"Could you explain why the GOM were all here?" Kagami scanned them, as if in dream. Even THAT Akashi is here! What now? A plan to murder him or something?

"Kise-kun said we should celebrate your birthday, that's all."

HAAAA? Kagami's mouth was wide open, can't believe the thing he just heard. "What kind of nonsense are you saying? And how did you know it's my birthday anyways?!"

Momoi chirped happily. "It's me!"

Kagami sweatdropped. Seriously. Is there a thing in this world she couldn't know? What a scary chick. I've to be careful with her from now on.

"How do you planning on celebrating anyways?" Kagami could basically see the celebration image in his mind if it's Kise, Momoi, Kuroko and maybe Aomine. But, Midorima, Murasakibara and Akashi?

How terrifying! Those three are most likely to be party crasher – in a bad way.

"We got you a present."

"P-Present?" I've got a bad feeling about this.

"Yep." Kise reached for something in his bag. "This is for you."

Kagami gawked. "A VIP pass to your next photoshoot?" Kise nodded happily. "Thanks, I guess?" Did he think I'm some kind of his fangirl or what?

"You could sell it to his fangirl." Kuroko whispered in his ear, as if can read Kagami's thought.

"This is Leo's lucky item for your birthday."

A….Barbie doll? "Are you mocking me?"

"This is from us."

"What do you mean us?! Dai-chan! You didn't even help!" Momoi handed the gift to him. "Happy birthday!"

"Geez Satsuki! Stop minding small detail."

They argued like lovebirds. "A tape?"

"Trust me, you need it in matches against us." Aomine cockily replied. "As an extra present, I'll play and crush you in one-on-one."


"You can have this." Murasakibara offered an almost-empty potato chips to him.

"Thank you." There's only three chips left and yet, he still considered this as a present? Remind me not to invite him to anything involving sweet and junk foods.

"Kagami-kun. Please accept this."

Now what? "Book?" How To Get Dogs To Love You. How To Deal With Your Dog Phobia. How to – "Why is it everything's related to dogs?!"

"You're afraid of dogs?"



"Stop the ruckus already. And Kagami, you should stop yelling."

"How about you stop getting on my nerve!?"

"As a present, I'll postpone your death."


A/N : Poor our Kagami Taiga. As a compensation, here's a kiss from all your fangirls and fanboys *can see Kagami's currently running

Anyhows, happy belated birthday. I hope you still survived ^^