Length: 334 words

Chopper stared around their battlefield sadly. Many marines were moaning or crying out in pain. Chopper didn't envy them their fates, he'd seen the effects of each of his nakama's attacks first hand, and knew just how devastating they could be.

Chopper closed his eyes, trying not to see the destruction around him. It hardly helped though, he could still smell their blood everywhere, right down to the type. He opened his eyes again, looking over the scene once more before turning and making for the Sunny with the rest of his friends.

Chopper had seen the same sight many times before. It happened when the marines were foolish enough to corner the Straw Hats. It was necessary for the Straw Hats to ensure a safe escape. Chopper knew this, and he knew he'd hate for it to go any other way, for his nakama to be the ones hurt instead.

It never got easier though.

He was a doctor, he was supposed to heal people; not hurt them, not leave them to their deaths while he escaped to safety.

He looked back one more time as he climbed aboard the Sunny. From here he could see a wider range, take in the full view of their destructive capabilities. From here he could see each and every body in need of medical attention that would probably come too late.

"Are you okay, Chopper?" Usopp asked. He laid a hand on his friends shoulder and gave the little reindeer a sympathetic look.

Where Chopper stood also gave him a clear view of the Sunny's deck. On it his Nakama were gathered, preparing to set sail again. None of them were hurt; Chopper couldn't smell blood from any of them. He looked up to Usopp with a small smile.

"I'm fine," He replied. "I think I'm going to mix some medicines now though. I'll be in the sick bay if anyone needs me."

Chopper was a doctor. But, he reminded himself, he was also a pirate.

Based on the headcanon that Chopper has a really hard time ignoring their enemies injuries. It goes against everything he was taught.