I named this first chapter as the story that inspired this: 'Against All Odds' by Ladybug-Jojo . It's a great story so check it out in case you haven't already.

My story begins before they break up in season 3.

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The Little Big Bang

Chapter 1. Against All Odds

"Oh, God!" she panted. "This can't be happening!" she swallows as she remembers the last time she was so sick. It was years ago! No, no, no! IT CAN'T HAPPEN! She wined as she felt she was going to throw up again!

That day, on her way to work she bought a pregnancy test. This was going to be a very long day! she thought. The meeting with Will and Diane, the court session, plus the lunch with Mr. Thompson, which will probably be followed by a lot of preparation work for the Darcy/Bennet case. On the other hand, she was lucky. All this won't let her think about the fate-turn knocking at her door. What will she do? Well, at least there was no doubt about who is the father. She hasn't slept with Peter in months, since she kicked him out for sleeping with Kalinda.

But what will this do to the life of everyone around her? What will this do to Will? Would he wonder if she did it on purpose? She realized she wanted him in her life a while ago, when she felt more betrayed by Kalinda then by Peter, but she didn't want to get him like this! She wanted to be his choice and right now she didn't even know if she wasn't more than just random sex to him.

Her kids... she didn't even dare to go there!

Funny, but the last one she worried about, was the one who was going to suffer the most, Peter. Yes, because if she was pregnant, there was no point in forcing herself into this marriage, plus it was a massive kick in his balls, both metaphorically and literally speaking.

Not that she regretted any of her children, but how on earth did she succeed to always get pregnant in the worst possible circumstances, she asked herself as she entered Diane's office.

"Have a seat. We'll start without Will today. He called and said he'll be late. He overslept," said Diane rolling her eyes.

Alicia had to hide a smile. After last night, she'd probably have overslept too if the nausea wouldn't have awakened her ...

As they were talking about the case, looking at the crime scene photos she spotted something in a photo. On a table next to the body was some rotted food. The victim was found dead in his apartment after a week with his dinner still on his table. As her eyes locked with the disgusting plate she felt both her stomach and her head spinning. She jumped out of her seat and stormed into Diane's bathroom, being grateful she had one because she didn't even get to close the door!

After the storm cleared she let herself fall on the floor, forgetting for a moment where she was until Diane's giggle brought her back to earth.

"Oh, shit, I'm so sorry!" But she relaxed seeing Diane's amused look as she was leaning on the bathroom's door.

"Is this what I think it is?" asked Diane with a friendly tone.

"I don't know, but... I'm afraid so. I don't even know how this could happen! I have an IUD!"

"Didn't you have a test?"

"I didn't get to yet. I have it in my bag. "

"Came on, do it," pleaded Diane surprising both of them with her enthusiasm.

While Diane brought her bag, looking far more exited then she was, Alicia thought she would find the whole situation quite amusing if she wouldn't be so terrified with the consequences!

"I'll leave you to it," smiled Diane.

"Who are you talking to?" Will's voice startled both.

Alicia's eyes popped out of her head as she tried to tell Diane to not say a word.

"Just the plumber. Take a look at that tap too. It jams," added Diane trying hard not to laugh at Alicia's grateful expression.

"Is Alicia late too?" asked Will with a knowing smile that made Diane wonder what in the world happened last night.

It was only then when Diane realized that in front of her, completely oblivious of everything, may be the father. She burst into laughter before she could stop herself.

"What?" said Will a bit worried, thinking he gave away too much.

Saved by the bell! thought Diane as she answered the phone. She had no idea how she could have explained that laughter.

"It was Kalinda. She found something. She needs a second opinion, can you go?"

"Sure. We'll do this later then?"


After Will left, Diane walked towards the bathroom wondering how Will would react. She noticed how happy he looked for the past couple of months and she suspected there was something going on between him and Alicia. She just hoped this wouldn't ruin everything for him. This may get her and Peter back together for good… No, it won't, she couldn't say why but she had a good feeling about this.

She opened the door and found Alicia staring, pale, at the testin her hand. She couldn't say if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

"So?" questioned Diane.

Alicia just raised the testin her hand so Diane could see it while she moved her other hand to her stomach, her face still blank. Only her eyes showed a shadow of fear and... love. It must be an interesting feeling, thought Diane as she saw the pink '+' on the test.

"Congratulation!" she said sincerely, surprised she seemed more exited than the new mommy.

