Title: Fire and Ice: Revelations

Author's Note: Hello, hello! This is my first Teen Wolf FanFiction and my very first story ever, so be easy on me! I just got hooked on the show a few weeks ago and am now totally addicted and in love with it and the chracters; especially a certain dark-haired werewolf! I think the producers have done a great job with it, but if I could have myyy way, I might still change a few things (;
I'm just seeing where this story goes and how it grows. Hopefully I'll get a fantastic story out of it! Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Derek HalexOFC- Christen Annabelle Collins

Rating: M for language, adult themes/situations, violence, etc.

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Teen Wolf (Oh the injustice!) its characters, or any other copyrighted/trademarked material that may be mentioned in this story. I DO own my original character, Christen Collins, and those of her family members- Matthew and Jessica Collins, Aunt Grace, and extended family- and any original plotlines/ideas.

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Revelation: noun
A surprising and previously unknown fact, esp. one that has been made known in a dramatic fashion.

~Christen's POV~

"Did you hear about the body in the woods?"

I barely glanced up. Obviously the comment caught my attention, I mean, a body in the woods? Who wouldn't take a second to listen in to that? Honestly. Still, chemistry wasn't something that I was particularly good at, having Harris as a teacher didn't help me either, and I couldn't waste the time when I should really be copying notes for the exam next week.

"Yeah man. Crazy shit. I also heard that one guy was back in town. Something Hale, the one that lost his whole family in that fire a couple years ago?"

My hand froze and I stopped writing at the words that were whispered behind me next. That was even more intriguing. My mom had been one of the lead doctors on those cases the day they'd been brought in. I could vaguely remember bringing her dinner and staying to eat with her since she was working on the late shift and she was called away in the middle of it. I closed my eyes against the faint recollections though and rubbed my temples trying to block out the onslaught of images that I had managed to block from memory thanks to hours of therapy. The bodies…they were burned so badly.

"Dude who gives a crap? Creepy shit happens in that woods. That guy is probably a freakin' creep."

My eyes snapped open and I inclined my head slightly to listen to Jackson go on. The guy could be a total arrogant idiot rather he was Lydia's man or not. I shook my head and leaned back down to continue with my notes, letting them continue with their meaningless conversations while I worked. My mind was racing though and I couldn't get the images to stay out of my head, it was simply no use.

I had to get out of there.

Raising my hand, I claimed a headache and asked to be excused, gathering my things without waiting for Harris to agree. I think Jackson said something to me as I was leaving the room when I passed him but I didn't answer and continued on out into the hall where it was thankfully quiet. Finally rounding the corner, I sank down to the floor and leaned my head back, trying to concentrate on my breathing to rid myself of the awfulness inside my mind.

But they came back anyway.

"It's really not that big of a deal Mom, I've got time to figure out what I want to do. That's the whole point of college you know, finding yourself."

I smiled and shook my head as she went on about the importance of knowing my path before I actually went on to college so that I didn't waste time and screw up my future career plans. She just didn't get that I wanted to take it easy and find something I loved. She was determined to fit me into a mold of her or my Dad.

"How about we stop talking about this and enjoy dinner? I did make it special since I knew you'd have a long night you know. Football season is coming soon. Do you think you'll make it to any of my half-time performances?"

She nodded and was beginning to tell me her plans of figuring out the schedule when a nurse came bursting into the attending's break room where we were eating, screaming about a deadly house fire at the Hale house and how most of the family had been caught in it. They were being bused in and they needed her stat.

I was in shock, I went to school with a few of the kids. A couple of the girls were in my classes and I was just starting to get to know them. I was still trying to catch my breath as my mom frantically kissed the top of my head and told me to wait there. The silence after they left was deafening and I was increasingly worried about the family. I busied myself and cleaned up our dinner and put away the leftovers in my mother's mini-fridge before biting down on my lip.

I just had to know.

I quickly made my way out of the break room, using my dancing skills to walk as silently as possible. Nothing could have prepared me for the images that met me as I rounded the corner though. I gasped and covered my mouth to muffle any sounds as I watched the chaos unfold in front of me, it was practically the entire family! How could something like this happen? Some had already died before the paramedics had even been able to get them to the hospital, others were screaming in pain from their burns that covered their entire bodies, and the number of family members kept rising.

