Hello, my dear lovelies. It is I, your imperfect, not-so-good-at-remembering-plot-details author. It has come to my attention, with help with a lovely friend of mine, UsefulCritic, who read my story whilst I was out to sea, that I've gotten myself into some rather gross continuity errors. So, for the sake of my ongoing sanity (and maybe yours), I've come up with a list of things that need to be ret-conned. This list will stay here until such a time as either I make a new one or update the earlier chapters to get rid of the errors. I beseech you to forgive me my oversight.


Selwyn's abilities: Her stare can paralyze for a few minutes at a time, but not kill nor petrify. Her venom is still very much lethal like a normal basilisks'. She can shrink her size and grow to her former size, but can't grow any larger than she would grow naturally.

Vampire traits: They only have the two fangs, as opposed to what I inferred in the original chapter. I was hearkening to the one's from Anne Rice, which I'm no longer going with. So, just the canines are fangs.

Nobility: I figured that I'd straighten it out a little bit here and now, and hopefully I can remember this. There are TEN houses that are Most Ancient and Revered. They are Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Merlin, LeFay, Krüller, Ammian, Farric, and Cyrus. The rest are Most Ancient and Most Noble and below. Not gonna lie, haven't really hashed out the criteria for the ranks for the most part. I'll get there. (Probably)

The fact that Harry has Selwyn in school: So, I intended to add this to the meeting that Harry had with Dumbledore. I don't know how it slipped my mind at the time. Here's the summary: Selwyn is his Familiar, and magically bound to him for life. It is illegal to separate a Familiar from their bonded. Dumbledore knows this and can therefore do nothing. Not that he would have anyway, knowing how soothing it is to have a Familiar, since he has Fawkes. He wouldn't try to deprive Harry of that comfort.

Okay! Those are the major ones that needed to be addressed. There might be more, those are the ones I've found. Like I said, I'm not so good at the remembering thing. Anyway, onto the next bit of this story. Hope you all enjoy it!


The rest of the holiday passed quickly. Usually the Malfoys held aa ball but they opted not to. Harry protested, thinking it was due to him. Narcissa reassured him that they would be hosting one in the summer instead, and that he was invited to attend. Harry had no idea what he would be doing this summer, so he tentatively accepted. This made Draco beam.

All too quickly, it was time for the two boys to pack. Harry lamented that he would have to deal with all the ogling by most of the female population and part of the male one, too. Girls. He shuddered. He's never understood them. Guys were much easier to understand. Maybe because he was one? Harry shrugged internally and continued packing.

Narcissa would take them to the train station soon. The train departed in two hours, and Malfoys were never late. She ensured both boys had everything packed and ready before she apparated them to King's Cross. Harry had said his goodbyes to Lupin and Lucius earlier. Narcissa quickly pulled them into a quick hug and kissed their cheeks. Draco complained but Harry smiled.

"Both of you behave the rest of the year. You may have reached your majority, but you haven't reached maturity. In saying that, enjoy Hogwarts. It will be seventh year in a flash. Good luck with Quidditch." She cancelled the notice-me-not charm she had discreetly placed and ushered them to the train.

They decided to sit together since neither Ron nor Hermione were on the Express. Most of Draco's friends had gone home as well, so they joined the compartment. Daphne Greengrass sat across from Harry with a curious look. Harry raised his eyebrow after a minute of her silent studying and she flushed a bit.

"Well, Black, I am surprised. I heard you two had finally set aside your animosities,but, I never expected you two to become friends this quickly." Harry looked at Draco before shrugging a bit.

"I suppose now that I've looked past the Malfoy mask that apparently all purebloods have, that I saw we have much in common. It's easier now that Voldemort is dead and nobody has to 'behave properly Dark' anymore." Everyone flinched at the name but Daphne nodded,

"You should have heard him before you became friends. It was 'Potter did this' or 'The Golden Prat' said that'. It was nearly unbearable. Thanks for sparing us any more of that, Black." Harry laughed and Draco glared at Blaise, sending a stinging hex to his hand. Blaise yelped a bit before continuing to smirk at Draco. Pansy Parkinson was next to comment. She was much less accommodating.

"Just because Draco is suddenly friends with you now doesn't mean you have an in with us, Potter. You'd do well to remember who the important ones are," she said pompously. Harry stared at her coolly.

"Parkinson, right? As in, Heiress to the Noble and Ancient House of Parkinson? Allow me to re-introduce myself. I am Harry Slytherin-Peverell-Black-Potter, Lord of the Revered and Ancient House of Slytherin, the Most Noble and Ancient Houses of Peverell and Black, and the Noble and Ancient House of Potter. Now, Heiress Parkinson, what were you saying about importance?" Harry spoke in a mock-polite voice that dripped with disregard.

Pansy immediately paled along with the others in the compartment, minus Draco. Theodore Nott, the only one who had stayed silent up until this point, whistled quietly.

"Remind me to stay on your good side, Black. Your enemies wouldn't know what hit them," Theo remarked, impressed.

The rest of the ride was filled with companionable chatting and slight bickering. Harry was saddened that he'd have to go back to ignoring the Slytherins when they arrived at Hogwarts, for now at least.

Harry made sure to exit the train by himself. He climbed into a free carriage and waited to head towards the castle. Neville joined him and they discussed their hols. Harry was surprised to hear that Neville also performed the Yule ritual.

"Oh yeah, since I was little. Gran might not be a blood supremacist but she still believes in the Olde Ways. It's a common divide among the older houses. Light versus Dark didn't really become a distinction until around a hundred or so years ago. The Ministry started regulating more things and restricting the use of certain magics. Some things, like the Unforgivables, were understandable. Stuff like all blood based magic angered a lot of people. So, the ones who supported the ministry became the 'Light' families and the others became 'Dark'. A lot of holidays and traditions stayed the same though. At least that's what I've gathered from Gran's history lessons," Neville explained.

