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It had been a very hard week for Robin. Arkham Asylum's guards had been poisoned suspiciously, which led to a mass breakout, again. So Robin had spent his days at school as Dick Grayson, then some time patrolling Gotham with Batman, then some time with the Team, then some more time patrolling Gotham.

Except as Dick Grayson, it was Sport Week at Gotham Academy, and although he tried to be the uncoordinated rich kid he was pretending to be, he was still exhausted at the end of it. Also, the Team was going on so many missions nowadays that it was like someone had had a sale on supervillains and their mysterious plans, for within the space of a week (with the Team,) Robin had found three supervillains, five evil lairs, and fifteen plots of world domination.

So it was understandable that he was pretty tired. However, he didn't tell the team this as he didn't want to be the poor little Robin, the object of all their sympathies. So, when Black Canary called them to the training arena for a little sparring, he didn't object.

Robin dragged his tired body off the sofa and, stumbling slightly, walked down to the arena followed by Wally and Artemis; Conner and M'gann were already there, doing god knows what. (No, not that)

Black Canary scrutinised him as he walked up, giving his a quizzical look but otherwise not commenting on his tired demeanour.

"Okay, first up, Wally versus M'gann." She said loudly, shocking both of them.

Wally quickly lost-M'gann's flight was hard to keep track of, and even with his superspeed he couldn't escape her telepathic powers. With a quick, not-too-violent strike to the mind, he was knocked down, and then it was child's play for her to pick him up with her telekinesis. He surrendered immediately, much to the dislike of Canary.

"Kid Flash, status-fail." The computerized voice announced to the room. KF just grinned at M'gann and walked back to Robin, who by this time was barely staying on his feet.

"Okay, so…" Black Canary wondered for a moment, Robin thinking Not me not me not me. "Conner, you can go against Aqualad."

Robin sighed in relief, making the others look at him questioningly. He quickly thought up an excuse.

"Batman asked me to research meta tactics." He said quickly. "It's cool." He nodded towards their fight, where both teens were landing punches that made the room tremble. Black Canary winced as Conner punched Aqualad; the latter only just managed to turn to the side and she expected him to fall, but was surprised when he threw back another punch, just as fierce. He drew his water-bearers from his back, and energy flowed through his electric-eel tattoos.

"Enough." Canary said quietly. Aqualad and Conner both turned to her alertly. "We don't want the mountain destroyed right now." They looked at each other sheepishly.

"Status-Draw," The voice said calmly.

"Artemis and Robin?" She asked, "Want to spar?" Robin groaned silently (or really quietly; he swore he saw Conner look over at him.) and stepped up.

Artemis tried to retreat so she could use trick arrows, but he advanced before she could even draw her bow, wanting to end the spar quickly before he collapsed. She backed up, but he landed a blow on her side with his fist which made her stop. How could such a small kid be so good at hand-to-hand combat?

"Wha-?" She asked, confused. Robin never sparred this fiercely, and within fifteen seconds, she was down and pinned to the floor. Even Black Canary looked shocked. But as the computer announced his victory, he stumbled out of the room, muttering some half-formulated excuse about a rest.

Everyone looked at each other, confused. After a while, Wally (who else?) suggested they go get some food. Mumbling agreements, they all followed through to the kitchen area. M'gann made snacks for them, and they wandered down the hall into the living room bit of the mountain.

What they saw there astonished them.

Their little bird was sprawled out on the sofa. M'gann stifled a shriek.

"Is he dead?" She asked; nobody had seen Robin asleep yet- he was trained by the Bat, after all. The furthest he'd gone without sleep (that they knew of) was 5 days. He reason for this was that they were trapped in an enemy's abandoned lair and Robin had spent all of that time hacking into the systems to get them out of there. He'd refused all their offers to do it instead, insisting only he knew how.

So it was a bit of a shock to them to see their seemingly hypnophobic (scared of sleep) youngest member asleep on the sofa.

"Nah, Miss M, he's just asleep," Wally reassured the nervous Martian girl. His face lit up in a grin. "Hey, we can prank him now!" This earned frown from the others, but nothing else was said as Wally raided the fridge.

"Hmm, whipped cream will have to do since nobody here has any shaving cream. Pity to waste it." He talked to himself as he grabbed the squirty cream from the drawer. He also pulled out a feather.

Creeping up to the sleeping form of his best friend, he knelt down next to him to put the cream in his outstretched hand. He leant over, and was almost there when… a noise like a knife being sharpened made him jump. He looked over to the others, who shrugged at him. Must be my imagination, he thought as he pulled the cap off the cream.

Suddenly, a batarang flew at him with deadly accuracy, and he dodged, using the can of squirty cream as a shield. He was about to congratulate himself on his quick thinking, when he realised the compressed cream inside the can had been un-compressed when the batarang had hit it, and that it had basically exploded. He was covered in squirty cream from head to toe, only his eyes and mouth showing. Everyone burst out laughing, and then Robin woke up, groaning.

"What'd I miss?" He asked, slightly confused. Then he saw the batarang in the cream can and the psycho-yeti looking Wally. Everyone looked at him- they thought he'd been awake the whole time. The world's second-greatest detective took in the clues and then smiled.

"I just completely owned you in my sleep, didn't I?" He asked. Everyone nodded, even Wally.

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