So, I was resisting writing anything new while I worked on my incomplete fic, but this one wanted out. Warning in case you somehow made it here and don't know. Junjou Romantica is Yaoi. If malexmale parings are not a happy thing for you, this is not the fic you are looking for (I don't even need to do a Jedi mind trick, cause, well, it's really not).

This is my head cannon for what went down during Takahiro's wedding. Takes place between his engagement annoucement (Misaki and Usami's first kiss) and the events of Romantica 2.5 (Akihiko visits a sick Misaki and offers to house him).

I don't own any of the lovely Junjou characters. I'm just taking them out for a bit. I promise to bring them back safely before curfew. This time, at least. *wink*


"Usagi-chan, thank god!" Takahiro shuffled into Misaki's hotel room, looking rather frantic. "Am I put together okay?" he did a slow turn.

"Yes." Akihiko said, admiring the handsome figure his best friend cut in his wedding tux. Even if he knew that Takahiro wasn't really the one meant for him, well, he still looked damned good. "But your tie is a little crooked." He lied, coming in close to give a few irrelevant tugs on the accessory. When he had 'finished' he grasped Takahiro's shoulders firmly."Congratualations, Takahiro, my dear friend. I wish you all the happiness in the world."

"Thank you. You've been impossibly kind to me all these years." After a moment, he added, giddy, "Usagi-chan! I'm about to get married!" and then "and Misaki got into M University! I honestly don't think we could have made it through without you. I think other than Misaki, you're the closest thing to family I've got left." There were happy tears brimming in Takahiro's eyes.

"Misaki got in?"" Akihiko couldn't keep what he knew must be an almost maniacal grin off his face. Misaki had worked incredibly hard over the past months, and his improvement had been steady. Still, admittance into M had been far from a sure thing.

"The letter arrived just as we were heading out this morning. I think he really wanted to tell you right away after all the help you've given him, but Misaki is too considerate. He wouldn't ever look for attention over his own accomplishments on my big day. I'd take it as a favor if you could make a bit of a fuss over him."

"Sure." Akihiko answered. As if anything in this world could stop him from taking care of that amazing boy.

'I was wrong. You weren't the one' he thought, looking at Takahiro, 'but you raised my love and brought him to me, and you will always be my dearest, most beloved friend.' Akihiko exhaled slowly and released his grip on Takahiro's shoulders just as Misaki entered the room with a box of boutonnieres.

The boy caught his eye, 'I see you saying good-bye' his eyes said. 'Are you okay?'

Akihiko nodded, flabbergasted all over again at how this kid could see right through him. Hell, the first time they'd really talked, Misaki had intuited his life story and spat it in Akihiko's face like the bad joke it was, but even then that undercurrent of empathy was there. His sweet green eyes saying 'I understand you. I accept you.' even if his mouth was saying 'You're a freak. I can't stand you.'

Misaki pinned a yellow boutonniere to Takahiro's breast and turned to Akihiko. "Ah, Usagi-san, let me do you." He said, lifting another boutonniere from the box.

"Anytime, Misaki." Akihiko replied, savoring the shape of the boy's name in his mouth. Misaki flushed bright red, and his breath caught for a second before he pinned the flower to Akihiko's jacket with trembling hands.

"Shut up." Misaki muttered as he took a panicked step backwards and nearly fell on his ass.

"Misaki?" Takahiro steadied him and gave a concerned glance. "You okay?"

'No. He's not.' Akihiko thought. He knew Misaki was confused by the tension that had been steadily building between them. It was obvious that he had chosen not to acknowledge any attraction to men in the past, though whether it was because he was totally repressed or because he liked women too and had managed to focus his energy there, Akihiko wasn't sure.

What Misaki said was "Yeah, Nii-chan. I'm great!" He glanced at his watch. "Hey, it's almost time."


More to come, sweet ones.

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