A/N: This week's challenge is pretty amazing. The challenge is to choose a word that has two different pronunciations but the same spelling (a heteronym) and use it both ways in the drabble. So, this one is 300 words on the nose. We were also told to add a special spice to the challenge and NOT mention the word we used and let our readers guess it. It took me quite a while to think up a word for this as there aren't many. Anywho, let me know what you thought of this and fire away with your guesses. I think you'll spot mine right away :P

It was a pleasant day. A dove fluttered onto the roof of room number 20 on which lay its nest. Behind this room was a grassy backyard which was being used as a training area by two brothers. Being 27 and 23, sparring was something they did to keep their skills sharp as well as pass the time.

Sam and Dean sized each other up as they walked around in a perfect circle never taking their eyes off the other. Finding an opportunity Dean dove towards Sam who was expecting the move and swiftly hopped out of the way with his agile feet.

Unable to stop the momentum at which he started, Dean lost balance and tripped over Sam's feet landing face first into the mud. He slowly got to his feet and faced his little brother who was laughing hard.

Dean smiled slightly hearing his brother's laughter. He'd never heard it ever since their dad had died a few months ago and it felt great.

"Dude, shut up," Dean grumbled as he tried to wipe the mud off his face with his hands.

Sam just laughed even harder at Dean only seemed to make his situation worse by getting his hands dirty too. He then proceeded to wipe his hands on his shirt which obviously made it even worse than before. Sam was wheezing as he laid his hands on his knees to support himself.

"Dude, you're only making it harder for yourself," Sam said, still chuckling.

"No one asked your opinion. I can handle it," snapped Dean. Sam smirked.

He walked behind his big brother who was now headed towards the motel room. As Dean opened the door, a bucket full of icy cold water landed on him.

He turned to Sam, dripping. "Bitch."

"Jerk," came the chuckling reply.