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Part I.

Chapter 1:

~Runaway Princess~

" Like a flame when things spread, they tend to burn."

Korra's Pov

" You're not seriously considering me wearing all of this right?" I stared in complete amusement at the zillions-okay that's an exaggerating,- but multiple piles of dresses all collapse in my bed. How does this girl find time to buy all this!?

" Of course, " Asami grinned, before frowning at the look I was shooting her way. " What? You don't expect to go to the ceremony tonight wearing your usual blue attire right? So ordinary Korra! Here you can pick any of the ones you like! They'll completely come in handy."

She picked up a much too revealing red dressed, in which she shoved into my hands.

I groaned, giving her the dress back. Out of all things, dressing up was probably among the last things I liked. Hence, I completely despised shopping. I can't believe Asami finds the time to actually do all this, she has way too much energy for these things.

" I am not wearing that," I mumbled just about to collapse on my bed when I realized it was still overcrowded with those beast of a burden dresses.

" Come on! This will look amazing Korra! It shows plenty of class, not to mention it brings out your cleavage! Always a bonus," Asami pointed out.

" NO!" I shook my head while face palming.

Asami sighed giving up on the dress. " Okay fine. But you seriously need to get something to wear for the ceremony. Remember you're the future queen. Lots of people will be looking at you." Asami eyed another dress in the pile, most likely going to attempt to drag me inside it. I try to hide back another groan, but the sigh was inevitable.

I slumped into the chair. " Asami, I don't think I can do this anymore," I confessed glancing down.

" Do what?" Asami asked, raising a perfect eyebrow.

" This," I signaled around us. " Being queen and all. It's great really. It's just- …too much pressure! To many rules- No FREEDOM what-so-ever. All these things I have to do. Ugh! It's like everyone is counting on me to solve everything-I'm just 17 I can't I- UGH!," I stood up letting go of all the frustration I've been holding back all this time.

Asami placed the dress down, tossing her hair back. " Korra you'll be an awesome queen. It's not like you'll be perfect straight out the bat. It takes time." Time is something I wish I could control. If I could be the perfect queen then I wouldn't have to worry about messing something up, or ruling a freaking kingdom. " What else can you do Korra?"

I sighed " I don't know….I could-I could…-," That's exactly when it hit me. If I wasn't stuck being the queen I could actually explore Republic City. I could go out in the world. Heck, I could do anything and everything I've always dreamt of doing. " Runaway! I can freaking runaway!" I jolted up with a grin in my face! I've thought of running away multiple times, but never has the thought come this far off to sounding like I might actually do it.

Asami eyes widened. " You're kidding. You're not actually thinking of running away."

I grinned. " Of course I am! I mean if I run away they have at least two months to find the new queen. I get to live a life outside the castle and everything will be great! I won't be in charge of so many people out there depending on me. No pressure, No leadership lessons, No more parties, gift, queen advices. Simply paradise."

Asami gasped, but a smile crept on her lip a moment later. " You're insane Korra! To abandon all this just so you could run away! " she laughed, waving her hand back. " I kind of liked the thought of a runaway queen out in the loose." She mused, before shaking her hand. " But you can't. You were chosen Korra- you can't just leave this behind."

She had a point there. I didn't want to disappoint so many people by running away. I frowned, crossing my arms in front of me. " I guess you're right. I can't run away-," biting my lip I headed towards the dresses in blue in which I found better than all the others. Asami turned to me suspiciously.

" If you do run away you'll tell me right?"

I looked at her then nod. " Of course I will," but I don't meet her eyes as I caught sight of a beautiful blue dress, with embodied swirls of blue silk and gold. " THIS ONE! DEFINITELY!"

