One night, Aurora woke from a bad dream. She got out of her bed, holding onto the wolf toy in her arms, and padded to Monroe's room, because his was the closest to pushed open the door only to find he wasn't in bed and that his bed was still made. She whimpered and went to find Nick. She pushed the bedroomdoor open and found Nick was in his bed, but he wasn't alone. Monroe was in the bed and hugging Nick.

Aurora walked up to the bed and stood in front of Nick. "Papa," she said softly as she pulled at his shirt. "Papa!" she said again, a little more desperate.

Nick's eyes flew open when he heard her the second time. He blinked at the crying girl and sat up, waking the wolf next to him.

"Aurora, what's wrong?" Nick asked, picking her up. She held onto him and cried into his shoulder. "Shhhh. Whatever it is, it's okay."

Monroe sat up and looked at Nick."I will get some hot milk," hesaid, knowing it wouldsooth the upset hybrid. Nick nodded as the Bluntbad got up and left.

"Do you want to tell me what is wrong?" he asked as he held her on his lap.

She sniffed and held the wolf tighter

"H…Had a nightterr," she said softly, voice broken.

"Shhhh. It's okay now. Everything is okay," Nick comforted her.

"I couldn't find Daddy. He wasn't in bed. Came looking for you, Papa."

Nick blinked at her calling him "Papa." Monroe, he guessed, was Daddy

That will make his day, he thought.

"I'm sorry," he tells her.

Monroe walked back in just when Aurora asked.

"Did Daddy have a nightterr, too?" she asked.

Nick smiled and looked up at the Bluntbad.

"Oooh, yeah, a real nightmare, Princess, so I came looking for big strong papa to look after me," the wolf said with a smile as he handed them their warm milk.

"B...but you were hugging Papa?" she asked, confused.

"Your Papa is cuddly."

"And your daddy gives good hugs," Nick said to Monroe. "Come on, Princess. You can sleep with us tonight."

They finished their milk and put Aurora in the middle , then turned the lights off and went back to sleep.

The next day, Nick was the last to wake up. He found his two favourite people in the living room. Aurora was watching Spongebob, and Monroe was watching it with her. Nick grinned as he walked in to the livingroom.

"I didn't think Spongebob was your thing," Nick said, sitting down.

Monroe looked at him. "Ooh, yeah, his yellowness is awesome."

"Shhh, Daddy," Aurora said, making Nick and Monroe snigger.

"I'm going to make coffee and pancakes," Nick said, standing up. He kissed Aurora on the forehead and Monroe on the lips.