Harry sat back to mull everything over. They soon arrived at the castle and Harry went to the Great Hall. Ron and Hermoine were already sitting at the Gryffindor table. Ron saw him first. He seemed to have gotten over the unhappiness at Harry leaving since his face broke out in a wide grin as he got Hermione's attention. She spotted Harry and excitedly waved him over. Ron clapped Harry into a hug.

"Mate, you really went all out, didn't you? Tickets to the World Cup and a meet and greet with the Cannons? You didn't have to do that!" Ron exclaimed, surprisingly without jealousy at the obvious display of wealth. Hermione was next to pull him into a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh Harry! You spoil me! Rare tomes on Runes and the instructions for a wonderful translation spell. Now I'll be able to read some of the more obscure and older books I've found. Thank you so much!" Hermione gushed.

Harry beamed at his friends and relayed the edited story of his Yule. He was once again caught off guard when Hermione asked him how he enjoyed his sweets. He answered that he'd enjoyed them all. She looked at him with keen eyes and he winced internally.

"Harry, can I talk to you after dinner? In the Room?" She asked him quietly, making sure Ron couldn't hear. Harry nodded his head, his mind racing.

Has she figured it out? Was there something special about the candy he was supposed to have noticed? He was hoping this was about something else, but his gut told him otherwise. He prayed she'd let him explain.

During dinner, Harry caught Professor Forsyth's eye and sent him a flat look. The raised eyebrow he received in return indicated the man wasn't aware of Varian's letter, or at least, he wasn't bothered by his deception. Harry figured he could talk to him tomorrow after classes.

When the meal was over, the trio made their way towards the common room. Harry broke off with the excuse he was going to take a walk and Hermione that she was starting her prefect rove early. Ron looked at Hermione and muttered about working too much and bid them both goodnight.

The two went in opposite directions to make it seem like they were leaving separately. They eventually met up by the Room of Requirement. Harry opened the door to a room very similar to the one he and Draco shared. The friends sat down across from one another. Harry fought not to fidget as Hermione leveled an accusing look at him.

"Harry, I know you are lying about something. Not only were there a ton of ice mice in the package, which you hate, but there were blood pops in it, which are disgusting and for pranks. I've noticed you not sleeping as much, your avoidance of foods you normally love, and the weird use of the Shades spell even during cloudy days. What's going on with you?" She demanded of him. Harry did squirm a bit this time.

"'Mione, I'm fine. Honestly, it's no bi-," she interrupted him.

"Harry James Potter! I've been your best friend for six years. If you tell me it's 'no big deal' or 'I'm fine' I'm going to hex you until you admit what's really going on. Now, spill." She was glaring at him, deadly serious.

"Alright, you caught me, 'Mione. I'll tell you. You have to promise to not interrupt, and to listen to my reasoning before you get angry, alright?" when she motioned for him to continue, he did.

He started at the beginning, including his feelings of lack of control over his life. He detailed the training he'd had to do, his truce with Draco, the real story of Yule, and the letter from his Sire. By the time he was finished, he could see she was full to bursting with questions. She proceeded to interrogate him.

"Why does everyone believe vampires are unintelligent beasts? Why did your Sire wait so long to contact you? How are you dealing with your bloodlust? Why didn't you tell me sooner?" She shot off her questions in rapid succession. Harry blinked slowly and attempted to answer them.

"I don't why everyone thinks that. Probably some sort of racism or blood superiority thing. My Sire said that he was busy dealing with the repercussions at his home. I deal with my bloodlust by trying not to think about it and consuming blood regularly. Before you ask, no, I'm not sure where Severus gets them. As to the reason I didn't tell you earlier… I was scared, 'Mione. That you would finally be fed up of my terrible luck and all the shit that happens around me. That you'd be disgusted with me. That you'd be hurt by me making friends with someone you hate. I'm sorry, Hermione," he apologized, his head hung low.

He heard her get up from her chair. He braced himself for her to walk out on him. It was what he deserved. What he wasn't prepared for was for her to squish into the armchair with him and wrap her arms around him.

"Harry. I'm not going to leave you. You're my best friend. We've been by each other's side through everything. We'll get through this, too. Together." Harry released the breath he didn't realize he was holding. He relaxed into the embrace with a smile.

"That means so much to me to hear that. I knew you would figure something out, I just didn't know when. I still don't know when to tell Ron. He won't be nearly as understanding," Harry admitted. Hermione sighed.

"I know. The longer you wait the worse it's going to be. I'll be with you the whole time. Whenever you're ready," she assured. Harry nodded.

They spent some time enjoying the peace and quiet, not saying much to each other. Harry eventually had to leave as it was getting close to curfew and he was no prefect. Hermione said to not wait up since she'd be patrolling until later. He bid her goodnight and hurried back towards the dorms. He made it back with little fanfare and greeted Selwyn. She had stayed in his trunk in a compartment with her heated rock for the whole journey. He crawled into his bed and got comfortable. He was already dreading the confrontation with Professor Forsyth. He let out a resigned sigh and laid down to sleep.


There we have it! My next chapter. I originally had it going longer, but decided this was the more natural cut off point, and that the rest would be added into the next chapter, which is in the process of being written. I, once again, apologize to you for my terrible brain that doesn't remember things. Please forgive me, you gracious beings. Also, if you want to, leave a review to tell me how I'm doing, even if it's to be like "You're shit and your story is shit'. I'll note those and laugh tbh. Until next time. Yours truly,