Alicia was still lost in her own thoughts.

"Are you keeping it?"

Diane's question snapped her back to reality.

"Of course," said Alicia a bit more determined than she intended.

"Then congratulations again!"

"Thank you," she said smiling mildly.

Diane was dying to know, but how could she ask that? Here goes nothing, "Peter will be happy about this," she said, trying to sound casual.

"Actually, I think he'll be rather angry..." she trailed off as she was sure Diane knew what this was supposed to mean.

Still, Diane wanted more details so she played dumb,"Why?"

"Because it is not his," said Alicia trying to keep a casual tone.

Diane just nodded. She understood now the 'not so exited reaction' as she could see the complications related to all this that she never thought about before. There was a lot of shit that was going to hit the fan when this went public, and for god's sake, you can't hide a baby forever! This may get even hotter than the hooker stuff. Regardless of their feelings, Will was still Alicia's boss and she was the supportive wife of the favorite candidate for governor. So long to my judge position! But maybe Alicia won't want to go through all this. Maybe she'll choose the easy way out.

"You could tell Peter it is his," said Diane testing her.

"Why would I do that?" asked Alicia puzzled.

"To save your marriage."

"Oh..." muttered Alicia realizing she hadn't even thought about her marriage. "I don't think there is anything left to be saved," she said, surprising herself. "We have been separated for months."

"Well, this is going to be a blast, but at least you're used to scandals. You'll be fine! In the end it is a blessing," reassured Diane.

"I didn't even think about that!" said Alicia even more worried now.

"So what bothers you then?" asked Diane deciding to stop fishing and be straight forward. This was about the happiness of one of the most important people in her life, of course she was concerned.

"I don't want to put this on Will's shoulders, especially with all the obvious complications. I don't even know if he takes us seriously!"

Was she serious, wondered Diane trying not to laugh. After all he has done for her, she was worried he may not want to be with her?

"He's not a family guy and he never asked for this. I can't force him into this level of commitment!"

"I doubt he'll mind," muttered Diane trying hard not to ask Alicia if she was blind or just stupid. Their relationship wasn't that close, plus it is not ok to upset pregnant women.

"How can you know that?"

"Well, let's say there is a time when you start wishing for something instead of work to go home to at the end of the day."

"Still, I don't want him to stay with me because he has to."

How on earth had he not made her see how crazy he was about her by now?

"Please, just don't say anything to him; I need to make sure where we stand first."

"It's not my place to tell him, but if you don't tell him in two months, I will!" said Diane a bit more offensive then she intended, but still, it was Will they were talking about and he deserved a chance.

"Sure, don't worry, I won't keep it a secret from him, I just need to figure out if this will be a relationship or a partnership."

"Ok, then. You have my word. But you have to promise you'll keep me posted!" winked Diane.

"Promise!" smiled Alicia.

When she saw Will in court an hour later all her worries disappeared. He must have recognized the sound of her walking because he turned to see her as she entered the court. His eyes had as usual, something from the innocent happiness of a kid on Christmas morning and there was something else there, something she wouldn't dare to call love.

As he smiled at her, she could see a really happy life by his side. She was standing near a swing in a big yard, under a beautiful violet sunset holding a little girl wearing his smile. The little girl leaves her arms only to run into his. Yes, if there was anyone to deserve this kind of happiness, it was Will. And she was sure that he would be an amazing father.

"You're glowing today, you know?" he said as casually as if he were talking about the weather.

She froze for a second thinking Diane may have broke confidentiality.

"Thank you," she said after realizing there was no way he could be so casual about it. Plus, it happened the last time too, people noticing the change without knowing the cause. "Have any plans for tonight?"

"You should talk to my secretary..." he said rolling his eyes. Like she didn't know she was the only person on his agenda these days beside work.

"My place, at eight," she smiled.

She had an appointment with her doctor at 3 p.m. She was going to know more about the pregnancy by tonight. Even with all the obvious astronomical complications, in her heart she hoped the test was right and they had a chance at that image with the violet sunset.

These story is about how sometimes you need a major kick in the ass to get on the right track.

I apologize to those who may think I ruined Diane, but I think she has a soft side too. I'm in love with almost all the characters from these show so I'll try to use as many of them as I can trough all the story.

So, what do you say? Should I continue this?

P.S. I like to torture my characters but in a funny