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Chapter One

Vera's hazel eyes widened when she realized who she was encountering. The woman's shoulder-length, violet hair and mischievous eyes gave her identity away.

She had been going to visit her elder brother and his family in Celadon City. As she was traveling, Vera's mind began to wonder. Ever since she was a child she had dreamed of becoming a Pokémon trainer. Due to certain circumstances, though, she couldn't pursue her dream. Her mother got gravely ill when she was ten and Vera chose to stay home to take care of her while her brother was off on his adventure. The brunette's father left the family before she could remember.

Now at the age of seventeen, Vera still was not a Pokémon trainer. Her mom just recently passed away. The need to tell her brother about the tragedy was her priority now. That's the reason Vera was making the arduous journey from Pallet Town to Celadon City.

As the brunette had shuffled down a well trodden road on route seven, she had made the mistake of bumping into the violet-haired woman when her mind wandered off. The unusual lady paused, turning to see who dared to plow into her.

Scowl on her countenance, Zinnia turned to glare at the younger girl. Her tall stature made her even more intimidating as she looked down at Vera.

"Do you mind?" Zinnia scowled, pointedly looking at where Vera was standing.

The brunette followed her gaze, seeing that she had accidentally stepped on the woman's dress.

"O-oh sorry!" Stumbling back, Vera apologized. She ducked her head in embarrassment, biting her bottom lip. The action was a nervous habit she started doing when she was little. A bad habit at that. To her horror, a muddy stain was left on the material where her foot had been. Knowing Zinnia's reputation, she'd make Vera pay.

Zinnia is a witch. She is well-known for being spiteful and testing new spells on people if they do something to get on her bad side. The woman brings disaster wherever she treads.

"My oh my. Looks like you'll have to pay for this tragedy." Sighing, Zinnia crossed one arm under her chest and tapped a finger on her chin with the other hand. She sashayed around Vera, sizing her up as if she were a Pokémon on the market. Dread formed in the pit of the brunette's stomach. After a few seconds the woman clucked her tongue. "You seem perfect to test out my newest spell on." The witch purred, excitement rolling off of her in waves.

Vera stood before her, shell-shocked. She didn't know what to do.

With outstretched arms, Zinnia muttered a few words under her breath. Her eyes rolled back in her head and sparks began to swirl around Vera. The wind picked up, whipping around the girl harshly. A bright light blinded her. When the light faded she heard a delighted cackle from the witch as she slumped to the ground.

"Yes! It worked!" She crooned, touching the girl's forehead. "Sweet dreams kid. Have a nice new life!" Chuckling darkly, the violet-haired woman transported her into a nearby forest to fend for herself.

'W-what does that mean?' Vera wandered weakly, falling into darkness.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

About an hour later, Vera opened her eyes.

She shook her head in attempt to clear the fog that clouded her mind. 'Where am I?' Her surroundings puzzled her even more. She couldn't fathom how she got to such an unfamiliar place.

Tall pine trees reached to the skies like skyscrapers. On the ground the needles coated the dirt in a soft blanket under her feet. Shrubs sprouted from the ground everywhere, surrounding Vera on all sides but one. The twigs poked her uncomfortably in all directions.

Vera rose on unstable legs. Her movements were jerky as she crept out of her sanctuary. It was as if she was a newborn baby, trying to walk for the first time. A gurgling noise reached her ears. She padded toward the sound curiously. The noise grew in intensity as she approached the source. The soft bubbling turned into an obnoxious roaring.

A river raged before her, the deep waters rushing dangerously fast. The rapids caused a fine mist to sprinkle over anyone who got near it.

Vera's dry throat pleaded her to take a sip of the water. The girl realized, with a start, that she was parched. The girl trotted to the water's edge, dipping her head over the slight embankment to suck down the cold liquid. Her reflection made her freeze, inches away from the surface. The face gazing back at her was not her own! 'W-what?!' No hazel eyes. No brown hair. No rounded face. Instead she saw crimson orbs in a narrow visage covered in cream-colored fur. In place of her hair was a mane of soft fur blowing in the breeze.

Splashing the watery reflection, she watched as the same image reappeared. As she retracted her arm from the water Vera noticed she no longer had hands and feet but dainty paws in the limbs places. Her mind was reeling, trying to accept what was happening to her.

She stumbled back from the river, struggling to calm herself. Panicking would not help.

A rustling from behind drew her attention.

Swinging her head around, Vera caught a flash of tan moving around in her peripherals. Her eyes focused on a heard of Stantler. A huge male lead the group. His eyes were focused on her as he pawed agitatedly at the ground.

"Ninetales be gone!" It snorted, charging at the girl. The girl's ears flattened against her skull and she attempted to scamper out of the Pokémon's path. The effort was futile. Vera was still too sluggish to be able to get out of the way. She was head butted into the roaring river by the angry beast. Pain exploded in her side.

"WAH!?" She howled, sinking beneath the water's surface. Vera clawed her way up to get air, bobbing in the harsh waters. She sputtered, coughing up water as she fought to keep her head out of the water. The current was incredibly strong and pulled her under a few more times, regardless of her struggles. It took an immense amount of energy for the girl to keep her head above the surface. She succeeded for a while but within a few minutes her strength began to ebb. Her body received a beating from being slammed into rocks that protruded from the river. "H-help!" She cried out breathlessly. Her hopes of being saved were grim to say the least, Vera figured.

