Surprise Visit

„What a pleasant surprise," Edith said when she returned from Ripon. There was not only her husband waiting for her in the library, but also Sybil and Tom.

She looked from one to the other. "Did anything happen?"

"No, no," Anthony reassured her. "Everything is perfectly fine, darling."

"It's only…" Tom started, but hesitated.

Sybil smiled. "Matthew asked Tom to support him with the estate. Wherefore my husband has some experience with the management of townland, but thinks he's not entirely prepared, I thought that talking to Anthony for some advice would be a good thing."

At Downton Edith's and Sybil's mother would now leave the men alone in the library, while she invited the female guest for tea in drawing room. But this was Locksley, not Downton Abbey.

"Perfect," Edith replied and sat down next to Sybil. "Wherewith do we start?"