I couldn't breathe, the smell of burning flesh was nauseating.

Soon my fears for the Hale sister I knew best were confirmed, Isobel, the girl I was beginning to know since we had been put together as dance partners, was there.

She was completely burned from what I could tell, and breathing shallowly. I heard Dr. Shaw, a friend of my mother's I'd met years before, say that there was nothing they could do but make her comfortable, there was no way that she would pull through the night. I didn't even realize that I was crying until someone spoke my name in loud tones, shaking my shoulder some. I looked up to the eyes of Grace, my mom's best friend, cousin, and nurse at the hospital.

"Christen what on earth are you doing in here? Your mother will completely freak out! She's going to kill me!"

I cleared my throat over and over trying to find my voice. When I spoke it wasn't much above a whisper, "I know her," I said as I pointed to Isobel "she's my partner for dance. I just…Dr. Shaw said she won't make it. Can I…?"

I looked up at Grace, knowing she would understand my unspoken question. She nodded and pulled the curtain around to block the rest of the chaos from behind me as I sat by Isobel's bed. I reached out for the burn unit gloves above her bed and put them on before gently reaching out for Isobel's hand. She was barely conscious and I asked if she was in much pain. She shook her head the smallest amount before asking me to tell her about the new moves to our season opener routine we had learned that day. I explained the new choreography, going over the parts I knew she would have had trouble with if she had been there, as her breathing became slower and more shallow.

My eyes filled with heated tears knowing that she was slipping away.

"Christen?" I looked up at her and squeezed her hand in acknowledgement before she continued, "Take care of him…please? My brother. He blames himself so easily. Tell him I'm glad he wasn't there, he couldn't have prevented what happened. He just would've died with us..."

She trailed off coughing and I shuddered at her small whimpers of pain before she caught her breath and whispered one last request.

"Tell him I love him."

I nodded quickly and she squeezed my hand as my tears began to fall down my cheeks after spilling over my eyelids and onto her hand. I tired to comfort her and whispered soothing words as I promised over and over again that I would do as she asked while she slipped away and her heart monitor began a steady scream of a beep, letting us all know her heart had finally stopped. I broke down then, sobbing onto her hand and bed until Grace came to get me. As she pulled me up from the bed, I reached out to squeeze Isobel's hand one last time. When I turned, I found that I was staring into the eyes of a boy, probably a senior at the high school, with jet black hair. He had watched me with Isobel as she died, I could just feel it without knowing it. Before Grace led me to the break room, I caught his gaze again, stricken with shock and grief, before his eyes changed into an ice blue that seemed to burn me from the inside out.

I gasped through my tears, knowing without a doubt, it was him.

"Hey! Are you alright? You left class and dropped your notebook by me when you walked out."

I jumped, sucking in a gasping breath as my eyes slammed open and I looked up into the brown-eyed gaze of Scott, a boy from my chemistry class. I finally started breathing again, laying my hand on my chest over the pounding of my heart and leaning my head back again as I tried to relax and answer him.

"I'm sorry, you startled me. Yeah I'm okay. I just…I needed to get out of there. I hate the gossip mill you know?"

I looked up and saw the understanding fill his eyes as he nodded and reached out a warm hand to me to help me up from the floor. I took it, saying thank you, and rose to my feet before gathering my bag and taking the notebook he held out to me. I thanked him for returning it to me and told him I would see him in class tomorrow before moving down the hall to my locker at a hurried pace. Once I reached it, I opened it and concentrated only on putting things away, answering greetings and returning smiles with those that walked past, ignoring the shaking in my hands.

After the bell rang and the hall emptied, I leaned my forehead to my locker door, enjoying the coolness of the metal on my skin as it soothed me. It had been so long since I'd had a flashback, things were going so well. I shook my head and murmured under my breath to myself, "Pull yourself together Collins. Jesus."

I grabbed hold of my dance bag and sprinted down the hall to the dance room, looking forward to losing myself in, if at least for just a few hours.