"Blue jeans, white shirt. Walked into the room, you know you made my eyes burn."

-Blue Jeans, Queen Lana Del Rey

I could feel my body landed on something soft few minutes ago, but my eyes were just too fucking heavy to be opened. And my head…geez, I didn't want to talk about my head. It was fucking spinning.

What the hell happened? Was I drunk last night?

I started to open one eyelid. It was dark. Not too dark, but dark enough. Because I could see zillion stars from here. Wait, did I say stars? It was night? How long was I unconscious? A fucking day?

Blinking several times, I opened both eyes.

Wherever I was right now, this room was breathtakingly…beautiful. One of four walls was made by glass. No curtains. No wonder I could see the fucking stars. Hell, was that a sea? What a view.

I darted my eyes around the room, still hadn't lifted my head. There were some couches and a coffee table in middle of the room, a fucking big flat screen television on the wall, some drawers, king-sized bed I slept on…

Where the fuck was I? This sure wasn't my shitty room. Did I have one-night stand? That was impossible. There was no one on the bed except me—hell, no one in this room except me—and I still had my clothes on.

Just before I breathed in relief, I heard the door opened and closed. Then someone walked into the room. When I said someone, it meant a fucking man. Fuck me. This was really getting worse and worse.

My eyes quietly followed his steps. He stopped near a wall made by glass while his back was on me. Thanks to moonlight and starlight, I could see him more clearly. He was tall—maybe about 6 feet 2 inches?—and slender but with some fucking muscles. His hair was so…messy. I wasn't fucking sure about the color. Red? Brown? Reddish-brown? Bronze?

He wore a white shirt—with short sleeves which hugged his fucking biceps and triceps tightly—and a pair of blue jeans. He was even stunning from behind. As if it wasn't enough, he, so fucking slowly, lifted his damn shirt over the head and threw it carelessly to the couch. Sweet Lord, I thought my eyes just got burned. Half of his back was inked permanently by some complicated symbols. A sword wrapped by snake on one side and angel's wings on the other. The rest was mystery.

I had to suppress a gasp as he took off his jeans. And now, his body was only covered by black boxers. Fucking hell, was he trying to kill me? He stood still for a second or two before turned around. Damn, did he catch me staring? No fucking way. He didn't even know I was awake, did he?

If his back alone made my eyes burn, it couldn't compare to what his pecs and abs did to my eyes. I was sure as hell they were fucking burned so hot I thought they would turn to ashes in nanosecond. Holy fucking angels in heaven, his body was just so…spectacular. He definitely worked out often. And some tattoos on his chest? Fuck. Me.

As if he could see me in the dark, his eyes shot to me abruptly. Then he threw me a fucking smirk. I closed my eyes shut almost immediately. Impossible. Impossible. Impossible. He couldn't possibly see me.


Just then, I heard some moves. Footstep. And another. And fucking another. Toward the bed. Toward me.

God, don't let he come near me. Don't let him. Please. Please. Please.

He stopped. But the goddamn goose bumps in my skin told the world he was fucking close enough to reach me. Everything happened so fast. Just a second before I felt the mattress dipped in, I moved as far as I could to the other side of this fucking huge bed. Out of his reach. I looked up only to find he already sat on my then-side of the bed.

"Who the fuck are you?" I spat in venom but regretted it as soon as those words came out of my mouth. Shit, look at him now. He was fucking gorgeous, I mean, fucking angry. Geez, focus! And those eyes were emeralds. Fucking. Focus. Idiot.

Speaking of his eyes, if looks could kill, I would be buried six foot down.

Yeah, I was fucking smart I thought I deserved a fucking gold medal. Instead of begging not to hurt me, I fucking snapped at him. Brilliant, I know.

"Come here." He patted my leaving side, I did the opposite. I shifted further I almost fell off the bed. He narrowed his eyes. Abso-fucking-lutely wasn't quite happy with my second sudden move. What could I say? That was purely an instinct. If he just seemed fucking angry then, I didn't know how to describe him right now. Raged? The main thing was he looked like he was ready to put any bullet in my fucking skull.

Wait, what song should to be played in my fucking funeral anyway?

Helena music video came to mind.

What's the worst that I could say? Things are better if I stay. So long and goodnight. So long and goodnight.

Perfect. I wanted that song.

"Baby?" He held out his hand and gave me the sweetest yet scariest smile I had ever seen. Everything in him screamed dangerous, hazardous, treacherous, malicious, and vicious. I started to think about Sid Vicious, anything that made me look less scared because psychopath and serial killer loved that shit.

I took a deep breath before scooted an inch closer. And the next thing I knew, he fucking yanked me by the waist. My chin was lifted and his eyes met mine. A devilish grin spread across his lips. God, which one should I choose, fighting or giving in?

He closed our distance as he gripped my waist almost painfully by one hand while the other danced along my jaw.

"Watch your fucking little mouth." He growled lowly in my ear. "Hmmm, just like my type, Carlisle knows the best." He fucking whispered against my lips. "So." Kiss. "Fucking." Kiss. "Beautiful."

Then he kissed me so fucking hard I thought I would lose all fucking air in my goddamn lungs.

He might be a psychopath and I probably would be dead, but damn if he wasn't a good kisser.

His tongue slipped into my mouth and took whatever he could take while I was losing battle and touched his tempting sculptured-body. My palms rubbed his fucking back then my claws followed. He hissed and held the back of my neck for deepening the kiss. I couldn't help a smug smile on my lips.

"Excited much?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and a sexy smirk after breaking the kiss. I shrugged nonchalantly.

"Look who talks." My hand found its way to rub his goddamn hard cock. Man, that was fucking huge. He let out a low groan. This caught him off guard, so I easily freed myself from his grasp and fucking ran to the closest door. Open, close, lock.