" Hmm," Asami frowned. " You better."

~~~~~ ( Later)

By the time the ceremony started I was still in a mix. I knew I had a responsibility to be here, but I couldn't help keeping the running away thoughts from circling my mind. My hair is decorated nicely, two curls coming down at the side of my face, while the back is braided nicely. I stared at my reflection, the thoughts still swirling my head.

" Korra! We're ready? Are you ready! Oh! You're hair so pretty? Was it ever this long? Did it take forever to braid. You should wear it down more often. Oh the ceremony will be so much fun!" Ikki grinned while jumping up and down as she made a grab for my hair.

" Yeah I guess so," I stood up, heading towards the outside.

" What's wrong. Is something the matter?" Jinora asked.

" No I'm fine. Let's get this over with-," I said as we headed down to the main entrance. All around me people started clapping, some bowing down as I passed. I held back from grimacing, instead I focused on the few faces I recognized. Hiroshi Sato, Asami, Tarrlak, the council, and a couple others. You'd think I remember most of their names now that I've seen them multiple times, but honestly the only reason I remember the council and Tarrlak is because they get on my nerves.

Tenzin greeted everyone while I stayed nodding and forcing a smile. I almost felt like a complete fraud being out here. Asami at least fit in nicely into all this.

" How does it feel Korra, knowing that in a couple months you'll be the next queen?" Tarrlak appeared from behind me. " I bet it feels…overwhelming." he grinned, but that grin held a challenge.

You have no idea, I thought. I don't respond, seeing as this is how he usually plays his little games.

" Not only will you be the next queen in years, but also the youngest queen of all!"

As if that made me feel any better…. -

" I simple can't wait for the soon to be queen?" with calculated ease he grinned at me. " Unless of course you're not ready to be the queen. Are you?"

I turned abruptly away from him, making my way outside into the balcony. Almost immediately a group of guards followed me. I stormed into my room closing it behind me. Letting out a frustrating sigh I head towards the window. If I could just escape…- My eyebrows suddenly arched. Determination marking in my face. My choice was made.

Now, standing right outside the palace I feel great! There is so much freedom! It's like I'm finally living! I smiled widely as I gazed around. Most of the people didn't recognized me. I made sure I hid my hair under a cap. I grin feeling the sudden urge to jump up and down like a kid. It was the very first time I ever got to see the city without being bombarded by guards. The feeling of being out felt amazing! It wasn't very hard to escape. In fact the hardest part was deciding if I should take Naga, my best friend a.k.a my dog, or leave her behind. I decided to leave her for now, but I promised I would return for her.

" Move it," someone pushed passed me, actually brushing my shoulder.

" Oh. I'm sorry-,"

" Get out the way! Don't you see your disturbing the walkway just standing here," another person grumbled as he also pushed passed me. Soon more followed all grumbling at me.

" I'm sorry! I'm new here," I lied, quickly moving out of the way. As I look up I saw many give me dirty looks. I frowned. Never has anyone given me a dirty look. I glared back at those few I see , who look at me as if I were a disease.

" What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here! This is clearly a place for people with class,"

" Um.-," I frowned as a elderly lady sternly glares at me. " What do you mean isn't this place open for all people?" I asked backing away. I've never been in a situation where I'm not welcome before. To tell you the truth it wasn't a feeling I was liking.

" You think you're funny huh girl? Of course not. People of your class should stay out where they belong!"

" Listen lady I don't know what you're saying but I'm not-," someone shoved me down the ground all of a sudden. My hat close to falling off. What! Had someone just pushed me down? I turned back only to discover the lady gone and the group of guys who pushed me laughing at a distance. My knuckles clenched. How dare they- I stood up ready to march next to them when a familiar face stepped into my view. Chief Lin. I turned back around, tucking my cap down. I rushed out of her view quickly. Ah, those guys weren't even worth my time, I think as I make my way to explore more of my city. I reached into my pocket where I remember stashing a load of money. I felt it empty. Those bastards!

Mako's POV

" Thanks Mako, we'll be done now," A family man pushed the last of the shipping boxes into the truck.

I nodded, hoping that this little job might give me some money to last the weekend. I didn't want to retort to stealing again. Even though sometimes that's the only way I could ever get nice enough money.

" No problem." I answered, wiping the sweat collecting in my forehead.

Police officers rushed all over the place. I frowned, since this morning I've seen multiple cops pass by. Not to mention how noisy the city seemed tonight.

" Hey. What's going on with the police today?" I asked.

" Haven't you heard? The Queen is missing."

