Pairing: TezukaxRyoma

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18 year-old Tezuka Kunimitsu sat on the bench by the tennis court, a towel over his head as he tried to cool down. Never was he this unprepared in his life. He had let his guard down. He had forgotten both his wallet and water bottle at home.

Suddenly, a shadow looming over him caused him to look up. There stood Echizen Ryoma, his boyfriend, holding out an opened can of grape ponta towards him.

"You must be thirsty," the high school freshman said. "I've drank some of this but you can have the rest."

He was about to refuse, wanted to say that he could just drink from the water tap, but the look that Ryoma sent his way stopped him. Instead, he just took the drink and nodded, "Thank you."

Ryoma nodded as well in reply. Before one of the two could say anything more, they heard a yell from the tennis court. It was Momoshiro.

"Oi Echizen. Are you playing or not? It's time for our match."

Without another word, Ryoma left for the court. Tezuka, on the other hand, looked at the can before taking a sip, the corner of his mouth turned upwards slightly.

It may be an indirect kiss, but it was still their first kiss.

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