"Hold on!" A deep voice roared. Vera barely heard it over rushing waters. She sunk below the surface, her body finally giving out. 'So this is how I'm going to die.' Vera thought numbly. She closed her eyes.

Suddenly strong jaws grabbed the scruff of her neck, hoisting her onto a broad back. She felt powerful muscles ripple beneath her as her savior propelled them out of the water and to a nearby bank.

Vera was laid gently on the ground. She opened her eyes and focused them on the massive paw by her head. It was fire red with jagged black stripes. Her gaze followed the pattern up the being's foreleg, over its chest covered in a fluffy, cream-colored mane and landed on its amber eyes.

The Pokémon was leaning over her, face close to hers.

"Hello there." It murmured. "I'm glad I was traveling through these parts. A couple more moments and…" As I listened to its rumbling voice I figured the majestic creature was a male. His voice trailed off, uncomfortable with where his thoughts were taking his mind.

Vera shivered. Her fur clung to her body like a matted second skin. She was frigid.

"What…are you?" She managed to whisper. Her body convulsed when a sudden breeze chilled her to the bone.

"Hush." He crooned, curling his massive body around hers. "You need to rest. I'll be here when you wake up."

Thankful for the warmth that radiated off her savior's body, Vera succumbed to the exhaustion tugging her into a deep sleep.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

When Vera awoke about an hour later, she felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. Warmth surrounded her in a cloud, easing her aching muscles. Something damp and rough was stroking her forehead rhythmically.

"Mmm" She murmured, snuggling closer into the furry paradise. Her head rested on a fluffy pillow. Vera's eyes popped open in surprise when a rumbling very much like a purr came from her headrest. She lifted her head.

"I'm glad you're awake." The Pokémon growled softly, giving her forehead one more solid lick. He looked down at her with a gentle smile. Vera glanced away, embarrassed from his tender gaze. She blushed.

"Err…um w-what are you? I've never seen one of your kind before." The Ninetails whispered, fidgeting with her paws. Her tails twitched from where they were draped over the huge Pokémon's rear leg. Truth be told she was nervous with being so much smaller than the Pokémon. 'I feel like a midget!'

"I am an Arcanine, my dear." He grinned, sensing her unease and embarrassment. "I'm Raiden. What are you called?" The creature nudged the girl's neck with his muzzle. She met his gaze.

"Vera." She murmured, lost in Raiden's amber orbs. The gentleness she found in his actions astounded her. 'I could just drown in such compassionate eyes.' Vera ripped her gaze away, panicking. 'What am I thinking?! Raiden is a Pokémon!' The Ninetails stood abruptly, ignoring the way her body protested against the action, and stiffly lumbered a few feet away. "T-thank you again for saving me. I'm s-sorry for being a burden." She stuttered. Turning from the intimidating male, the girl made to retreat into the vast forest. Before she could even take a few steps away Raiden leapt in front of her.

"Please let me help you." He implored, blocking her attempts to get around him. Vera growled, half in frustration and half from nervousness.

"You have already saved my life. You don't need to help me any further." Vera replied stubbornly. "I need to find my way home." She insisted.

"Let yourself heal first. Come on, Vera." He whined. The girl paused at the sound of her name. It sounded so different hearing Raiden speak it. The Arcanine took advantage of her bewilderment to sway her decision. "You need to rest or else you'll get sick. Please."

Slowly, the Ninetails nodded. "Very well. I'll come with you." She gave in, following the beast as he turned in the opposite direction. The Arcanine turned his head back every few feet to make sure the smaller creature was still following him. Each time when he saw she was still there, a smile tugged at his lips.

They traveled in silence for a while. The forest around them was full of interesting noises. All kinds of different Pokémon calls came from all directions. Vera's ears pricked at each sound, her head swinging around whenever something seemed especially close. She padded closer to Raiden. She hated to admit it, but she was scared. The world around her seemed so different to her than when she had been human.

The Arcanine noticed the young Ninetails' anxiety. He glanced down at her when her fur brushed lightly against his and growled softly. Vera's ears perked up at the soothing noise, raising her head to meet his amber eyes.

"I will not allow any harm to come to you, little one." Raiden reassured her, his sincere countenance making the fox catch her breath. She blinked.

As if to challenge what he promised, a threatening snarl made the two focused their attention on an Ivysoar glaring at them in agitation. Its vines rose from its body threateningly, readying to strike. The grass Pokémon lowered its blue-green head.

It cried out irritably, red eyes glinting dangerously at Vera. The creature was clearly challenging the girl. Her ears flattened against her skull. 'What a pitiful Pokémon I make…I don't even know how to fight.' She thought dejectedly, shrinking away. Abruptly Raiden stepped over the fox, hiding her underneath him as well as protecting her from the challenger's heated glower.

"If you want her…" He rumbled, the vibrations traveling through him to be felt on Vera's back. "Then you'll have to go through me." As he finished his statement, the Arcanine lowered his head in a reflecting challenge. His whole body rumbled in a ferocious snarl of his own.

The Ivysoar lashed out, vines aiming at Raiden with acute accuracy. Grabbing the scruff of her neck, the Arcanine leaped out of the way and set her down a good distance away. "Stay here." He commanded, dashing back into the fight with a roar. Vera could only watch.

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