" Missing?"

" After yesterday's ceremony she hasn't been seen. Some say she got kidnapped. Poor girl," the family man sighed pulling out his wallet.

I shrugged, not really caring for the future queen. I hardly even knew how she looked like, since she never steps out of her perfectly protective palace. All I know is she's probably a royalty spoiled girl who has everything she wants. She probably is living the best life that I have never known. She probably is just calling attention with this whole missing thing. " Here's for the help," the man gave me a couple coins. I nodded. " Thanks."

As I head back home I stumbled into a group of people who are whispering to themselves about the queen, well princess since she's not technically queen yet. I stood at the bus stop waiting.

" I believe one of the enemy groups kidnapped her!"

" No, maybe it's her uncle! We all know the story behind her uncle. It's no good-,"

" Oh dear, I do hope someone finds Princess Korra, she's very strong-from what I hear. Very motivated with her decision, stubborn, oh and her eyes I hear are the brightest blue ever."

" I wouldn't be surprised if it was a obsessed lover that kidnapped her."

I frowned and attempted to drown out their gossip. It suddenly began pouring with rain. But for some reason I started imagining the bluest blue I could think of.

Korra's Pov


Afternoon: Cool. Could need some adjustment, but I'm good

Late Afternoon:…..


" UGH!" I groaned as I make my way to the streets. WORST DAY EVER. My clothes are pretty much ruined. Thanks of course to the rain. Did it had to rain particularly tonight? I slipped suddenly, almost making the sidewalk property of my forehead. I stood up quickly, but already my clothes were becoming more of a mess. Well on the bright side, this is probably the very first time I've ever gotten my clothes dirty and didn't have to change right away. People were still all over the street. Music was heard from all over the place. In general the city was really beautiful, but I've never known it could be so hard to hide from the police all day-or how some of the people here act. They really need some attitude adjustment. The rain calmed down a bit. I came to a halt as I bumped into someone.

" Oh my bad-," I begin when the person grunts and snatches his arm away. " Get away from me!"

I've been wandering the streets all day. Although it seemed fun at first, I'm starting to think that maybe staying out here wasn't exactly how I planned. I really should've thought of this better. I mean were in the world am I going to sleep? I ended up slumming where a couple of other homeless people stayed. Most of them we're creepy. For the first day here I sure wasn't liking it like I thought I would. I leaned against the wall. It'll get better in time. Tomorrow I'll look for a permanent place to stay-or maybe I will look for a job. I could start somewhere. My stomach suddenly rumbled. Ugh! With all the stressing out I've been I've almost forgotten how hungry I was. Great first day out and everything is clearly not going as plan. Maybe I should run away to another kingdom instead. I guess I'll manage without food for a day, even when my stomach is demanding something to be put in it or else it will have it's own little war right now. I hug myself to keep warm. There's a fire in the middle, but somehow that small fire isn't enough to warm. Self Note for Korra's First Day: Bring warmer clothes next time. My eye catching to a boy roughly on the age of 10. He's sneakily pick-pocketing food from the counter. I feel bad for the kid, so I don't say anything even as he pickpockets a whole bag of food. Around the corner I see a playful guy announcing the marvelous tricks his pet ferret can do. I smiled at him even as it seemed like he was talking to himself because no one else paid him any attention. The pet ferret kept repeating the same trick over and over, but so far no one would put a dime in the bucket. For the next several minutes the ferret continued until it seemed to gotten lazy and fell asleep right in the middle of the platform. The guy looked like he was about to pass out too.

" HEY! You rotten little kid! Do you have money to pay for that!"

My attention swung back to the boy, now being grasp by the wrist. " You think you could steal from us brat? I think we ought to teach you a lesson. Never steal from us!" a group of other two guys followed grasping the kid in a way that he couldn't escape. The kid tried running away. My blood froze. They weren't planning to- I saw the one big guy lift his fist. I shot up, stumbling over I yelled. " NOO!" as I got in between ,catching the blow. " He's just a boy!" I protested angrily.

The guy glared " This is none of your business."

I glared back. He might be bigger, but I sure wasn't scare of him. " I don't care if it's my business or not! I'll make it my business." The guy laughed right before a felt arms grabbed me from behind.

" Maybe we should teach you a lesson as well"

I looked behind me. 2 guys about the same height as this one. I could handle them, but 3 against one hardly seem fair. I turned back around just a the first big guy swung his arm at me. I dodge it, using my feet to push him back since my hands were still locked by the other two guys. The big guy stumbled back. I grinned as I notice blood tickling from it's shin.

