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Akihiko noticed pain first. His head was pounding and his stomach felt like he'd put it through a blender. He opened his eyes with effort. "Bloody fucking hell." He muttered, closing them again. The blackout curtains in the hotel room weren't really all they claimed to be. A light knock on the bedroom door drove stilettos through his skull, and he yanked a pillow over his head.

"Usagi-san?" came Misaki's rather timid voice. "Are you awake?"

"Unfortunately." He peered out from beneath his pillow with one eye. Misaki took two large steps back. "What?"

"Ah. Of course, you aren't feeling well. I'll just head back to my room and let you rest." The kid edged toward the door.

Akihiko tried to tell the boy to stay, but it came out as an unintelligible grumble. He dragged himself out of bed as Misaki retreated. Then the nausea hit hard. He made his way to the en suite bath. He was wracked by dry heaves that tore at his throat, already raw from smoking more than usual over the past few days. At least it distracted from his headache. Then he felt warm, strong hands, smoothing his hair away from his face and stroking his back. It made the misery almost worth it. 'God, I'm pathetic.' He was such a loser. He actually could not remember the a time anyone had taken care of him physically in this way. He was older, successful, wasn't he the one who was supposed to be giving Misaki firsts, rather than the other way around?

Eventually, the heaving stopped, though more, he felt, from exhaustion than from any real improvement in his condition. Before he quite registered what was happening, Misaki washed his face with a cloth and steered him back to bed. Steady fingers rubbed his scalp. "Should I go get you some headache medicine?" Misaki asked.

"Room service." Usagi muttered, chucking the handset of the room phone towards Misaki. "They'll bring it. Order medicine and a big, western style breakfast for two." He scrunched a pillow back over his head, as if blocking out the world could ease the throbbing in his skull. He heard Misaki calling the concierge from the sitting room.

"Try to drink some water." Misaki placed a steady hand on his shoulder. Akihiko resisted for a moment before he let the boy push him partially upright. Miskai scooted behind him so that Akihiko could rest against his firm, slim chest.

"Okay." Akihiko took the proffered glass and sipped.

Misaki's strong hands made comforting circles against his shoulders an upper arms.

'Totally worth it.' Akihiko thought before he was racked by another wave of nausea and Misaki took the water from his hand.


Misaki tapped on Usagi's door. He felt nervous, like he was intruding. Sure, Akihiko had pretty much demanded that he stay earlier, but was it really okay to come back in after leaving? He'd hadn't been invited back. He was just about to unlock the door himself when it opened to reveal a drowsy Usagi, radiating malice. "What?"

"I just checked out of my room. I went down to see if you could stay later, and since it's the great lord Usami, they said the room is yours for as long as you want it." The evil aura faded slightly. "Are you feeling a bit better?"

"I was. Until somebody woke me up."

Misaki thrust the keycard into Usagi's hand. "I'm very sorry to disturb you. I'll be going then."

Akihiko caught the door with his bare foot and slammed it back open. "Stay."

Misaki stood frozen. Usagi was clearly over the worst of his misery and had the energy to be a complete monster right now. He really didn't have to go in there, did he?

Apparently he did.

Usagi grabbed Misaki's collar with one strong hand and yanked him into the suite, door swinging shut with a crash.

"Stay." Usagi grumbled like he was commanding an errant puppy. Satisfied that Misaki wasn't going anywhere for the moment, he reopened the door, slipped the "Do Not Disturb" sign onto the handle, closed it again, and engaged the privacy lock. Still radiating irritability, he started to steer Misaki to the bed.

"What do you think you're doing right now?" Misaki asked, his voice shaking. He really had to avoid waking this guy up.

"Going back to bed." Usagi shoved him down, then crawled over him.

'Who does this guy think he is?' Misaki thought as Usagi draped himself across his chest and tangled their legs together. "I'm not Suzuki-san, you know."

"I know. You're better." Usagi grinned so bright and gorgeous that Misaki couldn't breathe for a moment.

"You're impossible." Misaki shifted the pillow beneath him a little and relaxed. "Just go back to sleep."

Now that he'd successfully passed his entrance exams, Misaki supposed they wouldn't have any reason to see each other. Why did that thought make him feel so lonely he could almost cry?

'Just forget it.' He told himself. 'Ten years older, Nii-chan's best friend, in love with Nii-chan, and we're both men.' This crush, or whatever it was, was beyond idiotic.

Usagi's breathing evened, and Misaki combed his hands through smooth, ash blonde hair. This was almost certainly the last time they'd be together, so there was no harm in savoring it for a little while, right? Besides, Usagi needed rest.


And that's a wrap.

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