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Golden rays of sunlight touched the war-torn plains of Ylisse, even touching the palace in Ylisstol, where a heavy fog of anticipation had been hanging for the past months. Relations with Plegia only rotted for the past years, and now a menacing force from Valm threatened the shores of Ylisse's only ally, Regna Ferox. A child's cry pierced through this "fog" just as well as any beam of sunlight.

"Mother! Father!" Lucina shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Mama! Papa!" her little brother, Morgan echoed. Lucina loved her sibling dearly, and tried to set a good example as Mother put it.

Familiar footsteps alerted Lucina to her approaching parents. Her father's clouded expression melted when he saw her. Mother was not far behind.

"Yes, Lucina?" Father knelt down to her level.

Lucina gave a pout. "You said you were gonna teach us how to use a sword today!"

Father ran a hand through his windswept hair; the exact shade of royal blue that both Lucina and Morgan had inherited.

"I know, my princess, but we've been busy," he started.

"Wah!" cried Morgan. "I wanna learn!"

Mother was quick to intervene. "Chrom, you made an oath to them. As Exalt, I think you should make good on your word." She gave them a gentle smile. Whenever her parents were around, Lucina always felt safe and happy.

Father heaved a great sigh. "You're right." He glanced at his wife. "But Morgan, I think you're a little too young to wield a blade. Wait until you turn six, okay?"

Morgan's eyes began to well up with fat tears. "B-but," he sniffled pitifully.

"Morgan, princes don't cry." Lucina chastised softly. "Don't worry, in two years we can practice together."

Her words did little to soothe him.

"Come now, Morgan, don't cry." Father patted Morgan on the head.

Mother joined them on the ground. "Are you excited, Lucina?" she asked, and leaned over to move a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Lucina caught the hand and felt the ever-present leather glove.

"Mother, why do you always wear one glove?" it had been a burning question ever since Lucina could remember. Somehow, though, Mother never gave her an answer.

A strange look passed over Mother's face. "It's my sword hand, dear. The glove helps me keep my grip."

"But you're not practicing now." Lucina prodded further, determined to get an explanation.

"I have a scar on this hand." Mother replied smoothly.

"Oh." With her curiosity quenched, Lucina's mind traveled back to the matter at hand. "Let's go!" she grabbed her parents' hands, and tried tugging them towards the courtyard.

"Wait for me!" Morgan giggled and scrambled after them, clinging to their parents' hems. "I wanna watch."

Lucina had no idea why Mother and Father had looked so tired before, but she knew spending time together would make everybody feel better.


"Mother, I can bathe myself!" Lucina spluttered as warm water cascaded over her hair. She was six years old! She could do anything she put her mind to.

"Oh? Then why do you keep forgetting to wash behind your ears?" Mother asked. "Morgan, don't run in the bath! Come here, let me rinse your hair."

Morgan came to them, albeit a little disappointed. "But playing in the bath is fun." He muttered, but laughed when Mother tickled him under his arms.

Lucina watched as Mother poured water over Morgan's head, in the same manner as she had done to her. Lucina always marveled at the pale scars crisscrossing her mother's body. She never covered those up when they bathed…but her right hand still had that glove. Maybe it was open? Aunt Lissa did say that open boo boos should be covered to prevent…well Lucina couldn't remember the word.

"Mother, why doesn't Father take baths with us?" Lucina inquired, "Morgan can, but how come Father can't?"

Mother's face twisted into a funny expression. Lucina didn't know if Mother wanted to smile or frown. "You see, a long time ago, before you were born, he barged into the bath and nearly," she stopped. "Never mind. I'll tell you someday."

"Aw!" Lucina and Morgan moaned in displeasure. They did not argue because Lucina knew better and Morgan followed his sister's actions.

Mother put the washcloth in Lucina's little hands. "Here, show me how to wash behind your ears."

That challenge was one Lucina was very willing to accept.


"HAAAAH!" Lucina lunged forward, splintering the practice dummy with her iron sword. She turned to Morgan, who was watching intently. "That's the direct strike you want if you get the chance. It's quick and clean."

Morgan nodded and jotted some notes on his little scroll. "Got it. Can I try now?"

"Yes. But you must use a wooden sword first." Lucina rummaged through the weapons chest and produced a simple practice model. She walked over to her brother and placed it in his hands.

Morgan tested the item in his grip, feeling its weight. "Okay…HAAAH!" he thrust his arm forward, but his legs were not on the same wavelength and he stumbled. Lucina moved and steadied him. "Thanks, sis."

"It will take you a little while to get used to it. You cannot learn everything from theory alone." She said solemnly. Mother always said that, and Father always agreed.

"I know," Morgan said, "it helps, though."

Lucina wished that Father were there to teach Morgan, because she was unsure if she was doing a satisfactory job. He was out doing Exalt business and Mother was taking care of palace affairs. If only she had her father's leadership and her mother's versatility.

