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Chapter 1: New Mentors

Katniss walked slowly out of the train, despite the fact that she wanted to run from the cameras urgently. She hated them. The lights shining in her face, making her olive skin glow and eyes tighten. The way each photo released showed exactly how she felt in the moment. The anger; the desire for revenge; the depression; basically everything behind the scenes. President Snow would kill her if he saw her looking as if she wanted to murder every single person who enjoyed the hunger games or lived in the capitol.

So she walks slowly. Slowly, head high with a light smile. She looked excited to be in the capitol again. Obviously she wasn't, but she was indeed an amazing actor. She was there for another year of the hunger games. But this time she wasn't competing. This time, she was mentoring the poor innocent souls who had been picked from a bowl purely out of luck to compete. It was what, the fifth year she was mentoring? She hated it. No survivors from her district. What happened to Katniss was something that would never happen again. She couldn't give the right advice to her tributes. Her luck was simply something that only comes once in a blue moon.

What felt like forever she had finally made it back with her two tributes and escort who still remained the lovely Effie. Katniss liked Effie, though she wouldn't admit it. Katniss sighed before taking everything in. It was almost déjà vu.


Cato smirked victoriously. He knew that his tributes were winners. The girl looked bloodthirsty. She had a big build for a woman, her jet black hair was tied in a ponytail as she stepped out the train as cockily as Cato did. The guy was almost a lookalike of Cato; he had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was very brawny and had his arms crossed as he walked out the train, acting as if he didn't care what the hell was going on.

This year was Cato's first year of mentoring. He had won two years ago, but the capitol had only decided to use him a mentor this year. There were about a million victors they could have used as mentors for district 2; but they only pick the best of the best. Why else would they pick him? At least, that was what was in his big ego.

"Welcome to the capitol. Remember; don't make strong friendships. Make strong allies. There's a difference." Cato proudly tells his piece of advice to his tributes before they headed off, away from the train station that was filled with paparazzi, trying their best to get a photo of the amazing hunk Cato Larek. Of course he stopped by to pose; who wouldn't if they looked like that?


It was time for the first event of the preparation before the hunger games; the chariot rides.

Cato looked at his tributes and grinned. They were in sliver gladiator outfits. Not much different from him, the only difference was that he wore gold.

Cato looked around at everyone else getting prepped up for the chariot rides. Then he saw her in all her glory. Katniss Everdeen.

And that's all it took. That's all it took for Cato to walk arrogantly up to her, smirking at her while she nervously tried to pay her attention to something or someone else.


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