" I bet that hurt didn't it-," I teased, not the best idea since I obviously was captured, but heck I sure wasn't a coward.

" You're going to pay!" the big guy rushed towards me, while the other two had their arms on iron lock. I braced for the hit incase it came while at the same time thinking of a way I could get the advantage.

" Ah! Excuse me! Sorry! Coming through-," the guy with the ferret stumbled pass right in between us. " Sorry! I was looking for Pabu, you know how he is always getting lost and so on- wonder where he is? PABU! PABU!" he bent down. I glanced down realizing that his pet was definitely not here. He pushed the guy from behind me away. " Yup, definitely not here." I realized then that by doing that he had separated me from the guys behind me. I quickly snatched my arms away from the two other guys, who had a hard time getting me since that other guy was in the middle.

The big guy frowned. " What are you doing?" he muttered at the guy with the missing ferret.

" I'm looking for Pabu, like I told you," the guy smiled, suddenly coming right behind me. " Hey! I know you!"

I frowned. What?! His arms suddenly came around me. " I haven't seen you in ages!? You've lost big pounds!" He hugged me.


" Is she related to you?" the big guy frowned.

" Yup! She's my crazy cousin. Always blabbering about nonsense. She was dropped as a kid, the poor girl thinks she's a heroine in a book," he whispered over to him. " Don't mind her she's cuckoo."

" I'M WHAT!" I gasped.

" See what I mean. Can't even admit her problems. Ah my uncle has a hard time controlling her, that's why he never let's her out. I think I ought to return her before she gets hurt," he pretended to feel sorry as he linked his arm to me. I stiffened immediately.

" Ah take her away! Tell your uncle to keep her locked up. I don't want to see her face again." the big guy called for the guys in the back to follow.

" Come on," the ferret guy whispered over, pulling me away. So I get that this guy somehow saved me, but come on what was that all about? I am definitely not crazy.

Once we were far gone I heard a yell behind me. I see the ferret making its way over as the stand where the big guy had been was broken and all the food was tumbling down towards the people. I grinned right as the ferret climbed onto the back of the guy from before. He was laughing.

" Good work Pabu! Could've done it much quicker though," the guy grinned before turning his attention to me. " Oh. Hey! I'm sorry about what I said earlier," he smiled at me. A loose smile that made the green eyes of his shine brighter. He had a nice dimple, along with thick eyebrows, and dark hair.

" Oh. It's okay. Thanks for your help," I smiled back. " Even though I didn't really need it."

The guy arched an eyebrow. " You're not from around here are you?…-Who are you?"

I stiffened. Revealing that I was the future queen wasn't technically a good idea. I fidgeted unsure how to answer that without revealing who I am. Noticing my discomfort the guy just shrugged.

" Ah, it doesn't matter. Welcome! I'm the one, marvelous, and only Bolin," the guy bowed down, he's playing of course, but I can't help and feel as if someone might figure me out, so I awkwardly nod back. Bolin grinned before placing an arm around my shoulder. " How about you join me. I saw how you had no where to go. How about staying with me?"

I couldn't believe this boy who hardly even knew me was actually considering inviting me to stay with him. " Gee. Bolin, I'd love to but…-," I racked my brain for an excuse to say no, even when I felt myself wanting to say yes.

" Come on! It'll be awesome! Don't be a kill sport now! Please, promise you it'll be great! Anything is better than sleeping out here in the cold." Bolin batted his eyes, reminding me of a puppy pleading.

" Fine. Bolin. Only for tonight-," I replied when all of sudden Bolin smiled. " Great! My brother is going to flip! We haven't had company over since like-ever!"

I laughed before realizing that he said brother.

" Your brother?" I asked. " Is he okay with me staying over with you guys?"

" Oh. UmYeah. He might be a little-hard looking, but he's a giant teddy bear inside," he replied shooting me a grin. I wonder what he was thinking. He hardly just met me and yet, here he was treating me as if we were old friends. I followed him up to where he is staying. I recognized the location as the arena I heard much about. We crept inside into the attic. It wasn't much, but the view was clearly something else. I was mesmerized at the view from all the way up here. It reminded me so much of home. I couldn't even see the peak of my palace from here.

" Pretty cool right?" Bolin mentioned from behind me.

" Very cool!" I agreed right as I hear a door slam.

" Bolin! I've been looking all over for you! What the hell have you been doing?!-" a voice resonated through the attic.

" Who's that?" I asked right as I felt a pair of feet stop behind me.

" My brother.," Bolin sighed right as we both turned around to face him. As soon as I turned I gasp escape me. I have definitely seen him before…-

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