"Are you two having a good training session?" A familiar voice carried over to them.

"Yes, Mother! Lucina is teaching me how to lunge today." Morgan reported happily. "But why don't you supervise our practice so sis and I can spar?"

"I want you to learn the style of House Ylisse." Mother replied. "The way I fight is so…commonplace."

"When is Father coming back?" Lucina tried to keep the anxiety from her voice. In the past two years, she was becoming more aware of what was happening in the realm.

"Yeah." Morgan chimed in.

Mother frowned. "In a few days, I hope. Don't worry – he's a strong soldier, though I wish he'd let me come this time." It was funny that Mother could sometimes act a little childish. "Anyway, your cousin and friends are practically banging down the castle walls to get to you."

"Doesn't Owain live inside the palace?" Morgan wondered aloud.

"Yes." Replied Mother. "Just go and have some fun."

"All right!" Morgan put his practice sword away and raced off.

Mother turned to Lucina. "You should go as well."

"But Mother, I want to hone my own lunge before teaching Morgan." She protested.

"You're too young to be worrying about those sorts of things. Before long you'll miss these days with your friends." There was something in Mother's tone that sounded melancholy.

"Lucina!" A high-pitched voice called. It was probably Cynthia.

"Go," Mother gave her a little nudge.

"I'm coming!" Lucina ran off, promising to come back and practice later.


The throne room walls held the portraits of many Exalts past. Lucina was always fascinated by one Exalt in particular – Prince Marth – or more properly, King Marth. He did not cut an imposing figure, for he was rather thin looking. However, the way he carried himself exuded authority.

Lucina knew the Exalt before Father was Aunt Emmeryn, though she had never met the woman. Now that she was ten, Mother had been giving her less censored history lessons. Aunt Emmeryn had been assassinated in her bedchamber before Lucina was born. That attack had left Father with a permanent limp.

Being in the throne room was like being in a hall of heroes. It made sense that their friends liked playing there; despite the warnings they got from Uncle Frederick.

"Lucina!" Morgan ran up to her, his footsteps echoing in the great hall. "It's time for strategy practice. Mother said she has new pieces!"

Lucina snapped out of her reverie. "Is it time already?" She hated being late for any sort of thing her parents taught. There seemed to be more trouble as of late, and she knew her parents' time was precious. With one last look at her ancestors, Lucina followed Morgan through the halls.


"Lucina, Owain's bothering me with his stupid nonsense!" Severa rolled her eyes. "Control your crazy cousin."

"Owain Dark cannot be controlled!" Owain professed. "Not by man nor god! But seriously, Severa, you should name your blade – it's way more fun that way."

"It's not even a real sword, you dummy!"

Lucina sighed. "Owain, please do not disturb Severa if she constantly requests that you desist." She turned away from the frivolous argument, only to be swept up into another one.

"Yarne, stop being a wuss and fight me!" Kjelle yelled at the young half-taguel. "I want to see how I fare against a half-beast!"

"I don't wanna fight! I don't even have a beaststone yet!" The hybrid child covered his head with his furry arms.

Lucina put a hand on Kjelle's shoulder. "It's not honorable to harm the unarmed."

Kjelle grinned. "Then let's spar, you and me!"

"Very well."

After about ten minutes of what could be called play fighting at best, Kjelle conceded defeat and focused on honing her own skills instead of challenging everyone else.

"Gerome, take off that mask!" Nah, who was usually so reserved, was tackling the stoic boy.

"N-no! If you don't stop, I'll get my mother's wyvern to eat you!"

"Are you dense? I'm half manakete!"

Another sigh. "Nah, please respect Gerome's space."


Lucina heard some sniffling and went to find the source.

"Brady, you're such a crybaby." Inigo snickered.

"I am not! I'm…sentimental! Yeah!" The tall boy sniffed.

Lucina was quick to intervene. "Inigo, please don't make fun of him."

"Anything for you, princess."

She ignored his quip.


Lucina could only assume it was Noire having one of her fits. She went over to investigate. Sure enough, she came upon Morgan holding a beetle of some sort, and he was showing it to Noire and Cynthia, both of whom were making faces.

"C'mon, this little guy is harmless! They're so fun to watch." Her brother said. He did have a fascination with insects of all sorts.

"Ew! It's going to crawl in my dress!" Cynthia squeaked. Out of all of their friends, Cynthia showed no interest in training with weapons or even staves.

With yet another sigh, Lucina stepped between the girls and her brother. "Morgan, set that defenseless bug down."

He pouted, but complied. "I thought everyone liked crawlers."

"No way!" Cynthia scoffed. "Pegasi are much better."

Looking at all of her friends, strange they may be, Lucina couldn't imagine a world without them.

Little did she know, however, that her world would change very shortly.


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