

Tenzin drew in a breath. " This is not how a queen should behave," he mentioned. I stopped to look at him. Tenzin is my trainer and the one who is taking charge of all the king's and queen's duty before I step in. " You're almost a queen. In the next month you'll be 18 finally."

I sat up straighter in my chair. In the next month? With all this frustrating queen stuff, I had forgotten all about my 18th birthday. The day I am crowned queen. A shiver goes down my spine. So soon?

" A month! I can't be ready to be a queen in a month!" I shouted out.

" A month is enough time. We have to train you farther down. Prepare your intellectuality and your physical strength. The people always admire a strong queen." Tenzin continued with his queen lecture.

I listened but my heart is not in it.

" Don't worry Korra, everything will work out," Pema smiled at me, the only who somewhat understood the complexions thrown at me.

" Besides being a queen means you get lots of attention! I bet boys will go nuts for you," Jinora inputted eagerly.

Boys were the least of my problems. I glanced down on my food. " What if…I'm not ready?" I asked.

" You'll have to. It's your duty," Tenzin was loosing his patience. Frankly so was I. " No! You don't understand! I won't be ready in a month, or a year, or even a decades! This royalty gig is not for me!" I suddenly burst, causing a couple gasp to escape out.

" Korra!" Tenzin gasped. " You were chosen by the King and Queen themselves. You have to be the queen."

" Well what if I don't want to be queen!" I yelled. The room falling quiet after. Tension coming from Tenzin and me as we glared as each other. I turned around and left the kitchen without a word I headed towards the training room. Practicing martial arts was the only thing that made being a queen pretty amazing.

A month! How can I possible be queen? Rule a whole kingdom? How will I even be a leader? I stop training to look out the window. I know how important this role of queen is, but…I can't do this. This is not the life I want. I probably wanted it back when I was 12, but now that I actually know all this queen business. I would do anything to not be it. I placed my elbows on the windowpane. Out there was the real world. One full of adventures, instead of being locked in a castle, always watched by others. No time to actually have fun. Maybe it's time I permanently say goodbye to this. I could restart my world…out there in the actual streets.

Mako's POV


Running from the cops, I pulled Bolin collar, as burst into a sudden run to the next side of the road.

" I don't even know why they're making a big deal out of it. It's just an orange." Bolin ran behind me, glancing up at the ferret in his head, he grinned at it. " You were just hungry huh? It's not like it's the last orange the planet! So what if we stole a small orange right Pabu" The ferret nodded agreeing.

I rolled my eyes, pointing for us to make a dodge towards the left lane. " The orange is not the problem, it's the fact that Pabu attacked the merchant because he tried to snatch his orange back."

Bolin grinned sheepishly. " It's never good to snatch. That merchant had it coming, and besides Pabu wouldn't harm a fly."

I shot him a knowing look. " Are you sure I didn't see scratch marks all over the merchants hands?"

Bolin smile disappered. " Okay. So Pabu went pretty wild. I still don't see what the big deal is besides I believe Pabu artistic scratching were an improvement on that greedy merchant arms."

All though I agreed with Bolin about that. I still couldn't believe my little brother would go through all that trouble for a freaking orange…now the cops are chasing us like crazy. We've done this before, this running away from cops. That was basically our lives ever since we were small. We do what we do to survive, even if it meant breaking a few laws from time to time. But hey, at least we have each other to look after. That's all that ever mattered to me.

" Mako! Over here!" Bolin pointed to a set of stairs heading towards the roof of an abandon watchtower. I give a slight nod before following him up the stairs. Once up we glanced down.

" You think they're gone?" I asked Bolin checking around the area. The sound of sirens were still going off, but they were heading towards another direction.

" Of course! We're completely safe! Those cops are just dumb asses," Bolin grinned looking over at Pabu. " But we are smarter aren't we Pabu, those ugly mean idiots couldn't even catch us."

" Dumb what?" Suddenly a cop appeared from the staircase, giving Bolin a hard glare.

Bolin, Pabu, and I stiffened.

" Did I say dumb? Whaaat?! What I meant is…," Bolin stammered. " You're very beautiful Chief Lin. Didn't no one tell you? I mean wow! Gorgeous. Those other cops are some lucky dudes no?"

Chief Lin narrowed her eyes into slits, as if throwing daggers are Bolin through her mind. I was unable to hold back a smile after that.

" Save it kid! You can't sweet talk me," Chief Lin reached for our gun.

I took this as the sign that we needed to go. My eyes scanned for anything we can land on. Finally noticing the jump to the other building isn't far gone I turned back to Bolin.

" Prepare to jump," I tell him quickly. Pabu quickly climbed into Bolin's shoulder.

" Jump?" Chief Lin wondered right as we busted into a sudden jump. We landed on the other roof and began running all over again. See as I said, running was part of our daily life.

" Finally! Home sweet home!" Bolin announced as we got into the entrance. Pabu collapse on the couch, looking more like a possum than a ferret.

I collapse on the chair, wiping the sweat forming in the top of my forehead. After that run all I needed was a good rest and a shower.

Bolin himself collapse on the couch, almost pulverizing Pabu underneath him. " Wow. What a night!"

I frowned. We were chased by the cops for hours and all for what? A FREAKING ORANGE? You got to be kidding me. I crossed my arms and glared at my younger brother.

Bolin opened one green eye to look at me. As if knowing what I was about to say he groaned, and closed his eyes again, pretending to be asleep.

" Bo. How many times have we had this discussion before? We have to be careful!" I began, but Bolin groaned louder.

" Yeah Yeah I heard it before-" Bolin mumbled into the couch cushion. " I'll be careful next time Mako"

" That's what you said last time! -And the time before last time! And the time-," I shake my head. " We're not little kids anymore. Things are more dangerous now bro. Now if they catch us they could kill us for the stuff we do."

Bolin made no reaction at this.

" Bo?" I asked, shaking him in the shoulder only to realize he was already snoring. I sigh, ready to wake him up when I realize that it didn't matter. Bolin knew about the dangers we faced being orphan street "rats" as a way to put it. I smiled at my brother. This may have not been the life we wanted, but it was we had. I let Bo sleep meanwhile setting my own bed in order. Sometimes I wonder whether we'll always live like this. I guess sometimes you can't change your life. Just as I got ready to hit the hay the sudden thunk escapes as an orange comes from Bolin's jacket, soon followed by a couple other oranges. Shaking my head , now I understand why cops were following us. It wasn't just about one orange, or Pabu's sudden attack, it was about multiple oranges.

" Bo," I groaned even as a grin escape my lips. I closed my eyes trying to sleep, but unable to. I locked my hands behind my head, looking outside at the moon. Hoping that tomorrow will be better than today and hoping that somehow things in our life could brighten up. Yeah right, as if a miracle could really stumble upon my life.

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