A/N: I didn't know how to show my love for One Piece on Mugiwara day. With my wrist needing rest I couldn't really write or paint anything, but then I remembered I had these drabbles stashed away in my computer. They were written to practice short stories and to fulfill my headcanons, but they will make a nice sixteenth anniversary contribution. Unfortunately I only got through the first five crew members, the rest will definitely come later though, I promise! They are barely edited so excuse my mistakes.


Length: 597 words

It was about that time of day, Luffy decided, jumping down from the figure head.

It was after dinner, and the day was winding down. It wouldn't be long before the girls decided to take their bath and go to bed, so Luffy sought them out first. Nami was in the observatory, making her maps. Luffy's arrival seemed to startle her, and her fiery temper had him scrambling to escape. He laughed as a paperweight narrowly missed his head.

Robin was in the library, sipping on a cup of coffee and turning the pages of her book in a steady pattern. Luffy sniffed at her coffee and wrinkled his nose. His curiosity had gotten the better of him once and he'd tried a cup of the drink Robin loved so much. It had been bitter and left a bad taste in his mouth. It still smelled good though, the deceiving little drink. Robin caught him sniffing and giggled at his expression before bidding him a good night.

Brook was on the lawn deck when Luffy came out, and Luffy sat in the grass and enjoyed a few songs Brook had recently written. They were fun and upbeat and Luffy couldn't help but sway along with their rhythm. When Brook had finished, Luffy cheered loudly and gave his wholehearted consent for Brook to play them again someday.

Ussop and Franky were in their split workshop. They were both working on separate inventions they were dying to show off to someone. Luffy watched Franky show off his new weaponry idea for the Sunny and Usopp shared his new time saving cleaning machine. They were both completely awesome and Luffy oohed and ahhed accordingly. They're inventions only ever got more and more impressive.

Sanji was in the kitchen, finishing up the last of the dishes. Luffy chuckled quietly to himself as he attempted to sneak a remaining loaf of bread from the table before Sanji put it away with the rest of the locked up food. He got busted in his attempt however, Sanji seemed to have a nose for Luffy's thievery. Luffy was quickly chased from the galley with his life being threatened behind him.

Chopper was in the sick bay, where he had set up all of his medical equipment. He was grinding down herbs and trying out knew combinations for effectiveness. He happily showed Luffy what he was working on, but it was pretty boring doctor stuff and Luffy's attention began to wander. He was strictly told off when he began to poke curiously at a jar of gel on Chopper's desk. Chopper stopped him and began to explain the use of the gel in that jar, but Luffy couldn't take the big words anymore and slipped off.

Zoro was doing his last minute training when Luffy poked his head into the crow's nest. Zoro spared him a glance and continued his reps. When he finished his set his weights down and dried some of the sweat from his face on a towel.

"I thought the cook was on watch first tonight," He finally said.

"He is," Luffy smiled. "I was bored so I came up here."

Zoro scowled. "I thought I said you couldn't play in here."

"But I'm bored!" Luffy whined, throwing himself dramatically against the floor.

Zoro rolled his eyes. Deciding to call it a night, he picked up the weights he'd been using. Once he'd put them all away he turned back to his captain. "How is everyone?" He asked.

Luffy beamed up at him from the floor. "Everyone's alright!"

"Good," Zoro smiled.

Based on the headcanon that ever since their seperation, Luffy makes sure to check up on and spend just a little time with each crew member every day. And Zoro kind of knows this.